Rachel G. Fox in September 2012 (Richard Shotwell-Invision-AP Photo)
If acting doesn't work out, 16-year-old actress Rachel Fox apparently has a lucrative side business that's panning out: playing the stock market. 

Fox has a blog and creates video episodes called "Fox on Stocks" (a nod to the Dr. Seuss picture-book classic "Fox in Socks?") in which she aims to teach others how to trade stocks. She claims she earns more than 64% on her investments per year. 

"I'm best known to the world for playing roles like evil Kayla Scavo on 'Desperate Housewives'," she said in her latest video blog, presumably taped before she turned 16. "I'm one of the only 15-year-old stock-trading actresses around." Um, there are others? 

Fox's approach is to teach the basics to her fans, such as how to read a stock quote on your iPhone. (In the video, she pronounces the FTSE 100, the London Stock Exchange index, by its initials, instead of the typical pronunciation of "footsie.")

She also writes blog posts on topics such as the "Dogs of the Dow," an investment strategy developed several years before she was born. The technique seeks to select the stocks within the Dow Jones Industrial Average whose dividend yield is highest. 

About the strategy, she writes, "While I much prefer making my money quickly and in a 'high risk = high reward' fashion, long-term investing is great for people who are older or people who are more comfortable with safer investments."

She added, "The difficult part of long-term investing is picking the right stock or group of stocks to invest in." 

That's something that any investor could relate to. After all, picking the right stocks is basically what a huge chunk of the financial services industry is based on. 

As for her own stock trading ideas, Fox writes that she "cannot explain why I am so successful as a stock trader, but I think it may have to do with being fearless and having nerves of steel."

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