A sign outside the fast-food chain McDonald
(MCD) is unveiling its After Midnight menu in its latest attempt to kick-start slumping sales.

The menu is being rolled out at an unspecified number of McDonald's 24-hour restaurants, The Associated Press reports. So what do people want between midnight and 4 a.m.? Dinner or breakfast? McDonald's says it will offer a little bit of both.

The menu is limited -- not everything will be available at that time -- but customers can get Big Macs, McNuggets and dessert. And in a new twist, they can now get Egg McMuffins and pancakes as well.

Why the push after midnight? Because McDonald's, like so many rivals, sees the late-night crowd as key to growing sales and profit. It wants to be the place people head to after the nightclubs close. It wants to grab tired workers on the way home from swing shifts.

Up to now, many fast-food restaurants have been content to leave the late-night diners to the likes of Denny's (DENN). Taco Bell, owned by Yum Brands (YUM), has targeted this crowd for years with its FourthMeal campaign, referring to the meal between dinner and breakfast. Now McDonald's and other rivals are taking notice.

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