China may loosen 1-child policy

The country saw its working population drop last year for the first time in decades.

By Kim Peterson Aug 8, 2013 1:58PM
Image: China (© Brand X/SuperStock)China may ease its controversial one-child policy and allow some couples to have a second child, its official Xinhua News Agency reported.

There are several reasons why a change is being considered, The Wall Street Journal reports. First, as some Chinese grow increasingly wealthy, they are calling for more personal freedom -- including the ability to have more children. China's population is also growing older.

But what might be driving the new thinking the most is this: The birth limits have caused the number of workers in China to drop for the first time in decades last year.

One economist told The Journal that 9.5 million more babies could be born a year in China if the policy is loosened.

Birthrates have plunged since China imposed its policy in 1979, The Washington Post reports. The rate was 1.64 children per woman in 2011, down from 4.77 in the early 1970s.

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Aug 8, 2013 4:26PM
The good 'ol USA needs to implement a policy for those on welfare.

Aug 8, 2013 5:46PM
Wish they had that law in America.  Especially for those living off the taxpayers in a free house complete with cable TV and a fridge full of free food as they crank out kid after kid.
Aug 8, 2013 4:45PM
The world is overpopulated they should just attract people from other countries to work in China to alleviate the problem of over population.
Aug 8, 2013 9:01PM
I wish the people in usa had the same thing if you cant pay for your own kids why should us the taxpayers pay for food stamps,welfare,sec-8 and so on. I think if you cant pay for your own kids you should not be allowed to have kids
Aug 8, 2013 8:29PM
I'm truly aghast at the disrespect, ignorance, and lack of empathy displayed by some of these posts.  Here we are in a free country, mocking the torture and oppression of hundreds of thousands.  Maybe nobody has been reading about the testimony in Congress of no less than 130,000 forced abortions authorized by Chinese government officials. (
Forced abortions.  Do you realize what that is?  Forceably removing women from their homes and injecting them with solutions to induce abortion.  Most recently of a 7 month old boy this May.  7 MONTHS OLD.  A child that could actually live if born right that moment.  You can easily find the photo online of the VERY GRAPHIC photo taken by the grief-stricken father of this poor little baby after he was "born" 2 days later.  Any idea what that must have been like?  You wouldn't openly mock the rape of women, but here you are mocking the system that legalizes their torture.  And yes, any way you slice it on whatever side of abortion you're on, if you knowingly terminate a pregnancy against the wishes of the mother, it is MURDER.  Check the legal statutes in our own country and see what happens if you do it here.  And that doesn't even address the murder of newborns by their own parents fearing government action against them.  And yes, I have known people who lived there who grew up in areas with signs that actually said "Please do not throw your children in this lake."  And you're making cracks about welfare.  Like it is even in the same conversation.  The same breath.  The same STRATOSPHERE.  Knock it off.  Get a soul.  Shut your mouths.  Pray that nobody ever finds out how rotten you are down deep.  I wonder how many people mocked the persecution of the Jews before it landed in our own back yard in Pearl Harbor and we had to come face to face with the horror of what we'd stuck our heads in the sand about.  Well, folks, you're in good company.  Congratulations.
Aug 8, 2013 8:04PM
The achille's heel for China has been Famine!!  Not enough food and too many people.   The last Chinese famine was in 1960 (farely recent) and over three million Chinese died.    There were reports of cannabalism within the Chinese population.   Hunger is a horrible death to die from.  China is very, very  famine prone.    China is now overdue for another food famine.   China has prepared itself for the next famine by limiting the number of children born,  stockpiling on US treasury notes to pay for food, and  recently China has started buying US food production companies outright.   When the next Chinese famine hits the US and the world will feel its effects.  The US has never experienced famine like Ireland and China.   The US is truly not prepared for a national food shortage because it has never experienced one.
Aug 8, 2013 5:28PM

Read the next to top line.


It's about their aging population.


Does that ring a bell?   Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

China for decades has been Ebenezer Scrooge.  "If they are going to die than they'd better do it, and decrease the surplus population!"
Aug 8, 2013 9:06PM
I don't suppose that all the comments in the world would make a difference one way or another.  It's called one (political) party rule.  It is their way or no way.  The frightening thing is that there are a lot of sheep here in the U.S. that think that this is a good thing.  Just remember, once everyone is in the tent, they close the doors and make all the rules.  As the saying goes: beware of what you wish for.  It sure set Germany back a few years.
Aug 8, 2013 8:45PM
Don't do it China you will end up like America, a bunch of welfare scumbags that think the government should pay for their play!
Aug 8, 2013 10:19PM

China can easily afford to hire MONSANTO to create all the fake food they need!!!


Wouldn't that be the perfect solution for China and America if China buys Monsanto

and the company moves out of America...

Aug 8, 2013 3:43PM
Sounds about right. It's time to double down on insanity.
Aug 8, 2013 10:11PM
many people do not understand, china has done a nice job of controlling the population.  if not they would have had 2billion people now and no way to feed them.  look at India, a disgrace, people are in poverty, children work in sewers, but do we care NO, because it is supposedly a democratic society.  We Americans are so ignorant sometimes.  Think!  we have the same problem here...many people are on welfare and continue having children, and we give them money.
Aug 8, 2013 9:20PM

The only country that has the right idea and they are afraid of worker shortage? We need a lot less people in this world not more. All those countries where every year it's the same thing, "feed the poor starving" and year after year, century after century, they have not figured it out. Have one and make sure that one is not starving before having another.

PLUS  Because we keep sending them billions of dollars that never make it the starving, but into the coffers of who ever is in power at that given time. So  dictator after dictator gets rich.

Aug 8, 2013 3:54PM
Good, hopefully this means the stress of having such a disproportionate male/female ratio will mellow out.
Aug 8, 2013 4:46PM
The policy may or may not make sense.  I am sure it does not if you are the parent of a child who died  on vacation in America when some yahoo could not land an Asiana plane at SFO.  Three empty nests somewhere in China.  How very sad.
Aug 9, 2013 1:30AM
Chine never really had a "one child" policy.  You could have 100 kids, but the government would only allow the first one into the government entitlement programs.  After that, you were on your own. It's a good policy, and we should put the welfare rats here in the same program.
Aug 8, 2013 8:23PM
Not only are excessive births a problem in China but so are the deaths and where to bury them.    I have read that the official Chinese policy is cremation for all  Chinese deaths.   The only exception would be remote farm areas.    Its a land usage issue for millions of deaths.  How much do we here in America really know about China and its billions???  Worldwide,  recent sources state that over 100 MILLION  new mouths will be born and have to be fed each year.    Perhaps the Charles Heston film on Agent Green will come to play sooner that we expected.
Aug 9, 2013 12:22AM
YOU BETTER READ THIS... China has been for the past decade experienced 14% equity growth while inflation has hovered around 1 to 2 %.... Meaning the Chinese people are becoming rich in general... Chinese people for the first time in their life's are making money and become more well off... In China the gap between the poor and the rich is getting smaller... China is producing 30 more millionaires than 1 in America... you want to see the percentage 3000% more Chinese people are becoming wealthy compared to American's...  And worst, Global Economist are saying that China will experience this economic growth for the next 50 years... and 50 years is the furthest can predict out... Compare this is America; -3 to 0% equity growth and 4% inflation annually... and the gap between the poor and the rich is widening - EVERYDAY... Everyday our Government does nothing is another day ALL American's loose another dollar...
Aug 9, 2013 1:51AM
I think this is a mistake.  In fact, I think more countries should impose the same policy.  The planet wasn't designed for infinite growth.  It's a finite system.
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