Retailers start to pull some rifles from shelves

Dick's Sporting Goods and Wal-Mart suspend some gun sales after last week's shooting in Connecticut.

By Kim Peterson Dec 18, 2012 11:03AM
Credit: Seth Perlman/AP
Caption: Steve Swartz, owner of Capitol City Arms Supply, shows off some of the rifles for sale in Springfield, Ill.,While politicians go back and forth about the future of gun control, some retailers are already making a statement and pulling assault weapons from their stores.

Dick's Sporting Goods (DKS) has suspended sales of its modern rifles nationwide. It's also taken all of the guns off the shelves at its store near Newtown, Conn., where a 20-year-old gunman opened fire at an elementary school last week, killing 20 children and six educators.

The company said it took those actions out of respect for the victims and their families in this time of national mourning.

The gunman, Adam Lanza, used one of the Bushmaster AR-15 guns in his deadly rampage. A semi-automatic version of the weapon is popular for civilian sporting use, The Dallas Morning News reports. The large retailers selling assault weapons include Dick's, Cabela's (CAB) and Wal-Mart (WMT).

Wal-Mart has stopped showing the Bushmaster Patrolman's Carbine M4A3 rifle on its website as well, according to The Nation. There is no word whether Wal-Mart will stop selling the weapon at its stores, however. But Wal-Mart's site still shows that it's selling other guns at its stores, including the Sig Sauer M400.

Cabela's meanwhile, has stocked up on guns and ammunition heading into the fourth quarter -- largely a bet on surging gun sales after the presidential election. Here's what CEO Thomas Millner said in October, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle:

"At least coming in to the fourth quarter, we’ve taken a pretty aggressive position in inventory commitment to both guns and ammunition. So that’s a starting point. Clearly, if the president’s re-elected, I would expect some surge beyond the current levels, which are really good. And if Gov. Romney is elected ... I still think we’re gonna see gun growth next year. It probably won’t be at the same pace. ... So it’s probably a difference of degrees as we sit here today, but we’re doing a lot of stuff in our stores to make sure we are the easiest, fastest place to shop for your firearms purchases."

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Dec 20, 2012 4:16PM
A person dosent need a semi automatic. We can all live with hand guns. Better regulations for gun control and mental health will be best.
Dec 20, 2012 4:15PM

The justification for the 2nd amendment is "A well-regulated militia being necessary....", is always omitted by the gun proponents in their discussions.  We always hear about hunting, protection in our homes, etc., but not the reason for the amendment to begin with.  At the time of the Bill of Rights. the country was afraid of Pres. Madison and his tendancy to want to establish a national religion just a few years removed from our Revolution.


We don't need 30-50-round magazines!

Dec 20, 2012 4:15PM
SHAME ON DICK's AND WAL MART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 20, 2012 4:15PM

SPIN as Much as YOU WANT..

MSNBC B.U.L.L. Usual...

Retailers Cannot keep their Shekves Stocked ..

Demand EXCEEDS Supply..





NO MORE GUNS,,no More Dis und Dat..


No One Trusts this Commie-in-Chief


At Least Obama has Helped ONE area ..of The Economy..

Dec 20, 2012 4:14PM

WRONG ! WRONG ! WRONG !   Get your facts straight !!  Walmart is not caving in to MEDIA PROPAGANDA !!  Walmart is selling guns hand-over-fist !!  I just bought a Colt AR-15 at WMT !!

People are lined up out the doors at Academy, Gander Mountain, Walmart, B**** Shop, Cabellas and others waiting to buy guns of all types !!  At least the MEDIA has improved the economy; especially for Sporting Goods Stores !!

Dec 20, 2012 4:14PM

Please take away any guns that hold more than 12 rounds in the clip while you're at it. There is no need for high capacity in any gun sold to the public.

Dec 20, 2012 4:14PM
blah, blah, blah.....come on people.  Write something new and interesting.  Otherwise, STFU!
Dec 20, 2012 4:14PM
Not taking anything away from what happened to the kids and teachers. It breaks my heart to think of the families losses as I have also lost relatives due to weapons violence also. The gun or guns did not kill the first person. Just like a knife, a bomb, or a car they do not kill without a person in control of them. A person with no values towards human life did the killing. If you take the guns as so many are crying for you loose one of the fundamentals that this country was built on. I have kids and grandkids and I will do anything I could to protect them. Including using one of my firearms to do so. Loose the guns and become one of the sheep waiting for the wolfs to hunt them. I will not lay down my rights and my guns as an american citizen and a human being to be able to defend myself. Why doesn't our police force try stopping crime without being armed with guns? Answer they know what the cost would be. Crime would run free and the public would all become victims including them.
Dec 20, 2012 4:14PM
Really people? Do you stop selling Honda's when too many people use them to drink and drive and kill people. Guns are a tool and harmless unless so stupid moron uses them in an evil way.
Dec 20, 2012 4:14PM
Most of the commenters here apparently do not understand. The weapon used by the maniac in Ct. was a semi-automatic .223 rifle. It only fires once when you pull the trigger and the bullets are just a bit bigger than a 22. A truly automatic weapon fires as long as the trigger is pulled and as far as I am aware are only available to the military, not at retail outlets.
Dec 20, 2012 4:13PM
This is so ridiculous! After 911 did they pull airplanes and box cutters of the market? After  Timothy Mcvey bombed the federal office did they pull fertalizer and deisel fuel off the market?  Of coarse they didn't! These instances killed hundreds and even thousands of people so why when a gun is used all this bs arises is beyond comprehension. People WAKE UP!!  You will never stop these acts of insanity by banning guns. The tool used will simply change!!! This rather prooves why more people should carry protection.
Dec 20, 2012 4:12PM

There was a double murder in a neighboring county.  These murders were accomplished done with a hammer.  They did not pull the hammers from the shelves.  Why pull the guns? 

In China, where it is illegal to own a gun, someone murdered around twenty poeple with a knife.  The destruction of human life will not stop until we bring the value of human life up in this country.  Forty years ago we were not having these problems, but hey, God was still welcomed and taught in the schools.  As a matter of a fact, children knew the Ten Commandments.  What is that sixth one?  Oh yes, "Thou shalt not KILL."  Too bad we do not teach that in America anymore. 

Dec 20, 2012 4:11PM
The Dick's near where I live never had them to begin with and I started shopping for one about a year and a half ago. A non-news moment and a great commercial opportunity for Dick's who literally did nothing. Way to go media, what's next Mc Donald's to stop selling assault tacos?  
Dec 20, 2012 4:10PM

it not the guns killing people its nut jobs who choose to use the guns..if you take away the guns they will just use other weapons like home made bombs..or swords....parents need to understand if thier child is disturbed get them help..dont say hes my son he would never kill any one..thats bullcrap..


Dec 20, 2012 4:10PM

  Get all the +10 round clips off the shelves, and start racially profiling white guys!

Make sure every gun-owner pays for their own mandatory psyche exam every two years!

  Tell the gun-goobers they can't beat the local police force, let alone the US gov't-- in a firefight!

Have the Federal, State, & local gov'ts raise the taxes on each bullet till they cost $75.00 each!

  Make it mandatory for gun-owners to become expert marksmen, at their own expense. If they need more than a 10 round clip to bring down a couple of bad guys simply means the gun-nuts are lousy shooters to begin with!

  And lastly, let the gun-goobers whine their butts off!!

Dec 20, 2012 4:09PM
everyone forgets the 2nd amendment is their to protect us from the gov't to all the people who want to take private guns lets ask the the people in
germany under Hitler 13 million murdered
Russia under Stalin 25 million murdered
Cambodia under Pol Pot 2 million murdered 25% of the population
the kurds, the armenians and all the other dictators around the world
thats why the United States does not have a king and will never have a dictator
remember why Japan did not invade the US as Adm. Yamato said their is a gun behind every door.  today in Switzerland almost every home has automatic weapons and the Israelis are armed to the teeth at home.

Dec 20, 2012 4:09PM

Please do not!  Leave me at the mercy of the insane!  I have the right to defend myself in all circumstanses!

Dec 20, 2012 4:09PM
While many gun owners would have no problem with lower capacity magazines, trigger locks/gun safes and requiring background checks even for sales between private individuals (all dealer sales require the background check) - the idea that banning a particular type of rifle because it resembles a military weapon (black with a pistol grip) - but doesn't offer fully automatic/select fire (machine gun) and is a lower caliber (bullet size) than many hunting rifles - is not going to solve the problem of evil/deranged people killing others.

Read your history. Sadly massive savagery has been going on long before the advent of assault rifles (Genghis Kahn is notorious example).

A couple things to consider:

1) You'll never be able to round-up all the guns that gun control advocates dislike (If we can't find 12 million illegal immigrants, how do we expect to find the estimated 300 million guns in America - many locked away in homes and gun safes)?

2) Even if you could snap your fingers and magically eliminate all guns, would you really want that? Guns are used for good and evil. It was the advent of guns - a great equalizing force - that led to the end of serfdom and despotic rule by warlords. Once the general population had the ability to stop the brutes/savages from pillaging, robbing, raping and killing at will - the life of the average person improved greatly. They experienced hope and freedom.

3) Gun laws deprive law-abiding citizens of guns - but criminals ignore them. Take a look at Chicago and Washington DC - both of which have the biggest gun crime problem in the country - but banned handguns for decades. Gun crime grew under the gun bans because criminals ignored the bans and knew they were very unlikely to meet armed resistance from law-abiding victims. Concealed carry with proper training/licensing has actually reduced gun violence where it is allowed and even conveys benefits to those who don't carry - because the bad guys never know if their victim will be armed.

4) The Founding Fathers clearly believed armed citizens were vital to protecting against aggressors "both domestic and foreign". It's pretty clear one of their biggest fears - having experienced it in England - was government overreach. During WWII Japan considered an invasion of the U.S. but decided against it when their Admiral Yamamoto - who had spent time in the U.S. - warned that they would face "... a gun behind every blade of grass".
While rifles can do nothing against missiles in this day/age - should any corrupt power (domestic or foreign) ever consider imposing military/dictatorial law on Americans, they would face the same threat that warded off Japan 70 years ago and might similarly reconsider.

Bottom line, any additional gun control legislation must be carefully considered and not an (understandable) "knee-jerk" reaction to the terrible and unfathomable tragedy in Connecticut. For each proposed law we must ask "Would it have stopped the tragedy?" and "Does the proposed restriction demonstrably degrade the protections given to us by the Founding Fathers via the Constitution and Bill Of Rights?"

While we're at it we should also ask ourselves if it's really wise to expose our kids to all the numbing violence found in many video games, TV shows and movies. Unfortunately, I'm betting many of those wishing to restrict gun rights would be appalled at the idea of government infringing on their entertainment choices.
Dec 20, 2012 4:08PM

Illegal sales of guns will I will have to go find some least they can not track them to me now I guess...Just hope i dont buy one that has been use in illegal situations.But since i wont be able to buy them legally it doesnt matter right.

Dec 20, 2012 4:08PM
Violence goes as far back as when Cain killed Abel.  I'm not sure what weapon it was that he (Cain) used killed him with but the point is.....The reason he did so still exists today.  It wasn't about the weapon then and shouldn't be today.  There are many reasons why this happened and keeps happening.  We can pass laws that make owning any kind of gun in this country illegal IF you changed to U.S. Constitution....But I don't think anyone will ever be stupid enough to try that.  But hypothecially, IF that ever happened, do you honestly think all guns would disappear and all criminals (and those wanting to cause harm) would say OK.....Here are all my guns.  A good dose of reality check is needed.
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