7 ways to save on groceries

These tips will help you deal with ever-increasing prices at the supermarket.

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Sep 2, 2014 12:58PM
Extreme couponing is only useful if your time is worthless. If you have to spend hours every week doing "prep work" before you even set foot in a grocery store and then at the end of it, you have to run hundreds of coupons and speak to the manager, you're spending a whole day on just one trip. It's not worth it, and most coupons are for things like prepackaged foods that aren't healthy in the first place. 
Sep 2, 2014 12:09PM
They left out the best way which is getting off one's butt and working a garden.
I've watched those extreme couponing shows a couple times where the people end up getting $200 worth of food for free or whatever and it seems to me that the majority of stuff they buy is prepackaged crap that I wouldn't eat if you paid me.
Aug 29, 2014 9:49PM
and  the  number  one  way to save on  groceries.......  don't  eat  as  much
Sadly companies are offering fewer and fewer coupons or if they do they're only good when you buy two or three of an item. You can also save by shopping at discount stores but even they are getting expensive, today's trip to Save-a-lot had items just barely cheaper than walmart when they used to be .10-.20 cheaper.
Sun 4:58 AM
Don't waste food!  It's stupid to buy food and throw it in the trash can.
Sun 7:05 AM
My first rule to spend the moneys well on groceries (which is the same as saving money) is, to teach  (TRAIN) your kids to eat what's on the table...tach them to appreciate that the best product on earth is that which their parents put on the table and to never, never throw food away....
Sun 7:41 AM
p.s. if you like Garlic don't buy Garlic salt your getting 95% salt buy Garlic powder. 
Sep 2, 2014 1:00PM
Cute , lefties and commies .
You cleverly left out the word "Inflation" ,the dreaded , "I" word. The media , will not use this word ,
unless it's friday evening .
We are being constantly told , the economy is great !
In my somewhat realistic world , I don't see it that way .
So, don't forget , don't use the "I" word , ever .

Sep 2, 2014 12:07PM
1. Shop at Market Basket. 2. That's it. Believe when I say the CEO, Authur D DeMoulas really means it when his PRIMARY concern is paying fair, competitive wages to his staff, who risked their jobs to support his return after other relatives tried to throw him out, AND to keep prices low for his customers who he sees as a valuable asset. The STANDARD alternative business plan is make as much money as you can and give to the stockholders. Well, Market Basket, IF it is able to pay off this $1.5 billion dollar debt it incurred to buy out the rest of the family, will continue to grow. I won't shop anyplace out. I save $30 to $40 a week. I know. I just shopped at all the other supermarkets while Market Basket was closed. Thank God.
Sun 4:55 AM
If you don't buy any convenience food, you will save a lot of money. You will spend more time in the kitchen, but you will have healthier meals and eat less because you won't have snacks in the house unless you bake them yourself. If it is in a can, skip it, if it is in a box, skip it....it's easy once you get used to it. 
Sun 8:30 AM
Shop specials using the store's discount card.  Use coupons if you have the time and energy to clip them.  Buy store brands that are generally decent quality and almost always cheaper than national brands.  Don't stockpile food in the cabinet or freezer where it can languish for years before it gets tossed.  Buy only what you will actually eat.  Either cook only as much as you will eat during a meal or learn to like leftovers, and never throw away edible food.  Teach your kids that they WILL eat what is put on the table.  All very simple really.
Fri 11:22 AM
To BillsS: It's Arthur T DeMoulas (the good cousin) not Arthur D. The evil cousin is Arthur S. How many other company employees would put their jobs on the line for their beloved CEO? Hey all you scumbag CEOs out there, maybe you ought to take a lesson from Arthur T.
Sep 2, 2014 9:06AM
NIce tips, I just don't have the patience to do the coupon thing.
Sun 9:07 AM
And, these are worth writing an article about?  Who doesn't know this stuff?  Maybe I'm ignorant in thinking that all of these 'tips' are just common sense shopping.
Sun 8:16 AM

Does anyone see a problem with these articles lately from MSN Money? If you look at the comments, you will discover that these articles are reruns. I have also notice that some areas of the country are not getting the articles until later. As an example, last week I commented on something (I live in the Deep South) that I thought was a fresh article because I never saw it before. When I went to comment I notice that other people had commented on in as far back as August 27th. Then yesterday, there was something I never seen and that was as far back as the beginning of August.

Shopping for school products and office supplies at mid July to the first of August is a good idea. Stock up for the entire year. Kids will always need new notebooks and such. If they use binders, then buy enough paper to last all the kids in your family for a year. (I still occasionally buy school supplies when on sale for those who forget or can't afford it later on in the year when not on sale.)

For people in business, these stores like Target and Wal Mart have copier paper at this time cheaper than any time of the year. This is a good way for new businesses to get pens, pencils, white out, copier paper, paper clips, folders, etc. for the office. For groceries, the store brands mostly are manufactured by the same company that did the name brand especially in canned good goods and packages. Do not buy stuff near the sale by date unless you are going to use it that day or put it in the freezer. It will not keep in the refrigerator before going bad. You can safely use eggs up to 6 weeks after sell date expires as long as they are refrigerated at least 42 degrees. The best by date on milk is the last date on milk that is safe to use.

How many people have canned food that you bought and then you doctor tells you that you have to eat differently? We need to go through our canned foods and what we are not eating within 2 to 3 months, give it to someone who is having a hard time who doesn't get SNAP benefits. If they have kids, this will greatly help. Always ask before you give though.  

Sun 7:12 AM
look for can goods with dents, marked down 2/3 same for boxed goods buy meat that will expire the next day. same with bread, pies, and cakes. or better forget the pies and cakes. don't take your kids shopping with you. don't buy baby carrots chopped up in a bag buy whole carrots will cost you a bucks less and you get more food. and forget the paper towels and use a cloth rag. you don't need all those cleaning supplies they want to sale you soap and water work fine. buy ground sirloin burger it cost a buck more but you don't end up with a 1/2lb. for grease. don't but lunch meat in those 8oz zip lock bags that cost six bucks you can buy a half of ham and cut it up your self. forget bacon you can go to big boy for there all you can eat buffy for what an 8oz pack of bacon cost and eat 2lbs. that's  my two cent worth.  
Sun 9:23 AM
Don't buy the launch packs that have a slice of cheese and three crackers in it for 4 bucks. don't buy those little juice packs that are not real juice. buy a 1/2gallon grape or orange juice its better for you. don't buy bottled water unless yours is so bad you cant drink it. if you must drink pop buy 2 liter bottles not 12oz cans. don't but rag magazines at the check out counter. don't buy bone in stakes or pork chops baby back ribs you get more bone than meat. don't buy whole chickens you will through half of it away, and you end up with a lot of bones to get rid of. buy boneless split chicken breast when there on sale for 2.99 at Kroger. which is about every two weeks.my family house is three, and we live on 500 per month and eat well. one last word learn how to cook? 
Sun 7:49 AM
what i have gotten  out of all these different news tabs is that there is no news like old news.
Sep 2, 2014 5:07PM
Try growing some of your own food! I hunt and fish my wife and I have a garden and chickens. We spend about 30 bucks a week food shopping. Maybe if people were a little less lazy they could save some cash.
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