Woman accidentally sells $18,000 earrings for $20

The jewelry was tucked into a faded denim jacket that was sold at a garage sale.

By Kim Peterson Jul 1, 2013 3:28PM
Image: Home garage sale (© UpperCut Images/SuperStock)What do you do when you accidentally sell your $18,000 diamond earrings for $20 at a garage sale? You try like heck to get them back.

That's what one Huntington Beach, Calif., woman is doing after discovering her mistake. She's talking to the media about her goof, hoping to generate enough publicity that the person who now has her earrings will return them.

Dori Rhoades decided to hide some of her most valuable possessions in the pocket of an old denim jacket in case she was robbed, CBS Los Angeles reports. A thief might go through her desks and dressers but not look twice at a faded jacket.

That backfired on Rhoades, however, when she added that jacket to the "to sell" pile at a garage sale in May, according to CBS. She sold the jacket for $20.

The story gets worse. She also had tucked $1,500 in cash in the jacket along with a ring from her husband.

Rhoades told CBS she has a lot going on in her life, what with volunteering in her children's classes and working full time. "You give so much of yourself that sometimes your brain stops working," she added.

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Jul 1, 2013 4:29PM
Jul 1, 2013 4:17PM
$18,000.00 ear rings? and you don't have a safe or safe deposit box? How about an alarm system?
Jul 1, 2013 4:18PM
I thought the solution was to avoid the problem completely by not spending 18-grand on tiny shiny rocks
Jul 1, 2013 4:41PM
I didn't know people who could afford $18,000 earrings and $1,500 cash sitting around had garage sales. I'm not rich but I donate my stuff.
Jul 1, 2013 4:39PM
Some people have more money than common sense. 
Jul 1, 2013 4:16PM
That is why my wife doesn't have any $18,000 diamond earrings!  Well, that and because I am cheap!  While sad, I have to believe if they can afford that kind of jewelry, they can afford to lose it.  (I mean it is jewelry!)  I hope they are able to recover it and if recovered, will give a very nice reward to the honest person who returns it.
Jul 1, 2013 4:43PM
Now don't you think they found the money and jewelry that night?  If they did not rush back to give it to her then, they are not coming back now!
Jul 1, 2013 4:46PM
This happened in May?  Sorry sweetie, if it wasn't returned by now, it's long gone.
Jul 1, 2013 4:50PM
Donating or garage sale, who does not check the pockets before it goes out of the house.
Jul 1, 2013 4:45PM
it could have been worse, she could of put it in the "Free Stuff " box.
Jul 1, 2013 3:51PM
Ms Bambi ain't the sharpest knife in the drawer Fat Cat.
Jul 1, 2013 4:24PM
 No insurance. Ya' live willy-nilly and you forget things. Oh well.
Jul 1, 2013 4:54PM

Who has never done something dumb?


I once heard of a guy (on a drunken hunch) that spent trillions invading and destroying an entire country looking for something that didn't exist.

Jul 1, 2013 4:54PM
Actually, I feel kind of bad for her. For all we know, she may have spent years getting to where she could afford to have nice things like that. And maybe they're the only good pieces of jewelry she has. Yes, she goofed. Everyone goofs at one time or another. I hope she gets her items back.
Jul 1, 2013 4:34PM
What a good deal for twenty dollars. Don't feel like the general public is going to feel sorry for you with the way the economy is. Their gain your loss. At least your priorities were your family, that's a plus.
Jul 1, 2013 4:32PM
Hopefully the person will do the right thing and at least return the earrings & ring. Now the money might turn up missing somehow.
Jul 1, 2013 4:49PM
With earrings that expensive AND 1500 in cash,why did she need to have a garge sale.....?Especially if this pic is of the sale.....it looks kinda ratty & disorganized.I don't see the buyer returning the earrings,mostly because now she also says 1500$ as well & if the buyer had any intentions of returning it they'd have done so by now.....
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