Best places to retire in 2012

Ranked on such factors as climate, cost of living and crime rate, these 13 US cities were judged to be the top choices for your golden years.

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Jul 17, 2012 12:40AM

No way in hell! All Shitt holes. High Crime, To Hot, Dirty, BS! Oregon coast, northern Idaho, Northern California.  NO WAY IN ANY SOUTHERN SH_T HOLE. 

Jul 16, 2012 11:30PM
How can you name these as such good places to retire with high crime rates, poor economy, cold winters, etc.  Yeah, those are situations we all WANT to move into!  I think you better get back to the drawing board and find some better options. Instead of the big, crime-filled, dirty cities, maybe small-town America would be more viable choices for retirement.
Jul 16, 2012 11:22PM
So....the choices are...crime or poor economy.  Hmm no wonder why the cost of living is low!
Jul 16, 2012 9:43PM
I spent my life in Utah and experienced the true four seasons offered by mother nature. With that said, why the heck would alone want to retire where it gets cold and snowy 7 months out of the year? 
Jul 16, 2012 9:05PM
Atlanta? Seniors are afraid to go outside in broad open daylight. This article is bull.
Jul 16, 2012 8:34PM
I'm a young retiree(50) and one of the most best kept secrets of Southern California is  the desert- the Greater Coachella Valley! From Palm Springs to Indio and every city in between- Affordable housing, low crime,culture,golf, other activities and excellent medical care and great weather from Oct. to Apr.Sure, the summers are hot, but the cool getaways(beaches & mountains) are 2 hours away. A nice area to concider...
Jul 16, 2012 8:24PM
Who can retire, until we get Obama out of the White House.  The cost of everything has doubled since he became President.  The Debt, which he promised he would cut in half, after just two years as President, has tripled since he became President.  This guy will Bankrupt the country.  He needs to go.  Wake up America.....
Jul 16, 2012 8:13PM
I don't see accessibility factored into this list; that should be a huge item for seniors.  I'm sticking to Boston because--in addition to great medical care, great museums and great universities--it has excellent public transportation.  When I no longer want to drive--or can't--I can manage here without a car.   
Jul 16, 2012 8:10PM
A better place to retire is Des Moines, Iowa. We have a low crime rate, very affordable to upper range homes, easy to get around, good public transportation, lively arts and music scene, a good airport, great hospitals and bike trails. Four seasons give your eye always something to enjoy Iowans are well known for their volunteering efforts, friendly manner and independent thinking. We have three excellent state universities and several small colleges, Des Moines is highly rated by Forbes and others in many categories. It's a big city atmosphere with a small town feel. We love it here.
Jul 16, 2012 7:43PM
What a bunch of croc! Your call it best places to retire, and yet many of these cities have high crime rates and a poor economy?! How does this make a "best place to retire to?"
Jun 30, 2012 12:22PM
The most important item for a retirement area is the CRIME RATE! Most of the cities on this list have high crime; maybe the writer of this article enjoys a good high crime rate, but I can assure you that is the last thing seniors want!
Jun 30, 2012 10:41AM
You forgot to include southern California.
While it's expensive, the crime rate is low in many areas.

Jun 29, 2012 11:58PM
Why insist the best places to retire are oversized cities with no tolerance for the elderly unless they are in some old people's encampment.  They may be OK for the first 10 years  or so of retirement but after that they'll want to take your driver's license, restrict your mobility and access to anything outside your retirement compound.  It's not that I blame them.  It's just that there is no need to live like that and I won't.
Jun 29, 2012 11:01AM
The Forbes List is very questionable and not complete as we are planning a 150 million dollar retirement project at either Portland, OR. or Reno, NV. which will be known as "Precious Memories Retirement Resort with a Dementia Center", and this will be for Low Income, Up-scale Incomes, and for Veterans, and this Resort will have all amenities if the demographics will prove to be feasible.
Jun 29, 2012 10:11AM
im with the person that said if you dont like where you live move.  I have lived in many places in the us and the hawaiian islands and i would choose nashville tn out of the 32 states that i have lived in.  other than the rubberneckers it is a very inviting place to be.  or just right outside of nashville like the hendersonville or lebanon area. 
Jun 29, 2012 9:19AM
Seems, People are forgetting Sun City, Arizona. It is not brand new, but it has a very affordable  choice of houses from the $50,000 to $300,000 range. So it fits low and medium incomes. The activities  are endless and the 7 recreation centers have been recently remodeled and have a variety of clubs and activities.
Jun 29, 2012 4:36AM
All I know is Birmingham Alabama is the very worst place to live in the whole universe.
Jun 28, 2012 8:19PM

I have lived in Albuquerqer most of my life since 1963.  It is simply the best.  After short periods of time living in other states such as Colorado, (my original home was near the FT Collins area),  Richmond,  Virginia,   various places in Texas,  Virginia,  Minnesota and Wisconsin,  I always returned to Albuquerque.  The people were nicer,  the climate, milder,  and the politicians were the best that money can buy!   You just can't beat it.  I grew up in the school systems and had fabulous teachers.  I remember them with LOVE! .  The University experience is what you make it.  There are few jobs here unless you work for the government, are in the military,  or are in a health profession or self-employed.  We are self-employed. 


There are gangs EVERYWHERE in the USA.   We have lived all over Albuquerque during the past 40 years and prefer the EAST side.  We have been living in a very LOW  CRIME  area since 1993. 


We now have a security patrol that we pay extra protection for--an extra $85 per month.  If something happens,  they can be here in 5 minutes.  The only time I have had to call them was when the "intruder"  turned out to be a raccoon trying to gain entrance from the second floor balcony and setting off my alarm.  My other family members live in the east area of town and have never had a problem of any kind.    I love Albuquerque.  The gangs are everywhere and we are a border state.  I am armed and would be no matter where I lived.  I have enjoyed the culture here and would never miss chile season or the best Mexican food.   If you don't love it,  you should find a place that you resonate with..

Jun 28, 2012 5:23PM

truthhurts is right, as are the other writers re: retiring overseas. I don't plan on waiting until I am 65 to do it. Many countries (Ecuador, New Zealand) make it a lot easier to live abroad ESPECIALLY IF YOU INVEST IN THEIR COUNTRY (either through an existing business or a new one). Kind of what brought people to the US a hundred years ago: ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY!


Unfortunately, America's best days are behind it. No one wants to hear it but it is true. Recently heard that studies show that America hasn't been this divided since the Civil War. Everything is clouded by political ideology.


We all can agree that roads, schools and bridges need to be rebuilt; We can all agree that Americans need affordable health care; We can all agree that our children need to be better educated and able to compete with the world; We can all agree that we need to build things here before (or as much as) building countries abroad. The hard question is "How do we get there?"


The answer is for the left to stop giving things away to those that don't truly "deserve" them and for the right to stop falling for the crap that by voting for the rich that they, too, can be rich (and additionally to STOP TRYING TO SHOVE THEIR SOCIAL POLICIES DOWN EVERYONE ELSE'S THROATS!!) FREEDOM IS NOT LIMITED TO THE RICH OR JESUS-WORSHIPPING CROWD.  (And, no, supporting the right of gay people to marry or everyone to be entitled to affordable health care or safe drinking water and clean air is NOT the left shoving their ideology down everyone's throats. It is about equality, freedom and justice for all: rich or poor, gay or straight, able-bodied or disabled, black or white.)

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