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While Apple's(AAPL) iPhone is still the most popular smartphone with U.S. consumers, it appears many customers are opting for less expensive models. 

Verizon on Tuesday said that more than half of the iPhones it sold in the fourth quarter were older models, which sell for much less than Apple's iPhone 5. After reporting quarterly results that disappointed investors, Apple shares took a tumble this week.

While supply constraints were one issue, discounts on Apple's iPhone 4 models were also likely a culprit, reported 

One Verizon dealer told the Wall Street Journal that his customers leaned toward the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, because they didn't see a reason for paying up for the iPhone 5. There was also tougher competition from Android phones, and new phones from Nokia (NOK), the dealer, Dane Scism, said.

Apple may be losing some of its shine with consumers, too. The company slid from a list of U.S.' hottest 10 brands, as ranked by market research firm YouGov BrandIndex, which questions thousands of consumers each day. In 2011, Apple was ranked 10th. 

Two new brands, meanwhile, entered the top 10 list: the Kindle, the e-reading device from (AMZN), and Google's (GOOG) YouTube.

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