Here's the luckiest state for Powerball jackpots

As the payout for Wednesday's drawing grows, America again starts dreaming big. If history is any guide, people in the Keystone State can dream a little bigger.

By Kim Peterson Aug 6, 2013 3:37PM
Credit: © Chris O'Meara/AP
Caption: File photo of a Powerball lottery ticketThe jackpot for Wednesday's Powerball drawing has reached $425 million, and Americans are once again hoping for the big payout.

No one won Saturday's $307 million jackpot, which means that ticket buyers in 43 states and Washington, D.C., stand a chance to take home enough cash to do whatever they wanted for the rest of their lives. And here's the obligatory downer: The odds of that actually happening are 1 in 175 million.

But residents of Pennsylvania may have better odds than most. That state has sold 16 jackpot-winning Powerball tickets since 2003 -- the most of any state, according to The Star-Ledger.

To really get at this issue, you need to look at how many Powerball tickets are sold in Pennsylvania and other states, and that data isn't readily available. You also need to know when the states joined the Powerball. In the end, you'd probably conclude that where you live doesn't really matter.

But if you could fly anywhere in the country to buy a Powerball ticket, it couldn't hurt to buy one in Pennsylvania. Of course, if you had the money to fly anywhere you wanted just for a lottery ticket, you probably don't need that jackpot as much as the rest of us.

Here's the list of the luckiest states for Powerball jackpots, according to The Star-Ledger:

Pennsylvania: 16 jackpots won
Indiana: 11 jackpots
Louisiana :  8 jackpots
Florida: 7 jackpots
Missouri: 7 jackpots
Iowa: 6 jackpots
Minnesota: 6 jackpots
South Carolina: 6 jackpots
Arizona, Connecticut, Kentucky and Wisconsin: 5 jackpots each

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Aug 6, 2013 5:32PM
 If  I won it I'd take the lump sum, See my attorney and accountant and keep my mouth shut. Then quietly sneak off,to a home in the mountains with no phone and no forwarding address.
Aug 6, 2013 4:56PM

I don't understand why the odds would be any better in any given State since this is supposed to be a "random" drawing.  It shouldn't matter where you purchase them.

Isn't it just the luck of the draw!!!!

Aug 6, 2013 4:38PM
Aug 6, 2013 4:51PM
I would like to be the 1 in 175 million...
Aug 6, 2013 6:25PM
Hell...I'd settle for coming in 2nd place! That's no small chunk of change either!
Aug 6, 2013 5:21PM
I hate it when they say the odds are 1 in 175 mil or what ever, I believe the odds are 50-50, you win or you don't ;-)
Aug 6, 2013 5:49PM
So, the states that have had it the longest and have the most players have won it more.  Wow, who would have ever thought?
Aug 6, 2013 5:33PM
What an idiot, Pennsylvania doesn't HAVE BETTER ODDS of winning future jackpots. It just so happens that more PAST winners happen to be from there. Obviously written my a remedial math dropout!!!  
Aug 6, 2013 4:40PM
If I were to win that, after paying half of it to the government for taxes etc.

I'd buy a nice mansion in a reclusive mountainous region of the country, and enjoy it.

Aug 6, 2013 4:48PM
Since the draw is random, the actual results will, over time and after enough jackpots, will follow the numbers of tickets purchased. There is no state luckier than another just as there is no number combination luckier than another.
Aug 6, 2013 6:17PM
I'm believe in fate.  If you are meant to win, you will.  Perhaps the luck of the draw has a little to do with it but I'm sticking with fate.
Aug 6, 2013 4:43PM
I live in here's hoping!
Aug 6, 2013 6:32PM
Why not make 25 million payouts and let several people win or even on in each state?  I don't waste my money on lottery and hope others will follow my lead.
Aug 6, 2013 6:00PM
Could somebody add Colorado to that list after tomorrow? Maybe I'll buy the Colorado Rockies baseball team and make them a winner!
Well I remember a few years ago the guy that over see's the lottery was charged for rigging the drawing and maybe it's being rigged again by another.
Aug 6, 2013 6:53PM
The rolling barrel of number balls selection is fixed like all number games.
Aug 6, 2013 4:52PM
All East or Midwest states..............boooo.
Aug 6, 2013 5:36PM
avatar Virginia winner yet, get your tickets Virginia, we need a winner...
Aug 6, 2013 5:23PM

Nobody's set for life. Anyone who dies with an estate does so because it's been managed right, which is more than can be said for that of Mike Tyson, Lenny Dykstra or anyone who's p***ed away their lottery winnings.


Interesting stat for those of us in PA, though 

Aug 6, 2013 5:00PM

So why is California putting all of it's money into a jackpot that other states are winning.  I noticed

Mega Bucks is won by Ohio more often than California?  Strange enough that we buy the most tickets and win the least of Mega and not once in power ball!  Maybe we are due Wed. night!  Maybe "Not"..

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