15 companies where the customer is king

When it comes to quality service, these companies know their stuff. And they're reaping the rewards in customer loyalty and positive word of mouth.

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Jun 18, 2013 1:18PM
Apple, really? The few times I've gone in there to discuss warranty issues on a broken phone, they always made it out to be my fault and left me to pay for the damages. Even though I paid for the warranty every time. Apple is ran by crooks looking to nickel and dime the customer any way they can. They should definitely not be on the list.
Jun 18, 2013 12:43PM
I have yet to go into our local Ace Hardware and not find what I was looking for. Excellent customer service and a person doesn't have to walk up and down a bunch of LONG aisles looking for that one small item or an employee. 
Jun 18, 2013 12:28PM
I would add Bed, Bath and Beyond to the list
Jun 18, 2013 12:50PM
I try to only fly Jet Blue. American, Southwest, United etc are completed horror stories. I am not that tall yet on American my knees jam into the seat in front of me. They treat you like cattle. I can't remember if it's US Air or United but one of them actually has a red and blue carpet at the gate. Only 1st class customers are allowed to step on it and the gate attendants act like Nazi's to make sure no one else dares steps on it.  I just pray Jet Blue doesn't start caving and going the way of the rest of them. I already have seen Jet Blue starting to do preferential seating .
Jun 18, 2013 1:23PM
Got to get Nordstrom's on the list, how could they be overlooked?  I question the validity of this survey
Jun 18, 2013 12:32PM

Jet Blue doesn't fly out of Atlanta.

But if they did I would fly them. Eastern was my choice when TVA had issues. Delta was my choice when eastern went under. Delta fell out of grace when Airtran Came aboard and then Delta because Airtran was bought out.

Now I don't fly anyone because they all treat you like sardines and it takes longer these days to get to your destination. So if your destination is less than 8 hours, you can save money and drive.

I live an hour from the airport, 2 hours thru security, the plane is always late, the plane is crowded because of fewer flights and the planes are uncomfortable. so what use to take 3 hours from the time I left the house and got to the destination now takes 7 to 8 hours. In fact my flight out of hartsfield at 5:30 pm left at 12:35 am.

Jun 18, 2013 3:01PM
I'm still surprised by these stories. Customers are horrible! I have worked retail and have dealt with the lowest of the low in the gene pool. I don't think "overall" customer service is a requirement. I deal honestly and respectfully with companies and expect the same in return but why should some low life get to participate in a poll just because they weren't given the store when they were there. Some people will rate you low unless you give them huge discounts plus coupons plus return everything in a week all worn and tattered because it "didn't fit well".
Where is Costco on this list????  Id shop at Costco before any of the listed grocery stores?????
Jun 18, 2013 1:19PM

Needless Markup (Neiman Marcus) is on the list????  WTF???

Jun 18, 2013 2:08PM
Publix for sure! Being a north-east person moved south there were a lot of food items I missed! When Publix came into our area in southern Alabama suddenly, there they were. They carry items unknown in the south like Boston bread, Liverwurst, Lebanon baloney to name a few. And the employees are always friendly AND helpful. The stores are super clean and well laid out. I think I'm in love.
Jun 18, 2013 1:36PM
Not convinced regarding a couple of these....? on Ace for sure.....will go along with Amazon...they are great.  
Jun 18, 2013 2:40PM
Yes it1s ACE, we have a ACE hardware here in Hilmar Lumber, Hilmar Ca,  Never been treated better at any store , just walk in tell them what you want and they have it, along with the knowledge of  what it is, not like some of the idiot`s at Lowe`s.
Jun 18, 2013 12:58PM
Stay away from Lowes. Horrible and they could care less.
Jun 18, 2013 1:13PM
The first and only  time I flew or will fly on Jet Blue was a nightmare!  I was put in a seat that someone had a spilled soft drink in on the previous flight.  The seat was still soaked and very sticky.  I asked the flight attendant if I could be moved and I was handed a handfull of napkins.   Even though I tried several times during the three hour flight to get something done I was ignored!  I complained on the website and never recieved any sort of response. 
Jun 18, 2013 2:39PM
No Nordstrom's on your list?  you know nothing!
Jun 18, 2013 1:50PM
Naturally, so many of these chains exist only on the coasts.  So those of us in the "flyover" states?
No Publix
No Jetblue
etc. etc.
Jun 18, 2013 2:47PM
I have to disagree on just one thing in this article. Good customer service IS rocket science apparently, because companies don't seem to be able to even get the basics in place. It's just an attitude of hire the lowest level people you can, throw them on the cash register or sales floor and that's it. I spend my dollars where I'm valued and no where else. Neiman Marcus has been a long time favorite of mine, as has Williams-Sonoma.
Jun 18, 2013 2:20PM
L.L. Bean needs to be on the list.  It is great...really great..
Jul 1, 2013 12:00PM
My local Chik-Fil-A has great customer service.  In addition to what was posted in article, they call you by your name (they ask when ordering), the manager walks around restaurant to inquire if customers need anything and the customer service is just so friendly and forthcoming with extras.  They also have no problem with explaining the items on the menu.  I have mentioned this to others before I even read the article.
Jun 18, 2013 11:20PM
The few times I've ordered DVDs from the Turner Classic Movies 'online' catalog, I've been really happy with the speed of delivery.   They offer up a pretty extensive list of titles, and lots of info on each.  I had fun just looking thru the site to see what they have to offer.   LOTS of 'classics'.     And I've always loved Round Table Pizza.   I don't know if they've got any back east.    A loyal customer since 1972.
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