Donald Trump rakes in millions selling name to world

The billionaire cleans up on deals with real estate developers who want the cachet from his brand.

By Kim Peterson Jun 19, 2013 3:11PM
Credit: © Donna Ward/Getty Images
Caption: Donald Trump leaves 'The Late Show with David Letterman' at Ed Sullivan Theater on October 25, 2012Want to turn anything into a hit? Just add these five letters: T-R-U-M-P.

It's a winning formula, and Donald Trump has used it many times. "It's not even a question of ego," Trump told The Wall Street Journal. "It's just that my name makes everything more successful."

And that's exactly why Trump can get away with selling his name to real estate developers in Turkey, the Philippines and Brazil. This week, he's unveiling a hotel and condo tower in Vancouver, British Columbia, that will also have his name.

Trump is not building these facilities. Instead, he sells the developers the right to use his name for between $5 million and $10 million, the paper reports. Often, he also takes a cut of future sales or management deals at the property.

With the volatility in global real estate markets, Trump says it's better to sell his name than to jump into the property-building business. "It's a hell of a formula," he said. "The brand is so hot. I made millions of dollars, and I was able to skip this really bad market."

Americans have plenty of opinions about Trump. He's a genius. He's a blowhard. He's a business icon. He's a dimwit.

But overseas, the Trump message is pretty clear to people who watch "The Apprentice." Trump equals big business and money.

And in busy Pune, India, with a population of more than 5 million, that's all one real estate company needs for the two 23-story towers that will eventually bear Trump's name. "Everyone wants to buy the best house. That's the mentality," a director with the real estate company told The Wall Street Journal.

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Jun 19, 2013 4:36PM
It's time to start educating business people and consumers overseas about Trump's total lack of credibility and ethics. Using his name on any project or development is a liability, as more and more people outside of our borders will soon understand.
Jun 19, 2013 4:16PM

So, he doesn't consider that this somehow deludes those then convinced that his perceived standards of quality are inherent in the project.  If the developer skimps on quality and sells

the inferior work as "Trump-quality", does it matter that people are fooled into parting with more money than the project is worth?  Only to those concerned with ethics and human decency, which of course, Trump himself continually demonstrates he does not.

Jun 19, 2013 4:03PM
Chuck Norris should start selling his name to gyms and karate studios.
Jun 19, 2013 5:15PM
Damm I didn't know that their are that many nitwits around the world, sent me 1 million and you can use my name anyplace you want to!!!!
Jun 19, 2013 5:04PM
Not true at all.  A few things named "Trump" and labeled with his brand have cratered miserably. 
Jun 19, 2013 5:18PM
There truely still  is no  accounting for taste!!!
Jun 19, 2013 6:52PM
Where does one begin? Trump is an obnoxious bore with a ridiculous hair piece, no morals, lies, tried to buy the Presidency, cheats, marries and then divorces bimbos, whores his name out like his s... is worth something, files bankruptcies, sticks elderly folks with his condos, and the list goes on. The only one who thinks he is relevevant is Trump himself. Go f... yourself
Jun 19, 2013 6:49PM
I want to see Trump's birth certificate, the only primates with that color of hair are Orangutans. Clearly his mother wasn't a US national.
Jun 19, 2013 6:22PM
 Is this jerk into himself or what? I associate his name with bust outs, bankruptcy and dishonesty. Like everything else this guy pimps off, his name is  worth far less than what he'd like you to believe. In my opinion a scam of some sort is connected with these so called deals for the use of his name.  I bet a few years from now you'll be reading about someone he's cheated suing.
Jun 19, 2013 3:43PM

It mean "git." Rich git; perhaps.


But all the same, git.

Jun 22, 2013 6:00AM
My attorney told me that the contract on his development in Las Vegas was the biggest rip off he had ever seen in his professional life. I got my small deposit back quickly pursuant to Nevada law. The over dressed sales lady asked me why I was not buying into the overpriced condo and I told her that the contract was a joke. She was shocked that I did not trust Donald Trump. The condos went down in value by 70% within three years. Trump is a big phony and all investors should have their attorneys read every word of any contract for any development he is involved in.  Buyer beware with Trump.
Jun 19, 2013 6:26PM
Selling his name, like the one in Mexico that flop and will probably go into bankruptcy. I wouldn't cross the street to see any thing named "Trump" 
Jun 19, 2013 5:51PM
Can't wait to move into the "F*ckface Von Clownschtick Luxury Condominium Project"
Aug 30, 2013 8:47AM

I hope they learn what the real Trump is like, but it will probably be too late.


Everytime I go to Fort Lauderdale, FL I see the empty Condo/Hotel he built on the Beach - investors lost thousands of dollars, of course, he made money.

Aug 28, 2013 6:06PM
Donald Trump, the only man I know who can blackmail the president on national T.V. about birth certificates and college transcripts and not get in trouble with the law.  i'm surprised that others are surprised to be ripped off by him.  How else do you think he does he make his money.  He doesn't work hard like the rest of the 99% in this country, he hardly works.  Plus, he gets to flaunt the money he steals from us and our government whose suppose to be there for us does nothing.  Know why?  Because Trump and people like him own their very own politician.  Upper 1% are the reason why we have to pay $3.50 for a gallon of fuel.  Someone has to keep those private jets in the air.
Jun 19, 2013 6:27PM
Anything other than an outhouse.....I just don't understand.
Jun 19, 2013 7:06PM

For the people who say trump is a Jerk, dim witt,etc, give me a break. question?who really is the Jerks ha ha ha,come on,where does this hate come from?the only time I see this kind of hate is when the Dems talk about the conserveatives,could this be political,if so, its so verry verry sad, that people can't Judge other people with out looking past politices,come on guys and gals,let get together and judge people on their merits and not hearsay or there political views, Charles E Knowles, Nassau np Bahamas.

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