Shrinkflation? Consumer goods that got downsized

Not all food prices are going up -- instead, some food sizes are decreasing.

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Apr 21, 2014 11:24PM
Bacon is now sold in 12 oz packages, instead of 16 oz.  Same with pre-packaged deli meat, hot dogs and blocks of cheese.  Ice cream used to be 1/2 gallon, then it went to 1.75 quarts, now many dairies have gone to 1.5 quarts.  Ounces are disappearing from boxes of cereal, frozen vegetables, condiments, marshmallows, yogurt, etc...  Used to buy 50# bags of Purina dog food, then they went to 44# bags, then 40#.  Less toothpaste comes in a tube now, and you get less shaving cream in a can.  Regardless of manipulated data and metrics from the gov, the cost of living is going through the roof...
Apr 22, 2014 3:05AM
THE ibggest one they didn't metion...CEREAL a 24oz box of cereal (capt. crunch for example) went down to 18oz but the price didn't move a penny.  Another big one..Maxwell house "blue" containers of coffee...lost 11oz! in 1 yr. and the cost actually got higher...they billed the container change (smaller) as "easier to handle) because the back of it is now a handle instead of  being part of the container.   It's all G R E E D! that these companies are relying on people to not notice....
Apr 22, 2014 4:30AM
And they say the recession is over. No it's not. Not when you pay more for smaller quantities. Inflation is part of recession. The dollar has recessed to almost nothing in value. Thank you mister president.
Apr 22, 2014 6:10AM
EVERYTHING has gone this way. Apples use to come in 5 to 10 lb bags, now 3 to 8 lb.  All types of meats went from 16 oz to 9 to 12 oz. (12oz is now the new lb.) It seems like everytime something is labeled "NEW AND IMPROVED"  just means now its smaller and tastes like crap.
Even toilet paper and facial tissues are much narrower than the use to be. 
Apr 22, 2014 1:34AM
This kind of thing has been going on for much longer than this article acknowledges!  Consumer Reports magazine used to have a monthly feature about "incredible shrinking products."  I think that was about 20 years ago.  (They may still have it, and I bet they're a lot busier.) It's just gotten more prevalent and much more blatant.  Corporate Foods knows that the US government is not going to do anything to slow them down...they own the government too. 
Apr 22, 2014 9:16AM
Lie, cheat & steal is the American Way today. The same container half full is theft and misrepresentation of amount of the product. Who knows what by products have been added to the half full container. Throw God out the window and live in the world of fraud seems to be the case for Great dividends for the stock gods who care only about profits at the expence of others. Seniors who worked all their life are being cheated while welfare bums are getting too fat & lazy to do anything.
Apr 22, 2014 9:51AM
To me, the worst thing about the shrinkage is not that they're fooling me with price ... you can always compare the unit price label ($ per oz, etc,) to see through that.  I just hate that making packages smaller results in more packaging and more waste.  Oh, and old recipes calling for a 16-oz. can of something won't work!
Apr 24, 2014 5:18PM
I hate to tell you, but we have noticed. AND we're getting ticked off! The incredible shrinking toliet paper, what use to be a regular roll is now a mega, and the roll itself has shrunk too. Everything we buy has gotten smaller, yet the price hasn't dropped. I would rather have my old product size and pay more. Companies are afraid we won't buy their products if they increase the price, but we're no fools and already know we are paying more for less! STOP IT!
Apr 21, 2014 8:43PM
Not just those products, how about eggs: New Small==Bantam size, New Medium==Small, Large==Medium, Jumbo==Ex. Large, stops from there, no such thing yet as Ex. Jumbo which of course would==Jumbo. Just put smaller stuff in the same packaging and sell with the old labels. When shopping today, compared those eggs--small looked like marbles, all the packaging/labels uniform with one size down and the prices were higher.  A short conversation with the Cold Case/Dairy Manager--told me suppliers are blaming prices and downsizing on the, floods, feed, drought, blizzards, fuel, and yup greed!  OK?
Apr 22, 2014 8:22AM
the real question is how many of these food companies stocks are trading at all time highs.  Is it greed or higher costs? Probably both
Apr 22, 2014 1:06AM

Any time the package gets a major change, you can be sure of one thing- you are getting less product.

Zest soap made a major change in the soap bar design, which reduced the volume of product by about 40%. AND they added so much more inert filler (an additive that take up space, but doesn't do anything except replace product) that when I dropped the soap in the bathtub, instead of mooshing over, the bar broke. Meaning that there wasn't enough soap in the bar to  hold it together.

Apr 22, 2014 6:49AM

Canned "Bumble Bee" Solid White Albacore:


Before - Net Wt. 7 oz (198g); Dr. Wt. 5.1 oz (144g)

Now - Net Wt. 5 oz (142g); Dr. Wt. 4oz (113g)

Apr 22, 2014 12:48AM

It's not just the size that is changing. The toothpaste we USED to use had so much water added to it that the toothpaste would only stay on the brush for a few seconds before DRIPPING OFF. When we changed brands, I called the 800 number on the package. The rep denied that the toothpaste was watered down. 

The cat litter we used had a lot less of the odor control crystals.

The list goes on and on.

Apr 21, 2014 9:20PM
We like our ice cream!   Tired of them containers, getting smaller and charging more for it..
Apr 22, 2014 6:00AM
Lays potato chips have shrunk from 11+ oz to 10+ oz just within the past few years. Part of the motivation I needed to give up something I'm better off without.
Apr 22, 2014 8:40AM

"Shrinking" has been escalating for the past 6-8 years and not a real peep from the mass media. Now why exactly would the bought and paid for media not cover a story this big? Answer: Inflation is bad for politics and the party who's been telling you how wonderful everything is and how you're just not seeing things clearly as they blow smoke into your eyes. Fact is, inflation has been skyrocketing recently.  Its taken the form of smaller sizes, lower quality, fillers, byproducts, reducing key ingredients down to their bare minimum label requirements, moving prodcution overseas, etc. I'm one who knows- I've  consulted for many major brands these past years and that is how they are "maintaining profits" as their sales numbers plummet. And why exactly is the market still up? Con #2.


Boils down to this: its all one big con being played on the multitude of American zombies who believe anything their "elected" officials say, via the bought and paid for media who tell them what to believe. Americans have lost the ability to call BS, BS and act. I.e. you allowed yourselves to be neutered.


Need another example. Gasoline is up $.80/gal in just 3 weeks and not a peep from the media. Remember the negative press the previous administration received when gas went up $.25/gal in a month. It was a conspiracy by those evil republicans to keep energy prices high. Too bad the media couldn't continue their resolve under this administration that's seen dollars added to the price of a gallon of gas.


It's all one big con, and you'all are the patsies. It ends when you grow a pair and fight back.

Apr 22, 2014 7:21AM
A bag of M&M's used to be called the Pounder.  Not these days.  There is considerably less than a pound in a bag of M&Ms and the price is much higher.
Apr 22, 2014 2:01AM
And, PRICES are continuing to rise despite getting less. I have got to say, here I thought Obama was clueless about economics, foreign policy, business, administration, health care and everything else a POTUS should have some clue about the workings thereof. Turns out, he was and remains beyond clueless to the point of total ignorance. And they will still try to tell us there is next to zero inflation because they remove FOOD and ENERGY prices from the index. The TRUE INFLATION RATE since Obama started with his economic wrecking plan, has remained around 10% per year. And thanks to the FED printing $1T/yr. in fiat currency, the value of the dollar under Obama has plummeted to record LOW LEVELS. Just look at Canada. Obama took office, the CAD was worth 80 cents, Now thanks to our currency being devalued, it is worth OVER $1.20. That is a 50% decline in the value of our money under the LEFT WING NUT JOBS DEMI-GOD; OBAMA ! ! ! ! Praise be to SOCIALISM, the cure to a healthy economic system ! ! !
Apr 22, 2014 4:12AM
Really? An increase in payroll taxes shares the blame? Payroll taxes were temporarily reduced to provide additional discretionary spending cash at the expense of SS and Medicare funding. Seems that the government would rather keep on spending and use SS and Medicare to support it.
Apr 22, 2014 7:13AM

Will they ever get us if we go to the metric system when we are trying to figure yards to meters and gallons to liters.

Recipe's have always been designed to serve four. Now it 3 and a half.

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