10 best-paying cities for women

For the highest income levels, look to large metropolitan areas on the coasts. And among the top 10, San Francisco stands out for having pay for women that's closest to that for men.

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May 25, 2012 12:57PM
It is sad that after so many years in the workplace that the best city for women still only pays women 74% of what men earn. Guess we needed that pesky Equal Rights Amendment after all.  Its denial was the proud work of conservatives then...I wonder how many conservative women are paid less today because of the tireless work against them back in the 1970s.
Jun 26, 2012 5:00AM
This post is for Michael4ya u r the reason ppl commit suiside.... I am so sorry u truly believe what u think there r plenty of women that helped with all that u talk about we r so not n the 15th century ok so what i need u to do is RESEARCH something so u wont look sound and seem so damn ignorant i bet any amount of money u dont like blacks mexicans asians or anyone cuz it already a fact u dont like women.... So my guess is u live n ur parents basement with no girlfriend cuz ur gay and ur still a virgin cuz ur an ****.... Coke160, i believe ur right about the gayness i also think ur right about him dropping all the way dead!!!!!! #DNR  lol.... Funny cuz i am gay and black and a woman... I am a certified auto machanic so mr. mike may i plz do the honor to fix ur brakes???? ooooops ur bike has a flat!!!!!!!!!!! get a life Mr. NODAMNBODY
Jun 1, 2012 12:08PM
Dear Coke160, I am a male, an old one at that, 74, and I must say that I laughed out loud with your comment reply to Michael4ya. He is definitely way off the beam, of course but your suggestion that he "do society a favor and Drop Dead" I thought was priceless. Never heard that line but will surely use in the future. Priceless.
Jun 1, 2012 5:58AM
For the moron with the first comment (Michael4yah). you forgot to mention that JAILS ALL OVER THE WORLD ARE OVERCROWED WITH MALE CRIMINALS, RAPISTS, KILLERS, CANNIBALS, DRUG ADDICTS AND DRUGS TRAFICKERS. Throughout the history of mankind, men always stood out for those crimes.(Cain and Abel sounds familiar to you?) You must be gay. Come out of the closet!!! You hate women 'cause you want to be one of them, but YOU CAN'T. Do society a favor and DROP DEAD!!!
Jun 1, 2012 11:53AM
Cool article. Thing is, I don't recall ever reading an article saying what the best cities for men to have jobs are. I'm all for gender equality, and believe men and women should be paid an equal wage, even if that tends to break down based on the difference in choice of fields that men and women tend to populate, but that street cuts both ways and it just seems odd to me that your basic white, straight, male is the only person who is discriminated against as a matter of course at a near institutional level. For example, I attended college on academic scholarships, and was amazed by the diversity of scholarships available. There were scholarships for women, for Jews, for Muslims, for African-Americans, but I was almost beaten shitless at the student union asking if there were any for straight white males. I've gotten off on a tangent here, but what I mean to say is that I fear all these articles and affirmative action steps are overstepping the mark of gender and racial equality and moving into the realm of reverse racism and reverse sexism. 
Jul 16, 2012 10:04AM
The real American men in this country are those who understand what the word "fair" means. Alas, all too few do. Those who don't prove it every time they open their mouths. Their gross insecurity about their own gender precludes their ability to be as fair to a woman as they are to themselves. The men who do the most complaining about working women are threatened as all get out by any woman who exhibits intelligence. Smart women are anathema to this type. It's why they prefer women who are totally dependent and by the way, obligated to their man's control by that dependency. Then, there are the guys who are attracted to independent women only as a challenge. It's not the kill, it's the thrill of the chase for them. That and proving that the independent woman "needs" him. This kind of guy never learns that an independent woman doesn't need a man. Need implies obligation. She wants a man which to her is preferable. And because she can make her own way in this life, she can have any man she wants.
Jul 16, 2012 3:42PM

This for michael4yah

Are you trying to convince yourself? Do your homework.

Jul 16, 2012 1:34PM
It's funny that people still WANT to believe women earn less, even as younger women outearn their male counterparts in 150 of the largest metro areas. With men being the primary breadwinners until probably into the 1980s, we have to wait until THEY retire before the averages pan out. It's basic math. Plus, the stat that is ALWAYS used .74/.77/.81 cents on the dollar (depending on your source and timeframe) is a RAW gap...meaning they compare doctors against nurses. Even if every doctor made the same and every nurse made the same, because there are more male doctors and more female nurses, if you divide by gender, you'd report women made less. It's crap. Equality is about opportunity and women have every opportunity to be doctors if they want to put the time into it, and many do.

So you take a stat that shows men and women doctors make the same, and men and women nurses make the same, and easily twist it into women earn less than men (and here's the lie...for the same job). When you compare hours, education and experience, you find women and men make almost identical amounts (5-7% difference...and that doesn't factor in job performance, or wage negotiation). Check out the Consad report on the gender-wage gap. Or don't and continue to cry women are victims. They most certainly are not. They are equal. Why must so many WANT them to be victims?
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