Jul 6, 2014 11:27AM
Don't believe most people will remember when the top income tax rate was 91% to retard the rich from owning everything and buying senators and congressmen to pass laws that would favor their endeavors.  They eventually had the top income tax rate lowered to 52% (Kennedy) and eventually down to 36% (Reagan) while at the same time keeping  the tax loopholes in the tax laws.  This meant higher earners could receive excessive salaries and bonuses that set them apart from most Americans (lower 99%).  It could also speed up their buying up of America..  Now they want to import foreign illegal immigrants into America so labor costs can be reduced.  Isn't America great? 
Jul 9, 2014 10:11AM
With the exception of a home mortgage, if you can't pay cash for it, you can't afford it. Gladly, more people are learning to live within their means and are dedicated to live debt free. Even if you take a mortgage on your house, you should put down at least 20%, finance for 15 years on a fixed rate mortgage, with monthly house payment at no more than 25% of your monthly income.
Jun 30, 2014 7:22PM
I served two tour of duty in Vietnam, was drafted white trash first round here and away. The Revenue man wanted my granddad bad so he headed up the holler with everything he had. To make a long story short I never took any of those goll darned commie jobs the USA had to offer. I chose to be a self employed entrepreneur and my net worth is well over one million. My brother went to work for 40 years in manufacturing and the brown nosing, favoritism and retarded management made him just plain sick. My and my brother know all about the lazy dishonest suckups like Bankers Buddy. pay no heed to him he is full of @#$%.
Jul 8, 2014 5:55PM

If people wanted to buy a house, they had to assume great debt as the housing bubble created upward moves in the pricing of houses! Loans that used to require at least 10% down we replaced by zero down loans, which made it easier to achieve the American Dream. But let us not blame it all on the dreamers who bought the houses! Every one of them believed their own wages would increase, while the cost of goods and services rose in price faster than the incomes, due to new technologies that corporations use to establish the highest possible price for things they sell, while our wages stagnated, and only our workloads doubled! Blame Reaganomics!  It is the mantra of the Republican Party, who still, to this day, believe that more money in the hands of the greedy sociopaths will somehow result in them flowering the rest of us with Middle Class high paying jobs! Except it was a lie and remains a lie, and the only winner was a Republican Party, whose fealty to the campaign finances of the corporations, as lapdogs, has provided them with unlimited amounts of funds, while American workers take it in the shorts. Republicans want us to blame Obama, who has no power to pass the bills, like the Republicans who run the House of the worst Representatives this nation has ever known!

Intelligent Americans blame the Republicans. The rest are so ill-informed by the billions of dollars spent on misleading news and information that it is hard to garner the real truth, while so many sources of news are only in it for the money! One look at Fox News, or one listen to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck is enough to make a sane person vomit, but the folksy way they present the news, adding fear and sexual innuendo, is enough to turn the ear of those who probably need that good-paying job the most!

Jun 29, 2014 1:43PM
I just received a comical reply to my last comment from JOE. For his info I served for six years during the Vietnam era in the infantry, have worked all of my life and went back to school for further education when the unions and/or government screwed up several of my jobs. I am now in my mid-seventies and am back in school learning to be a computer technician. Big business has been very good to me and the rest of this country. Joe sounds like a whining liberal who is eager to blame someone else for his failures. There are plenty of jobs out there but one must take the time to find them. A shower and some clean, neat clothing often helps.
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