This country is the hardest working in the world

Nope, it's not the US. These workers push themselves for a fraction of the pay that Americans receive.

By Kim Peterson Jul 17, 2013 7:21AM
Credit: © Ronaldo Schemidt/AFP/Getty Images
Caption: People working in a shoe factory in Leon, Guanajuato State, MexicoThink your workweek is tough? Try living in Mexico, where people toil away for an average of 45 hours a week to earn an annual salary of just less than $10,000 a year.

Mexico took the No. 1 spot on CNNMoney's list of the 10 hardest-working countries in the world.

Mexico falls behind others when it comes to educating its residents: Only a third of adults ages 25 to 64 have graduated from high school. And while 78% of the men in Mexico are employed, only 43% of the women have paying jobs, CNNMoney reports.

A typical Mexican employee works 519 more hours every year than the average American. That's about 2,317 hours they're clocking every year, for an average annual wage of $9,885.

The U.S. made it to the list as well, but only as high as No. 7. Four out of five American employees work 35 hours or more a week, CNNMoney reports. The U.S. industry with the longest hours is the mining and logging business, where workers put in an average of 44 hours a week.

Here are the other countries on the list of the hardest working:

2. Chile. Average annual hours worked: 2,102. Average annual wage: $15,820.

3. Korea. Average annual hours worked: 2,092. Average annual wage: $35,406.

4. Estonia. Average annual hours worked: 2,021. Average annual wage: $17,323.

5. Russian Federation. Average annual hours worked: 2,002. Average annual wage: $15,286.

6. Poland. Average annual hours worked: 1,893. Average annual wage: $20,069.

7. United States. Average annual hours worked: 1,798. Average annual wage: $54,450.

8. Hungary. Average annual hours worked: 1,797. Average annual wage: $19,437.

9. Japan. Average annual hours worked: 1,765. Average annual wage: $35,143.

10. Slovak Republic. Average annual hours worked: 1,749. Average annual wage: $19,068.

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Jul 17, 2013 1:21PM
My experience after being in the work force for over 40 years tells me these figures aren't reliable.  I've worked jobs, Union and nonunion that require 50 to 60 hours average per week.  It's got nothing to do with Obama Care, it's supply and demand.  If you make a good product and sell it for a reasonable price - you will have more work than you'll be able to keep up with.  What hurts people, even in successful businesses is when Managers and CEO's demand outrageous salaries, pensions , stock options, Golden Parachutes - while their worker's paychecks and benefits are too meager to live on.
Jul 17, 2013 1:00PM

But what are the avearge costs of Mexican housing, transportation, foodstuffs, etc.?


Simply comparing wage levels with no regard for cost-of-living levels doesn't even pass the middle-school homework assignment requirement.


Can you tell me where I  can work those hrs. and make that salary.


Average annual hours worked: 1,798. Average annual wage: $54,450.

Jul 17, 2013 1:17PM
Just because you work alot of hours, doesn't necessarily mean you are a hard worker.  Such a subjective and misleading article.
Jul 17, 2013 1:34PM
And, guess what? We Americans are fast becoming the new Mexico as our glorious leaders and their wealthy backers the idle wealthy investors and corporations are fast taking us in that direction.. The top 10% of mecican elite  citizens own and control the countries wealth and finances and they wish to keep it that way. Same for our own top 10% of the population here in USA and they pay their puppets in politics very well to make it happen. So hold on tight people, we're in for a ride you won't soon forget. That is, unless you get out to the polls and vote these puppets out of office, before it's too late!!
Jul 17, 2013 10:52AM
Important details missing, all too usual for articles like this.  What is the cost of living in Mexico compared to the US, Japan or Europe?  I believe if that was taken into account, Japan would definitely be higher in the list and Mexico would not be #1.  Regarding the education comment, if you live somewhere where they actually have an abundance of manufacturing jobs that pay very little, the need for higher level education is not essential.
Jul 17, 2013 1:07PM
Jul 17, 2013 1:58PM
In Russia average rent for two bedroom $300.00  a month and schools , health are free.
Jul 17, 2013 2:04PM
More accurate statement is that Mexico works the most hours. 'Most hours' doesn't necessarily mean 'hardest working'.  The issue of efficiency is another matter entirely.
Jul 17, 2013 1:58PM
Before I was Laid off more then a year ago, I was working 50 hours a week and commuting 3 to 4 hours a day.  Our government must be surveying federal employees.
Jul 17, 2013 1:25PM
The US will never be at the top of hard working.  Look no further than all of our social programs that reward people for not working.  Disgusting.
Jul 17, 2013 11:24AM

''BS''- - ONE MORE INNACURATE GOVERNMENT REPORT! ! !  Here's the real deal- - the ''GOV'' has NO idea how much people work because they are tracking what the IRS stats say. What do you think is going to happen as employers drop people to 30 or 35 hours- -- - because of OBAMACARE''- - -  you think those people are going to sit on their thumbs and not try to pick up a few hours - - - ''OFF THE BOOKS'' ! ! That's right - - government  morons- - -people will do whatever they need to to make it ! It's a ''cottage industry'' in the USA- - working full time or part time off the GRID! ! ! No taxes. no hassle from Washington bureaucrats- - -who haven't a clue! Want to bring in a ton of $ $ $ into the government coffers - - get rid of the IRS and come up with a Fair Tax- - on everything except food! Then you will find out how hard people are working! ! ! Of course that will NEVER HAPPEN- - - - the 30,000 pages of the TAX CODE bought and paid for those sitting in Congress Today! ! ! ''QUESTIONS! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Jul 17, 2013 2:06PM
Oh, what else will they push on us to make us think how  great  and fair life in this country is,  and  how happy  we should just be  with  the crumbs which   the fat cats leave for us to gather,   after they're done feasted themselves!? 
Jul 17, 2013 2:09PM
This is garbage, Factor in cost of living, food, education, etc.etc. Another useless article, The internet is full of them
Jul 17, 2013 2:40PM
  This type of article is meant to divert and divide the American people and to make any of us that still have a modest paying job to be guilty and thankful.   I don't know many people left that are making anywhere near that $54k level anymore.

  During the recession from 1990-1991 I had read similar propaganda pieces by all the major news sources.   What followed were the NAFTA/GATT agreements which were sold to the American people to revive the economy.  In reality these agreements allowed corporate America to start outsourcing millions of jobs which created the " Giant sucking sound " Ross Perot warned us about.  Expect, in the future, more free trade agreements by our bought and paid for politicians which will further lower the standard of the remaining middle class in America which should bring us in line with Chile.   This was the whole goal in the first place and they are almost there.
Jul 17, 2013 1:37PM
This list isn't taking into account how many workers work more than 1 job. They're looking at figures provided by employers. Skewed figures just don't give an article like this any accountability.
Jul 17, 2013 1:58PM

Where are the jobs that should come from advanced American technology?


Where is the American vision of our new century? Transportation and education could already be benefiting our nation if we simply invested. Yet we let phony theatrical politics WASTE our futures.


Americans could very easily be the biggest sheeple that have EVER walked the face of this earth. Especially our new dysfunctional republicans. 

Jul 17, 2013 2:09PM
Hardest worked for the LEAST PAY... That is what the name of this article should be !
Jul 17, 2013 1:46PM
Jul 17, 2013 2:29PM

Who comes up with these fantasy figures?  What a bunch of crap saying the average worker in the US earns $1,361.25 weekly to come up with $54,450 annually. Isn't there a reality check done before these Mickey Mouse reports go public. Just look at the classifieds or simply ask around this is so outrageously inflated it is insulting to so many Americans struggling to survive. Americans have been struggling for years with an employer’s market squeezing the life of its disposable employees. Meanwhile American jobs were lost because of mediocre imports from China and other countries. The economy of so many corrupted financial dealings either by Lobbyist with the House or the wasteful funds given to foreign governments where the intended use never reached its true destination. You have the House raising their salaries yet leaving Americans in poverty levels with the minimum wage equivalent almost to the price of 1 gallon of gasoline. The rest of the world shouts and the white suits are all ears making a spectacle of help but remain deaf to the many American citizens and their children going to sleep hungry here at home. Truth, honor and fairness have been annihilated by lies and corruption everywhere.  I am sick of it and pray divine intervention will stop this infamy of justice so a metamorphosis changes this world into a safe and peacefully caring place for all.

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