Future King George already wields economic power

British companies that sell baby goods of all kinds are eager for a seal of approval from the royal parents' purchases.

By Jonathan Berr Jul 26, 2013 3:07PM
Catherine Duchess of Cambridge & Prince William with their newborn son outside St Mary's Hospital, in London, on Tuesday (© Nils Jorgensen/Rex Features)The royal baby was a trendsetter even before he left the womb.

As Bloomberg Businessweek notes, there has already been a media frenzy over the brand of stroller (what the English call a pram) His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge will be pushed in. Mom Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, reportedly bought a blue Bugaboo in April. Although the Bugaboo is a fine product used by celebrities such as Elton John and Sienna Miller, the company that makes them, Bugaboo International, is based in Amsterdam. According to Graham Hales, the CEO of consultancy Interbrand London, that could be a problem.

"The royal family understands its role in representing Great Britain, especially in a challenging economy," Businessweek quotes him saying. "British businesses are looking for support."
MacLaren, a U.K. stroller maker, is a case in point. The company, which recalled strollers in the U.S. in 2009 after babies had fingertips cut off, is trying to cash in on royal baby mania with the $360 Royal Baby Techno XT StyleSet, which is decorated with Union Jacks. It's a bargain compared with some products from Bugaboo, whose Cameleon model fetches $1,212.

Big money is at stake. According to a study Businessweek cited, stroller sales in the U.K. are expected to rise by 13% in the 12 months from July 2, and increased demand for other baby stuff such as clothes, cribs and toys will add 243 million pounds ($373.4 million) to U.K. retail sales in July and August. Sales will rise in other parts of the world, including the U.S., which also can't get enough of George.

Every time George Alexander Louis poops, people will be interested to learn whether he does his business in cloth or disposable diapers. Royal fans will no doubt be curious as to the future king's preference of juice box or whether he'll prefer The Wiggles to "Sesame Street."

The mania also applies to the future king's parents. When the duchess was seen with a woven-straw baby bassinet in April from an upscale boutique, sales of similar models soared at Wal-Mart's (WMT) Asda chain. 

Good thing we Americans fought a revolution over this stuff.

Jonathan Berr urges the new royal parents to learn to quickly hit the deck when baby George is on the changing table. Any parent of a boy will know what he's talking about. He doesn't own shares of the listed stocks. Follow him on Twitter @jdberr.

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Jul 28, 2013 9:29AM

@silverfox he means nothing at all? It doesn't matter how crazy people get over it, that's just the way it goes but he does mean something, hes the future King of their nation, theres lots of royal families left in this world plus the medieval period has been over for more than a few centuries and Im sure the royal family was in power between then and now. Just because you think it crap shows that you have no respect and I doubt you know your roots a thousand years back. Im not a royal subject but I respect their bloodline and the impact the Royal Family has on the UK. I would rather hail to King George than hail to Stephen Harper.

Jul 28, 2013 3:06PM

The royal family have a stranglehold on their ppl?   LMAO!!!  lpaws 50, you obviously have never lived there or you are ignorant of the way things work over there.  Have you any idea how many times the royals have bowed to public opinion in recent years?  I think not.  I wish ignorant ppl  wouldn't talk out of their a$$!!!

Jul 28, 2013 10:16AM
The only power a 3 day old has is the power to poop.
Jul 28, 2013 9:29AM
Can we finally stick a fork in this Royal baby nonsense and get on with our lives.. Now we have to analyze his "poop"..SShheesss!!
Jul 28, 2013 9:01AM

what are people doing loosing there mind over a prince that mean nothing at all we are not in mideval time for God sake take a breack and get a life


Jul 26, 2013 3:31PM
Glad they named him after George Zimmermen
Jul 28, 2013 3:51AM
ha,ha king George, that's funny.king of what? when he gets old enough maybe the royal family will let the strangle hold loose they have on their ppl and elect a dictator like we did. uh, on second thought hail to the king. make sure he brushes his teeth 4times a day. and his mom and dads
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