Frustration boils over as fiscal cliff approaches

Americans watch in disappointment as Congress appears to let any chance of a last-minute deal slip away. 'They've got to settle this,' 1 person says.

By Bruce Kennedy Dec 31, 2012 3:18AM

Image: Skeptical woman (Image Source/age fotostock)Do you know anyone who's pleased by the fiscal cliff negotiations?

Nero may have fiddled while Rome burned, but over the weekend many Americans said they felt burned by Congress as lawmakers fiddled with their economic future.

"You remember how when you were in kindergarten if you were bad the teacher would put you in time out?" Conroe, Texas, resident Traci Medinas told the Conroe Courier. "That's what needs to happen to everyone up there. I don't want any of my taxes to go up because they're all too busy trying to look good."

After House Speaker John Boehner was unable to rally support from fellow Republicans for a fiscal cliff fix, the focus shifted Sunday to the U.S. Senate. But both sides appeared far apart there, even with the clock counting down the hours until the start of 2013, when about $600 billion in tax hikes and government spending cuts kick in.

"Everybody is going through so much right now," Margaret Roberts said in an interview with WJZ Baltimore. "So many people out of work. They've got to settle this."

In Kalamazoo on Sunday morning, Caitlin O'Rourke and John Curran stood outside Michigan Congressman Fred Upton's office. The two are part of The Action, a group that wants Congress to "stop the political theater and pass the Bush tax cuts for the middle class."

"I'm disappointed Congress can't get a deal done for the American people," Curran told the MLive website. That's what we send them there to do." O'Rourke added that he worried the middle class wouldn't be able to absorb the tax increase.

"Maybe this is a sign we need to step up and talk to our representatives because they are in 'La la land,'" Portsmouth, Va., resident Courtney Felton said.

"They can't make a decision on something that's going to happen at the first of the year so do you think most of them can make a decision on what's going to happen five years down the road?” another Portsmouth voter, Bernard Brooks, told WAVY-TV. "Do most of them care? Do they not think they are going to be in office that long?"

"My concern is that they don't have a concern of their own about how their lack of action is going to affect the rest of the country," Richard Mobayed of Huntington, W.Va., said in an interview with the local Herald-Dispatch. "It seems like they are staying so rigidly by their party lines that they aren't taking the people of the U.S. into account over their parties' interests."

In South Dakota, Ron Cunningham believes there’s only one certain result to the fiscal cliff fiasco.

"I think regardless of whether it gets resolved or not, taxes are going to be increased, even though people don't want them to,” he told KSFY in Sioux Falls. It's just going to make people who are struggling, who are working minimum wage, it's just going to make it harder to get by."

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Dec 31, 2012 11:47AM
I am in  top 2% and I don't mind paying more tax than putting the economy in trouble. I will loose more money in business than paying more in taxes. More than 50% of us believe in that. I don't know for whom GOP is arguing for.  
Dec 31, 2012 11:36AM
"Fiscal cliff" is probably our best outcome. Spending cuts across the board and slight tax increases. Seems like a good solution to our deficit issue.

The media is really making this out to be an "end of the world" scenario when it is not. Sensationalism is getting tiresome.
Dec 31, 2012 10:56AM
Face the facts. We cannot sustain our American way of life without evryone paying their fair share, and that means everyone pays something. The rich are not going to fix the problems of deficit spending. EVERYONE is going to have to participate and pay something and then we need to really cut the budget. CUT< CUT< CUT or we will be the next Spain only 100 times bigger.
Dec 31, 2012 10:53AM
Let's see here...for over fifty years congress has been jerking Americans.  Now we borrow money and give a great deal to contries that...well maybe even hate us.  Yet the only thing congress is saying is that we need to look at internal spending cuts and tax increase.  I have not heard one representative call for spending cuts directly related to money being sent to other countres or military gifting etc.  So we borrow borrow borrow.  Stupid asses that we elected...keep doing what your doing and look for a different result?  I guess we hired a bunch of insane idiots...Mathematically, it's not too hard to solve, hell most of us Americans can do it quite's call balacing your check book!
Dec 31, 2012 10:49AM
Why the panic our elected officials have had only 2 years to get this done. I don't
see them all upset about the future of the USA. A deal will get done that will
only slowly destroy america. I am 72 so not that concerned right now as I will
be dead before all is gone. Happy New Year to all. Keep the faith...

Dec 31, 2012 10:45AM

and the president said, "I'm not giving in, let the republicans take the blame"

Hey it worked for me the last four years, all I care about is more free stuff promised for more votes.

Don't worry have a plan....................My plan is forget looking for a job, just find some new moma's and get your raise in income that way.

Dec 31, 2012 10:34AM
the sad fact is no moderates anymore in republican party the primary system is set up where your hard core voters are the only ones who vote in these and when you get to the national vote its always more moderate people who vote but you wind up with a bunch of hard right or hard left in congress
Dec 31, 2012 10:30AM
All together, 1-2-3 jump. It's the only way to get our house in order. If you are working you need to be paying taxes. Only if you are retired or truly poor, should you not have to pay something. We will never stop wasteful spending and we will never fix SS and medicare if we let them just keep raising taxes and extending the debt limit. Some pain now, but our children will thank us later. Jump now or end up like Europe later, not much later.
Dec 31, 2012 9:59AM

Old men, stop talking. The core problem is- old men... talking.


Obama is attempting to free-up those who can do, to restore progress. Old men representing old men and NOT the people who elected them, want a continuance of this controlled economic condition until all the old men die or lose their brain functions. THAT is what this is all about.


Congress isn't going to help us. WE will help us. Put your i-Phone to use. Look up: IMPEACHMENT. Write the petition. Network your state and get it signed. How the Hell does a tax cut for the rich help YOU? It doesn't. Even if you are a kid banker, financier, lawyer or other pariah who made a lot off this stupid period in history, you cannot sustain, we will cycle and you will need the rest of us. Sign it. The world needs restored progress to get it's focus off war. WE need to stop the OLD MEN from taking us with them. The nation doesn't need to divide... the people do. GOP: Grand OLD Party. Get it? No more Tea, Republican or GOP. PEOPLE elected you, then you signed a Pledge supporting the interests of OLD MEN who don't live in your state or support the majority views. YOU have to go so we can go after your benefactors and restore American Freedom.

Dec 31, 2012 9:35AM

Don't think you have "lived" much longer then myself; Doesn't matter, the key is "living" and not about carping...

And I've been around just long enough to realize that without compromise on certain issues, very little gets accomplished...Here or anywhere in the World.

Do we have a division in this Country of ideals....Sure we do, always have had when it comes to political,religion and racial situations...Have since the first Europeans and Spanish set foot on these shores...

But when we have a Government that only seems to care about wealth and money for the few and not the many; There within lys the problem...They are the devisive power and a "failure to our Nation."

I take "no sides" in these types of agendas.....They are "no-win scenarios."

Dec 31, 2012 9:15AM
It is about time we get rid of ALL the incumbent miscreants in DC.  That is everybody!  These people don't give a damn about the people who elected them and pay their salaries.  It is all about them and their political ties.  They are more focused on sensationalism like gun control, environmental issues, and other things like that.  Anything to spent money on their personal projects rather than to  conserve and help the general public.
Dec 31, 2012 8:37AM
Old man.....Do you just lay awake nights...Thinking about this shidt....??    Sweet Geezus.
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