Hershey unveils a stylized new logo

The design adds a version of the Kisses chocolate at the end of the company's name.

By MSN Money Partner Fri 3:33 PM
Credit: © The Hershey Company/AP
Caption: This image provided by The Hershey Company shows the company's new corporate logoBy The Associated Press

The Hershey Company (HSY) is rolling out a new corporate logo that features a freshly stylized version of one of its most famous chocolate products.

The candy maker on Friday announced the new design, which adds a new version of the Kisses chocolate at the end of the company's name.

It's part of what the company calls a "disciplined identity system" designed to provide more consistency.

Ron Burrage, the company's senior global design director, says the goal is to help people "clearly identify, this is from The Hershey Company."

For its products, the only change will be on the back of packaging where the company's name is printed.

Based in central Pennsylvania, The Hershey Company has about 13,000 employees and generates more than $7 billion in annual sales.

Fri 7:08 PM
So take a vote,  Hershey  thumbs up or thumbs down like it or don't like it  !!!!!
Fri 4:02 PM
Love it, simple, and to the point. MMMMMM Chocolate!!!
Hey, it's okay. Hershey did it's homework. Never stray too far from the original.
Fri 5:50 PM
It's nice to see a company that maintains an American identity and actually employs Americans. We should be willing to pay a penny extra for a product to keep the jobs at home. My name is Chuck- how can I be of helping you today?
Fri 6:40 PM
Hershey has closed most of its U.S.-based plants.  They now add a chemical (PGPR) to most of their "chocolate" products, including Hershey Kisses and bars which allows use of less actual cocoa and one that may be harmful to humans.  Many Hershey products are now manufactured in Mexico; they closed their plant in California, which USED to be a wonderful place to visit.  Hershey no longer really cares about consumers.  We have switched to local chocolate manufacturers who make a pure food product and who do not ship jobs to other countries. Hershey has lost all our extended family members as customers after decades of purchasing their products. We also quit Nestle because they also use this "extender" and have abandoned their production of a "pure" product.  
Fri 6:38 PM
Oh, great.  Now I need to eat some chocolate.
Fri 7:02 PM

Hello, my name is Vince...and I'm a Chocoholic.

Fri 6:30 PM
Haven't bought Hershey's since they moved to Mexico!
Fri 6:56 PM
Why does it need to say Hershey: The Hershey Company?  Are there a lot of people walking around going, "Hershey?  Who makes this, Cadbury?"
Fri 7:06 PM
Why change ?  Think we all know a Hershey bar when we see one and can identify with it.  Corporate America always gullible and feel the need to waste profits buying a bill of nonsense from someone.  And in all likely hood will pay to take some ones advice to change it back or come out with a retro looking bar !
Fri 7:10 PM
yep! good old chocolate with almonds please!
Fri 6:46 PM
I like old school logo's my self.This article is about the logo right.The spritzer bubbly spring water that's coming out of the ground in Hershey Pa,is the reason they make it there.......LOVE the KISSES.
Fri 7:25 PM

Num num num....I'm eating a Hershey bar right now.


Fri 9:25 PM
Wonder how much a consulting firm was paid to come up with that. 
Fri 9:04 PM
I wonder how much the advertising "guru" made on this logo change?
Fri 7:27 PM
Learned to enjoy Hershey chocolate as a kid, when my Dad brought little bars home from Military field rations. Good stuff- good memories.
Fri 9:38 PM
Nobody likes Hershey's kisses more than me..... but that image in the logo looks like a steaming pile of brown butt chocolate  LOL
Fri 8:23 PM
Know the old addage "if it ain't broke don't fix it"?!  Obviously their sales are down because of the buyout by a foreign company, their relocation to another country(tries) and the additive.  So, they think a 'new logo' is going to sell more chocolate.  We've been slowly getting rid of Nestle products out of hour household, so we will now no longer be buying Hershey, especially upon learning about this additive ingredient.  We wondered why their chocolate didn't 'taste like it use to'!  Now, you know why the workers and people who live in Hershey PA were so adamant about trying to block the purchase of their beloved American made/American run company.
Fri 7:11 PM
Most likely some of the private label or store brand candies were made in those Hershey Mexican factories. Now if you want Godiva or other high end chocolates, expect to shell out the dollars. For myself, I wait to after certain Holidays and buy bags of Hershey Kisses at half price.
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