Pizza Hut's cheesy debate stunt

The chain is offering free pizza for life to anyone who can inject pizza toppings into the conversation.

By Bruce Kennedy Oct 9, 2012 4:11PM

Image: Woman counting money (Jose Luis Pelaez, Inc/Blend Images/Getty Images)This year's presidential campaigns have yet to give us the "zingers" or memorable quotes we've heard in past contests. But if one of the nation’s largest pizza chains gets its way, we may soon have the phrase "sausage or pepperoni?" to add to the U.S. political lexicon.

Pizza Hut, a subsidiary of Yum Brands (YUM), is trying to make pizza a topic during the next presidential debate at Hofstra University -- offering an audience member free pizza for life for bringing pie into the discussion.

"The next debate is town hall style, which means real people ask real questions,” a new Pizza Hut ad intones. "With that said, if someone asks a question about pizza during the next debate on Oct. 16, Pizza Hut will supply them with free pizza for life."

According to the ad, the questioner must be an official attendee at the debate, and must also ask either candidate "sausage or pepperoni?" or "pepperoni or sausage?" Either version of the question is apparently acceptable.

No word yet on how the candidates are reacting to this stunt -- or of their pizza topping preferences, for that matter.

Pizza Hut has calculated free pizza for life to be worth $15,600 -- and will give a check for that amount to the person asking the right question. The individual is responsible for paying taxes on that amount. A better question for the candidates might be about the appropriate taxes for that amount.

Will any attendee be brazen enough to ask the $15,600 question? People have done far more ridiculous things for that kind of money before. Remember the woman in this Cnet story who tattooed on her forehead for $10,000?

Oct 9, 2012 7:11PM
This stunt simply helps me in my decision to never buy from Pizza Hut or any of the Yum Brands ever again. These debates are about the future of our country and for a corporation as large as this to make light of that fact and attempt to turn it into a marketing device proves they do not deserve my business or money.
Oct 10, 2012 10:37AM

where's the story on the libya coverup? pizza? really?


Oct 9, 2012 7:15PM
Do the shareholders know about this POS "promotion?"
Oct 11, 2012 1:07PM

trust me, these debates are not "about the future of our country.


They are mostly a joke, designed to get the feeble minded some sound clip that will be used to make up their minds finally.  No presidential debate has ever done anything for the country. And any mouth breather who decideswho to vote for based on which candidate was better at being a clever jerk should be neutered and not allowed  to vote in the first place.


But its a free country, so let em vote.


I will tune in to the replay if someone dopes inject the pizza toppings question, but I still think its stupid

Oct 11, 2012 1:20PM
try calling your local pizza hut owner sometime...emeffers are crooks pumping out poison...these articles on msn are paid, stealth ads they run to humorize their i said try contacting the ownership of this "food vendor" to get their real flavor
Oct 11, 2012 3:28PM
Why not - B   J Bill went on TV blowing his horn and talking about his underwear.
Oct 15, 2012 7:53AM
lmao....they have calculated the value to be $15,600. which knowing cheap **** pizza hut, is a pizza a week, at $10 a pizza(any med pizza, just $10!), comes down to 1560 pizzas, divided by 52 pizzas a year....they are only giving people 30 years for a life!! tells ya how much they value THEIR customers!!!. and how is that gonna work? is EVERYONE who does this stunt going to get it? the first one? hmm, and do they have to get a response? leave it to pizza hut, they will get out of the cheap scam one way or another!

Oct 11, 2012 2:06PM
I HATE politics! Always have and always will! Never watched a debate (would rather shove pinecones in my a$$. Doesn't matter who is President, we're always going to be in debt, never enough jobs (bcuz people populate like rabbits), the Secret Service, CIA, FBI, INS, CTU & Homeland Security are too busy having their pepperoni polished (and NOT paying), we don't help the people in our own country but we will loan billions to others, give the illegal aliens medical coverage, pay the welfare recipients a ton of cash (for every kid they add to their litter), food stamps cuz you're too lazy to work (but you have cable tv and a cellphone), allow GOD to be taken out of schools, discipline out of the parents hands (which is why todays society is so screwed up), beat up elderly instead of respecting them, kill your kids bcuz you don't want them, sex w/minors, pedophilia, drugs, wanna-be ****ers/thugs (just a bunch of punks who wear different colors and can't pull their pants up (would rather look like morons w/their underwear showing). Take away their guns and watch them run like sissies! Bring back the Mafia/MOB, let them show them what a real gang is! So, no I don't like politics, because in the end, it all points to politics. Do you know how to tell when a politician or a lawyer is lying? Their lips are moving!
Oct 11, 2012 2:28PM

Looks like there getting there Name out there already! so who needs the phrase "sausage or pepperoni?" to add to the U.S. political lexicon. it's on CNN MSN and who know's what else!!!

Pizza suck's anyway and that taste is unforgetable......

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