How Subway's Jared lost weight and gained $15M

In the only job he's held, the sandwich chain's longtime spokesman has kept the pounds off while enjoying his hefty new wealth.

By Aimee Picchi Jun 11, 2013 1:25PM

File photo of Jared Fogle on April 24, 2013 (© Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Photo)Subway spokesman Jared Fogle is marking his 15th anniversary of hitting upon his recipe for shedding weight: eating the chain's subs minus the cheese and mayo. 

The years have been kind to Fogle, who has not only kept off the weight but has fattened up his bank account. The face of Subway's longest-running advertising campaign now has a net worth of $15 million, New York's Daily News reports. 

He also gets a few extra perks from his job as Subway's spokesman, including free food and first-class airline tickets. Not bad for a man who has held only one job in his entire life. 

"I was a business major in college. I thought maybe I'd work for an ad agency or a PR firm," Fogle said of his accidental career. 

The 35-year-old said his turning point came when he weighed more than 400 pounds. He walked into a Subway restaurant and grabbed a nutrition brochure, coming up with the idea of the diet. The plan was to eat a 6-inch turkey sub for lunch and a full-length veggie sub for dinner, along with a diet soda and baked chips. 

"The big thing was no mayo, no oil, no cheese," he said. "I did it for 11 months." The result? He famously lost 245 pounds, and his transformation into a diet spokesman started with a college newspaper article. Soon Subway called. 

He doesn't earn money only from Subway, however. Fogle also pulls in $5,000 to $10,000 a pop for personal appearances, USA Today reports.

His relationship with Subway has also benefited the privately held restaurant chain. 

Since Fogle first appeared in a national TV commercial, Subway's sales more than tripled to $11.4 billion in 2011, according to Nation's Restaurant News. QSR magazine called him "Subway's savior." Subway now exceeds McDonald's (MCD) in the number of locations in the U.S. and globally.

Fogle declined to disclose the financial details of his sponsorship to the Daily News, but he did say, "I owe a lot to Subway."

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Jun 11, 2013 2:11PM
A win win.  He got healthy and he got rich.  Good for you Jared.
Jun 11, 2013 2:26PM
Heaven forbid someone do well in this country, it only brings out the shamers and the haters.  Proud of you Jared for maintaining your weight loss and kudos for landing all the good paying gigs with Subway and your appearances.  
Jun 11, 2013 2:07PM
Inspiring story to anyone trying to lose major weight.
Jun 11, 2013 2:41PM
He has what a lot of people do not...determination and commitment. Good job Jared!
Jun 11, 2013 2:05PM
Nice gig...and good food. A match made in heaven...for both of them!
Jun 11, 2013 2:34PM
Way to go Jared for losng the weight. Keep up the good work!!
Jun 11, 2013 2:35PM
I have always been inspired by Jared.  I remember the first commercial with him.  Very happy for him.  Way to go, Jared!
Jun 11, 2013 2:29PM
There is practically only weight loss plan: Balance caloric intake with output.  Find out where the calories come from.  Make a plan to hit the balance.  Stick to you plan as Fogle did. 
I can't do it.  But he could do it even though he looks like he's from a chubby gene pool, and now he's worth loads. Good luck to you.
Jun 11, 2013 3:35PM
I have had the opportunity to meet Jared several times throughout the years. Could not happen to a more dedicated and truely positive personality. way to go Jared!
Jun 11, 2013 2:07PM

Good for him for losing the weight & landing a good gig...but he's never held a job?!

Jun 11, 2013 3:34PM
I've lost 40 pounds over the past 2 years by just eating proper proportions at meals and exercising more.  You can't eat 2000 calories a day and only burn 200 and expect to lose weight. Bravo to Jared!  But it can be done on other foods besides Subway!!!!
Jun 11, 2013 3:29PM



Subway made gazillions and Jared made millions, why would anyone bash the ingenuity of the Franchise and one of the Best Advertising Campaigns out there.

Smart Move Subway and Equally Smart Move Jared, he's rich, well known, and healthy and Subway is one of the better fast food franchise's out there. 

Jun 11, 2013 2:11PM
I'm surprised snoops don't follow him around and take pictures of him eating anything other than Subway. He must have to be really careful with where he eats.  
Jun 11, 2013 2:43PM
I have seen this done by depressed overweight newly divorced individuals . It Boost ones self esteem to move on ,and feel great !
Jun 11, 2013 3:09PM
I say good for Jared.  I hope he uses his healthy transformation to help others.
Jun 11, 2013 2:33PM
this is the dream of using ingenuity and striving for things at its best
Jun 11, 2013 2:58PM
SUBWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EAT fresh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 11, 2013 3:16PM
I love Subway sandwiches!  I seldom can find a "Sandwich Artist" who actually makes it the way I ask, but I keep trying.
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