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Aug 9, 2014 8:38AM
This article also forgot - canning and food dehydrators. That's part of raising your own produce is - preserving your own produce.

Aug 9, 2014 8:36AM
Gardens are cost effective when you save your own seed and grow your own bedding plants. You would also want a rain barrel. There's a methodology to it. 
Aug 9, 2014 9:40AM
Lottery tickets? really, ok how lame is the person that wrote this
Aug 6, 2014 10:06PM
A programmable thermostat can save on fuel.  Congrats to MSN 1 out of 10 make sense for the average person, provided they own a home.
Aug 9, 2014 12:17PM

OMG, what ever am I going to do? Finally an article in MSNBC that actually makes sense. Miracles can happen.

I really like the garden part. My parents grew up during the Great Depression. Gardens were a means of survival.  Then in WW11 you had the Victory Gardens since food supplies were scarce. Feeding the troops was priority.

So, after WW11 when my father returned, he always made sure we had a garden patch. That's when he let me get into it. I tell you what, nothing, repeat nothing compares to the taste of home grown veggies when they ripen.

Hey, even if you live in an apartment with southern exposure you can get the gravity based tomato plants at the very least. If you have a deck, get some 5 gallon pails and plant beans or other veggies.

Aug 6, 2014 9:19PM
This is a BS article, when things get this bad you can just quit doing most rather than trying to deal with less workable issues.
Aug 9, 2014 7:12AM
Call your local utility company for HVAC checkups - in PDX the gas company will do a FREE fall inspection & cleaning of your furnace...been doing mine for over 30 years. Told me a couple of years ago the heat exchanger was going bad & gave me time to have bids done for a replacement furnace before it failed & saved $$$ by not having to have an emergency service call.
Aug 9, 2014 10:54AM
hey msn jerks, why don't you allow comments on articles about real issues? why have comments at all if you are only going to open discussion on garbage filler articles like this. why is msn news gearing more towards entertainment media and household tips. i think i'll find my news elsewhere.
Aug 7, 2014 9:57AM
Yah giving lottery tickets as a gift????  Are you kidding me???  This has to be one of the stupidest things I have seen in a long time.  Do yourself a favor everyone DON'T CLICK THE ARROWS!!!  YOU WILL FEEL STUPIDER AFTER SEEING IT!!!
Aug 9, 2014 3:52AM
Only problem with this is ...1) Some states are trying to outlaw growing your own  food (have yet to figure that out)  2) Stocking up on anything (even to save money) can get you on a watch list (Can you say Paranoid (not the saver but the Govt.)) 3) Doing research on home remedies or DIY cleaners & such (Also get you on  a watch list) HATE to be a tin foil hatter but, When I was growing up in Fla. We were told to BE PREPARED for storms , Stock up , &  learn to be self reliant ... All these things are (For some STRANGE REASON) now considered subversive... What the Hell is wrong with this picture.
Aug 9, 2014 12:41PM

Seriously, we only get to comment of fluff stories like this one when a story and a statement such as this really deserves comments by the American people:

Obama warned Americans that the new campaign to bring security in Iraq requires military and political changes and "is going to be a long-term project." He wouldn't give a timetable for how long the U.S. military involvement would last, saying it depends on Iraq's political efforts.

Especially that part about a "timetable" since he was so all about a timetable getting our soldiers out of there the first time around.  The American people, the American military and American tax dollars are in no way going to be able to solve the vast religious hate problems the people of the Middle East suffer.  It is like some disease that is infecting them and has been for over a thousand years. 

Aug 9, 2014 10:09AM
Depending on where you live in part, but, it's cheaper just to buy in-season perishable produce than to plant, cultivate, get dirty, fertilize, weed, harvest and hope it doesn't go bad before you can eat and then there's canning and preservation. As a hobby it can be fun for a small garden for a family or such as community garden, but there can be a lot of work involved. As for other money saving tips, I always ask if I really need it or is it part of something I'm passionate about before spending and being nickeled and dimed to death. 
They seem to be forgetting that most Americans are now too lazy to do their own home improvements or garden, not to mention a lot of them don't own homes/land to do this stuff.
Aug 9, 2014 2:21PM
They forgot the most used way of saving money today. You will need none of your own or have to do anything productive whatsoever to earn any. Become one of obummer's useless pieces of trash.
Aug 7, 2014 12:42PM

The Communists are at it again. A New Jersey police officer is now under investigation for criticizing Obama by saying ''' Obama has decimated the Constitution. And if he doesn't follow the Constitution, we don't have to'''.

I could understand if it was a threat, but it isn't. What happened to free speech in this country?

Aug 9, 2014 9:06PM
How come I can't comment on the real articles? This is softball BS.
Aug 9, 2014 8:40PM
Stop buying packaged food.
No more store-bought bread, noodles, cereal, soup, crackers, etc.
Make everything from scratch.
Aug 16, 2014 9:15AM
Super savers eh? Well, nobody mentioned shoplifting stuff to save money!! OR 
OR beating up on that little old lady to get her credit cards and SH*T.   Take her cards before they are cancelled and fill ALL your cars's with gasoline. 
Go inside the grocery store and grab a big bag of diapers.
Take them to the managar and tell him 'the baby is potty trained and we don't need these" Demand a refund on the spot.  Most likely he'll give you a form to fill out--use fictitious names and i.d. numbers. 
Finally, do handyman work and ask for 90% up front.  Then a couple hours into the job, tell the home owner you have a family emergency and need to leave.
Leave. Don't ever come back to finish the work. (Fernie, Robin)
< From my personal experience. >
Aug 6, 2014 6:47PM

Vegetable gardens are not cost effective.

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