8 purchases that can save you thousands

From espresso machines to crock pots, these everyday items are worth the upfront cost.

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Jun 24, 2014 11:50AM
Ditched TV entirely years ago, and not even my kids miss it. The home improvement shows occasionally offered some interesting ideas, but it wasn't worth it. Cutting the cable finally got SpongeBob out of my house, and I can't put a price on that.
Jun 28, 2014 8:12AM
fire the entire congress senate get rid of all the money takers and lets live our lives in our country, I for one am sick of do nothings in congress while we have people starving in our streets. sick its just sick. It has to stop look at the enormous pensions for life they set up for themselves, MEDICAL, EACH MEMBER OF CONGRESS GETS 10 THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR FROM US TOWARD THEIR MEDICAL INSURANCE, what do we get but the bill for it, congress on vacation yet they worked so hard making themselves richer by the day and us poorer. CORAVETTE
Get yourself an antenna and tart watching free TV, save a bundle.
Jun 24, 2014 11:32AM
Why do I click on these things.

Link on MSN.com says "Pricey (but worth it) Purchases".

The only pricey items are the Espresso machine and the Hobby Equipment. Really - a water bottle? Crock Pot?

Instead of a water bottle why didn't they list something pricey like a Reverse Osmosis filter system to filter tap water and make it equivalent to bottled water?

For Hobby equipment you should buy it because it is a Hobby you enjoy and if you decide to do side jobs be careful it doesn't ruin the hobby for you.

My grandfather enjoyed photography and started taking pictures of houses for real estate listings to make extra money (this was about 60 years ago). It became such a chore it ruined the hobby for him.
Jun 23, 2014 8:28PM
About time the middle class starts to stand up and get what they deserve after working so hard. 
Jun 28, 2014 9:06AM
At first, I kind of cut the cord. I recorded DVD-RAM disks using my then girl friend's TV service. Things changed, and I went "cold turkey". I had already gotten use to getting my entertainment via Netflix. Three disks at home, plus all of the streaming I want for less than thirty dollars. The disks are for films that I want to see in High Def. Later I found that some of the major network websites will let you watch show episodes that aired earlier. I don't mind that I can't skip the commercials. Local news stories are usually about fires, killings, robberies, traffic, and weather. I get the best up to date weather on line from the Weather Channel App. I get local news from one of the local TV shows website. For real news, ( and I'm not talking about CNN ), I watch France24 English, ( French TV news reports and other shows ). and DW.de English, ( German TV news reports and other shows ). They present real news without a lot of hyperbole, ( are you listening ABC, NBC, et al ?). The European News services have better reports, from all over the world, and not in a way that Americans would find objectionable. Besides, we live in a Global society, and should know more than what Kim K. had for dinner lately.

Jun 28, 2014 12:41PM

I've got two words for ya'

Solar panels

After rebates, incentives and such, my out of pocket was about $7200.  Payback will be 4-5 years.  Leasing options can be had for $0 down

My latest power bill was $22.  I live in Phoenix.  My neighbors are already seeing $250 and up.

It's not a sexy as an espresso machine tho', and no, I'm not affiliated with any solar company.

Jun 28, 2014 7:05AM
It's hard to believe how far US News has fallen. They used to be a real magazine and now they just do a few fluff pieces like this online.
Jun 28, 2014 8:13AM
You still need an internet connection and still need to pay fees to netflix........so why would I buy a roku when my laptop can stream and easily plugs into my TV?   I wonder if the writer knows what they are writing about.?
Jun 28, 2014 1:19PM
The most important thing you can do is cut the cord from Cable , Direct or Dish and tell them to stuff it. When you have any of these they have their hand in your wallet and you can count on steady rate increases.
Jun 23, 2014 9:07PM
We canceled cable, bought a Roku II and then got netflix.  If you watch news like i used to it isn't the greatest.  You can get the portions of news commentary shows they post later in the day.  Full shows are not common and rarely updated.  Not sure if i am getting everything out of it though as other ppl i know who have it say it has everything they watch.  As for a netflix watcher its great.  Saving $20 a month which adds up. 
Jul 1, 2014 7:08PM
I am older than dirt, but one fond memory I have of the past that still remains with me, is what television cost back in the olden days....  You went out and bought your TV and a roof top antenna and that was the end of the cost, no monthly fees for services you really don't need.
Jun 28, 2014 1:08PM
If you really wanna save money try not spending it !
Jun 24, 2014 9:50AM

You can use Roku and for the news watch local channels as I do.

Jun 28, 2014 10:28AM

very disappointing that solar wasn't mentioned or a timer for water heaters. 12 volt lighting instead of 120 volt. i bike, my neighbors have cars, i'll give you $20 to go grocery with you. the person that wrote this doesn't think. before teen i bought floor sanders drum and orbital + a 10 inch miter saw to start a business to refinish and also replace floors and i hear comments from ppl several yrs. later looking for work. learn things ! an elderly lady phones me, can you replace a light switch for me, an electrician want's $45. I'm not going to waste my time watching anything. the best way to save money is to make money. if your a parent worth anything, teach your children how to work to get paid not doing chores.

slayerwulfe cave

Jun 28, 2014 10:42AM
Have had a Roku now for several years.  Its great.  We pay $8 for Netflix (if you want the DVD service too, its another $8.  Roku has a lot of channels available now for free and they keep adding.  Its probably not so good for sports fans though--but I'd be willing to be that is coming.
Jun 24, 2014 1:55PM
Enough with the stupid jokes already.........................
Jun 28, 2014 12:20PM
I keep saying I'm not going to look at this page but do. I must have OCD or I'm a glutton for punishment.
Jul 1, 2014 11:57PM
Telling people to turn their hobby into a job is just silly. People have hobbies for a reason, and that is to get away from the mundane nature of work with something fun.
Jun 28, 2014 4:26PM
A Hobby is something that you enjoy doing and is something that gives you comfort. For a few a Hobby has become an income. You can't go into a Hobby with the intent of making it a business. If it is not a labor of love and satisfaction, than it is work.
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