10 best cities for early retirement

Do you plan to retire long before you hit age 65? These US cities provide the best opportunities for those who are able to hang it up early.

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Dec 16, 2013 12:48PM
I've lived in most of these cities and I'm and early retiree.
It's pretty clear to me, that the author of this article is smoking dope.

Dec 16, 2013 10:01AM

Naperville?  I'm originally from Naperville.  Naperville is a suburb of Chicago.  FREEZING winters.  Terrible traffic.  Sky high real estate taxes due to the school systems.  DuPage County crap.  It's such a hard way of life, my husband refuses to move back when he retires.


Great place to educate kids if you have money.  Cute boutique stores.  Nice to hold hands and walk around downtown.  Then go home someplace else.

Dec 16, 2013 12:52PM

Anybody been to Honolulu in the last couple of years?????   Homeless everywhere.  Last vacation we nick-named one of the beach huts "Heroin Hut" because of off the addicts living under it.  Drive along the coasts and notice the tarps, tents and laundry hanging out on the line at the beaches.  Those are more homeless.  Apparently, Hawaii has some crazy law about beaches being public and the homeless can live there. 


Then there's the guy lying on the sidewalk with what looks like hospital tubes coming out of his body.  Sign says he's terminal.  He's either an addict or that's Honolulu's version of hospice.


Honolulu is pititful.

Dec 14, 2013 12:42AM
Honolulu?   Yes it is very nice but only if you are rich.   Sorry no MIdland, Texas for me.   The only place listed that might make sense is Cary, N.C  South Dakota?   Are you nuts?  Phoenix?  The writer has never been there from May through October.  
Dec 16, 2013 12:20PM
Instead of Peoria, AZ, drive a little bit further north to Prescott, a mile-high city with four seasons (moderate winters and comfortable summers); a quaint, vibrant, historic downtown; three colleges; and several first-rate hospitals; all in a breathtaking setting of mountains, five lakes, and one of the largest concentration of pine trees in America.
Dec 16, 2013 12:10PM
Dec 16, 2013 12:01PM
Honolulu?!?! HNL is only good for retired military or rich retirees. It's an expensive place to live unless you can take advantage of all the military exchanges and commissaries or if you retired with a hefty pension.
Dec 16, 2013 4:12PM
Naperville? You'd have to be totally dotty to retire in Illinois.  High taxes, high tolls, high prices, regulated to death and after, high fees for everything, lousy enforcement of laws, near bankruptcy all of the time-  Home of the crooked politician, the double dipping public (servant), home of the union boss picketing if you want to mow your own lawn.  If it moves, has a view, grows a tree has a store; it is taxed or fee'd so the governor can put more in his pocket and the pockets of his union buddies, oh and the worst schools in the nation operated by the most corrupt teacher unions in the country--Russia would be better than Illinois including the winters.
Dec 16, 2013 1:21PM
Honestly, I think they pulled these out of a hat.
Dec 16, 2013 5:42PM
What about some cities in Florida?  No income tax, estate tax or gift tax.  7% sales tax.  WTH?  Cost of living is no more than SC and definitely less than Hawaii.
Dec 16, 2013 6:29PM
The author confused me when they mentioned stretching retirement income and then listing cities that are double digits above the national average cost of living.  Simple math would make me think I'd need to retire where the cost of living was less, not more.
Dec 22, 2013 6:08PM
Sarasota Florida.  Nicest city in the country.  Arts, food, entertainment and some of the best gun shops in the state. No state taxes and very little crime. GOP controlled.
Dec 22, 2013 8:04PM
Naperville???  Really?  This was a waste of time to read.  
Dec 22, 2013 7:30PM
With cities like that for retirement, I'd rather keep working.
Dec 16, 2013 2:48PM
If you can shell out about a million dollars for a modest house, you will definitely be at home amongst the type of people who live in Bellevue Washington. As for me, just too many gates on too many "communities" in Bellevue.
Dec 22, 2013 5:20PM
Naperville? That's a place you live because you have to, not because you want to.
Dec 14, 2013 8:13AM

Obamaville?  We won't get to retire in Obamaville - City Hall needs all of the tax money that it can squeeze out of us - even post mortem.

Dec 22, 2013 6:33PM
Why is it that No One ever mentions New Mexico? I'll tell you why, it's because half the people in the United  States don't know where it is, yet the state is gathering more and more people from all over the place are discovering that here is a comfortable place to settle down, particularly in the cities of Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

The recognition that a single characteristic should not be the sole determination of the state for early retirement is a wise one.  I am glad to find that low taxes is an important consideration, and that my initial home state has that.  

Dec 22, 2013 6:43PM
Al Sharpton gets on television on MSNBC everyday and tells us high taxes are good, and more importantly, fair (even if he is $4.5 million in arrears on paying his own), so why is MSN.com telling us low taxes are good, especially for wealthy retirees? Either high taxes are good or they are not.

As for Sharpton, no secret here, he is both a hypocrite and tax cheat. That is not either or.

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