Mustaine goes metal on Men's Wearhouse

The Megadeth frontman thrashes the retailer's customer service, but the store's response makes him sound like the old guy at the show.

By Jason Notte Jan 4, 2013 5:03PM

Image: Dave Mustaine of Megadeth performs on stage at Electric Ballroom on June 12, 2012 in London, United Kingdom (© Marc Broussely/Redferns via Getty Images)Dave Mustaine, what happened to you, man?

It's been 30 years since you were kicked out of Metallica for your drinking, drugging and two-fisted debauchery and just as long since you sought metal revenge by forming thrash-metal mainstay Megadeth. You gave longhaired, denim-clad, disgruntled hesher teens around the world an avenue for aggression with albums like “Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!,” “Peace Sells... but Who's Buying?” and “Countdown To Extinction.” Your band's very name railed against the system by mocking the term for a million deaths used by a '50s warhawk in his book about nuclear annihilation.

Now you're having online fights with Men's Wearhouse (MW) over gift cards? Gift cards, dude. How does a guy who spent a full adult lifetime wearing black shirts on stage end up arguing about anything with the company that produces inexpensive Jones New York business attire?

This is the state of Dave Mustaine these days, and old and somewhat-younger metal-heads alike breathed a deep sigh and tried not to cry into a poster of Megadeth mascot Vic Rattlehead when Mustaine took to his Facebook (FB) page after Christmas to thrash a bunch of customer service employees.

In a screed he addressed only to “Droogies” (because “A Clockwork Orange” references are so dark and metal when writing a glorified Yelp review), Mustaine takes five long paragraphs to explain how a Men's Wearhouse in Salt Lake City didn't deliver a gift card to his tour manager on time after salesmen guaranteed it.

Using vitriol he once reserved for targets like the military industrial complex, the United Nations and Tipper Gore, Mustaine took a dig at Men's Wearhouse founder George Zimmer and his televised promises. In Mustaine's heavy metal parking lot, however, Zimmer's just “the old geezer with the voice that sound like he has chain-smoked since he was a fetus; the one that espouses, 'I absolutely guarantee you’re gonna like the way you look,' or some manure like that, right?”

It gets a little bogged down in detail after that and, honestly, could have benefited from a guitar solo or at least a sweet bridge. The finish, however, is pure “Symphony of Destruction” Mustaine:

I really think that it sucks when people make false claims, that they don’t care to make good on a problem that is clearly their fault, and with all of the “ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE IT” crap I just had to say something. We are all living in very tight financial times right now, and like I said, you may not wear a suit for your job or for an event or occasion, but if you do, I would strongly recommend you wear someone else’s suits. Go to Jos. A Bank instead. I for one, will never set foot in a Men’s Warehouse, even for shelter from a blizzard.

Sick burn, or at least it would have been if both sides were handling this exchange like a quarrel at a Monsters Of Rock festival. Men's Wearhouse, unaware that the appropriate response is to throw something on stage or give Mustaine the finger from 30 rows back, tweeted Mustaine its mellow response on Tuesday:

@DaveMustaine Thx for reaching out on FB. We responded to your posts on your fan pages. We're here to help, email us at

The post Men's Wearhouse left on Mustaine's Facebook page wasn't exactly metal fan-troll material either, according to Ultimate Guitar:

"Dave, thanks for reaching out to us on Facebook," Joe of the Men's Wearhouse "social media team" wrote. "We apologize for the delay in receiving your gift card and agree that the delay is unacceptable. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and we stand by our guarantee to deliver world-class customer service. So, we'd like to speak with you about a solution but are having some trouble reaching you since we last connected on 12/28. Please send your contact info to and our team will help you right away."

The exchange above suggests that the cranky old dude in this equation may not be the guy peddling Pronto Uomo no-iron shirts.

Mustaine is now 51 years old. He's had kind of a tough go of it since he cried after being kicked out of Metallica in that band's 2004 documentary “Some Kind Of Monster.” He was sued by Megadeth bassist and co-founder Dave Ellefson for $18.5 million in 2004 after Ellefson accused Mustaine of hoarding all the band's profits. The two reconciled and Ellefson rejoined the band in time for its “Big Four” tour with Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax a couple of years ago. Mustaine even reunited with Metallica for a one-off anniversary show in 2011.

Lately, though, he's drawn more attention for making statements against homosexuality and gay marriage, supporting former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum's failed presidential campaign and, at a concert in Singapore in August, accusing President Barack Obama of "staging" shootings at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo., and a Sikh temple in Wisconsin in order to "pass a gun ban.”

Mustaine's always been a political creature and he wouldn't be the first person whose political pendulum has swung a bit since his youth, but the crankiness sounds a bit more cantankerous when it's coming from a long-haired talking head on a 24-hour news network. Strip it of all its political underpinnings, double-bass backing and metal aesthetic, and you just have another middle-aged dude grumbling about a store on his Facebook page. He's just couple of YouTube cat videos and uploaded “inspirational” photos away from being every other parent in America, and surly parents are just about the least metal thing there is.

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Jan 5, 2013 12:18AM
Im not sure this is a news worthy story material either but Dave has a right to be upset at poor customer service if he wants. Also BTW I felt this news writer was very harsh in his opinions on Dave.
Jan 4, 2013 9:14PM
Obviously the writer of this article has nothing better to do with their time.  I'm only sorry I spent time reading it!  Off to do better things with my day......
Jan 4, 2013 9:02PM

Slow News Days at MSN really suck.  Journalism programs at the universities must really suck.  What kind of news writer puts up muck like this?

Later, kidz... gotta go earn my money for the day...
Jan 4, 2013 8:04PM
has anyone seen the commercial where 2 convicts break out of prison and whereever they go the service is so terrible that they break back into prison? is hilarious because it is so true...i have lives outside of new york for 30 years and the only thing i miss is excellent customer service..
Jan 4, 2013 7:26PM
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Jan 4, 2013 7:17PM
just for your info duuude.....he did not "support Santorum"....he admired that the dude took time out for his sick daughter while on the campaign trail....that was that in a nutshell....if you are going to publish---at least stick to the true story....peace, love and Metal----Mustaine Droogie.
Jan 4, 2013 7:15PM
Jason Notte,
 Seriously biased are we? Never complained online have we not, hmmmmmmmmm?
Jan 4, 2013 7:14PM
some news is "NO NEWS", some news is "BULL S__T", some news is NO NEWS BULL S__T!
Jan 4, 2013 7:14PM
Not only is this not newsworthy, it's a bit late. This happened over a week ago. Couldn't you think of something better to write about?
Jan 4, 2013 7:12PM
This is the first time I've ever seen Mustaine mentioned on a mainstream news website. This article isn't about mens wearhouse. It's about attacking someone who is a threat to big brother. We're going to see more articles like this attacking him in the future, because he dares to bring up real topics like fast and furious. He's got their attention.
Jan 4, 2013 7:07PM
This makes you want to support compulsory euthanasia - but I guess some solicitors would demand his rights.
Jan 4, 2013 7:02PM

Funny this idiot doesn't have anything better to do with his sorry life. All he can do is whine like a little girl, insult the president and now throw a hissy fit against Men's Wearhouse. Guess that's what losers like him and Turd Nugent do when their crappy albums don't sell.

Get over it Nancy, your 15 minutes were up decades ago and your career is too you no talent hack.

Jan 4, 2013 6:59PM

I love Dave Mustaine. He has the right to voice his opinions. He can play a guitar like nobodys business!

Jan 4, 2013 6:59PM
Didn't a drone fly over and give some poor souls a lead shower? 
Jan 4, 2013 6:53PM
Dave claims to be a "Christian"... seems like this isn't very Christ-like. 
Jan 4, 2013 6:53PM

LOL go Dave Mustaine!!!

The words of Symphony od Destruction describe our current "president" perfectly.

Jan 4, 2013 6:52PM
We have here a shining example of fair and unbiased journalism. NOT! Jason Notte complains for nineparagraphs about Mustaine taking five paragraphs to gripe about bad service, bad argument bro. Enjoy the rest of your stellar career in the outdated field of journalism, both minutes of it.
Jan 4, 2013 6:48PM
MSN would have passed on this story if it had been Eddie Vedder venting about Flannel Wearhouse.
Accusing Obama of this horrible shooting is pure paranoia and lunacy by a guy that lost all his brain cells to massive drug habits many  years ago. We need to ignore fools like this, and strive for higher ground. This man is a mess.
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