Chick-fil-A ends free breakfast deal after big response

The chain best known for chicken sandwiches is hoping to get a piece of the fast-growing morning business.

By Jonathan Berr Sep 4, 2013 12:28PM
A Chick-fil-A restaurant in Chicago, Ill., on January 12, 2013 (© Raymond Boyd/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)Is there a better way for Chick-fil-A, best known for its Southern-style chicken sandwiches, to get consumers to try its breakfast menu than by offering it for free? 

The chain is offering diners one of 10 free items over a six-day period from Sept. 9 through Sept. 13. But it looks like the promotion may have already closed. Chick-fil-A's website says the response was overwhelming, but that "all good things must come to an end."

Diners were required to go online to reserve items such as chicken biscuits, sausage biscuits, sausage breakfast burritos and yogurt parfaits.

Chick-fil-A, like other restaurant chains, is eager to expand its breakfast sales because it's the fastest growing segment for the restaurant industry, a $50 billion business. Other chains have the same idea.

(MCD) recently introduced the Egg White Delight, a version of the Egg McMuffin made with egg whites. The chain reportedly is considering offering its breakfast menu all day. Yum Brands' (YUM) Taco Bell, along with Burger King (BKW) and Subway, are also expanding their offerings for the morning meal, according to Advertising Age.

The rest of the Chick-fil-A's business is doing well. Sales in 2012 rose 12% to $4.6 billion despite the negative publicity the chain received for its opposition to gay marriage. It first entered the breakfast business in 1986.

"We have steadily focused on maximizing the breakfast day part with a variety of menu enhancements and promotions over the past several years, and we hope our 'Breakfast on Us' promotion will encourage our current customers to try something completely different," said Steve Robinson, Chick-fil-A’s chief marketing officer, in a press release.

--Jonathan Berr owns a small stake in McDonald's.  Follow him on Twitter @jdberr.

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Sep 4, 2013 2:54PM
While I have been pretty much turned off from fast food eateries, Chick-fil-A is THE best place to dine out.  The staff are always wonderful - courteous, amiable and totally service-orientated, the quality of the food is excellent and taste is always delicious. It is just about the most consistently pleasant dining-out options out there.  Love Chick-fil-A and Chipotle.  Thanks for putting the customer first.
Sep 4, 2013 3:54PM
The business does not oppose gay marriage. The owner merely expressed his own personal beliefs. 
Sep 4, 2013 3:39PM
GREAT company - GREAT chicken sandwiches !!!!!
Sep 4, 2013 3:15PM
Yum yum I love me some Chik-Fil-A!!!
Sep 4, 2013 4:06PM

Chick Fil A did NOT oppose gay marraige, the founder does. BIG DIFFERENCE!!! He was asked for is PERSONASAL OPINION and he gave it. Are reporters getting so stupid they cant even ask questions are report basic facts anymore? He does not represent every shareholder and employee, and never claimed to. The media created that story.


Chick Fil A is a corporation, and corporations do not have opinions, right? Isnt that what the media keeps saying, a cor[poratiuon is not like a person.....RIGHT????

Sep 4, 2013 3:17PM
Chick-fil-a has the BEST biscuits ever! They have a different taste to them than typical biscuits. They also have the BEST hash rounds out there!! I SOOOOO miss Chick-fil-a, I used to get an egg and cheese biscuit every morning on my way to work, and an order of hash rounds w/ a side of gravy, and dip them in the gravy....SOOOOOOOO yummy!
Sep 4, 2013 4:39PM
Did you notice the Chik-Fil-A "buycott" last summer?  I would argue their stance on gay marriage got them a lot more business.  I saw the lines in San Diego last summer.  Probably 300 yards long snaking through 2 parking lots.  Then there were 5 actual protesters.  And that was in California!  You may not agree with their stance, but a lot of other people do.  I'll do what I want with my money.  Their owners are entitled to do the same.  And chicken is delicious.
Sep 4, 2013 3:24PM
The best milk shakes on the planet!!!!!  Obama Sucks
Sep 4, 2013 4:28PM

The rest of the Chick-fil-A's business is doing well. Sales in 2012 because of the  publicity the chain received for its opposition to gay marriage.



Sep 4, 2013 3:25PM
Sep 4, 2013 3:06PM

Give stuff away for free.....and they will come.

Give Obama-Care insurance for free......and the free loaders will run that into the ground too.

Sep 4, 2013 9:45PM
Whether the publicity on the gay marriage issue was negative or not is a matter of opinion. I considered it a positive and a 12% sales increase seems to indicate many agree.
Sep 4, 2013 4:54PM
Already set up my reservations! Free CFA breakfast?! I'd be crazy to pass it up!
Sep 4, 2013 9:14PM
"The rest of the Chick-fil-A's business is doing well. Sales in 2012 despite the negative publicity the chain received for its opposition to gay marriage. It first entered the breakfast business in 1986."
Well, we can see the liberal bias in this story.  Since when is opposition to gay marriage a "negative" thing.  Marriage is defined as the lifelong union of a man and a woman, and it always will be, no matter how liberals try to redefine it.  I think the reason for the rise in sales is support for a company that resists liberal political correctness.
Sep 4, 2013 4:54PM
I got a ticket for my free breakfast last night!! seems like i made it just in time :D
Sep 4, 2013 6:49PM
Sales in 2012 despite the negative publicity the chain received for its opposition to . It first entered the breakfast business in 1986.

Yea right...It was the best publicity they have ever received...the LBGT community handed them millions of dollars in revenue because the CEO disagreed with Gay Marriage...waaaaaa
Sep 4, 2013 9:49PM
The chain, the corporation, expressed no opinion about same sex marriages. Its CEO did express he favored traditional marriages according to his Christian beliefs. That was it. Innocuous.
Sep 4, 2013 8:37PM
This place does chicken better than any other chicky food place.  I am a loyal fan of the place and know that when I eat there it won't be spoiled by any pervert having a GAY old time. Go Chick-fila. You have Americas support.
Sep 21, 2013 12:05PM
It's a known fact queers don't eat breakfast anyhow, they're already on a high protein so they don't eat eggs. So Chick-fil-a's opposition to gay marriage shouldn't affect it's breakfast sales at all. Now dykes have never eaten at Chick-fil-a. They all eat at Long John Silvers. I guess they must like that fishy smell all those restaurants have.
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