10 best jobs for seniors

If you're looking to work past retirement age, chances are you will be branching out to another field. Here are the best jobs to kick off your search.

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Jul 2, 2013 1:06AM
Now, I am unemployed from spending a decades plus with a company, were loyalty is not something they cared about.  Re-entering the job market is truly a challenge.  A person's experience, education, knowledge are moot at the hiring centers I have experienced here in Las Vegas.  The age question is always figured out when they ask date of birth or date you graduated from college, as mandatory questions.  This needs to be looked into and challenged by seniors BIG TIME.  Many who interview, are younger then my luggage.  Their 'awesome excitement', is rather sickening at times, as if they really know what it means to live a life paying off bills, college education, mortgages etc... they don't, and their professionalism has fallen to a new world order of chaos and mayhem spiced with wrong questions of why you would want to work for this company or that company.  Job fairs too, for the senior are a waste of time, since they can see you they know how old you are, and say something like, "we will let you know if we need you".  It is clearly discrimination.  Many say, well they don't want to hire you because you might ask too much for an hourly wage. Really? Since when is it a bad thing not wanting to live in poverty for the rest of your life at 8.75 an hour, nor should anyone regardless of age, race etc... the wage scales in this country for the worker bees are scandalous. 
Jul 1, 2013 8:37PM
No one wants to hire an Elderly Male unless you want to work for Nine bucks an hour at Home Depot or Wall mart for less. Their is massive Age Discrimination today and they will hire a young worker over an old worker. I have been out there looking for two years, only job  was Home Depot, and they want you to load mulch maybe I loaded 3500 pounds myself the first day on the Job and I am 68, I left after two weeks, terrible place to work.

This article is poorly written, maybe I will wait for the Santa claus Job, but no I am thin. Give us Elderly a break, your screwed, and you will not age gracefully without $$$$$$$$$$$
Jul 2, 2013 8:01AM

Santa Claus?

For Gods sake.

Why not add Grim Reaper costume wearer for Halloween?

Sorry but age discrimination now starts at 50 and these people here-except for their posed shots? Have no chance at anything respectable and better hope they have good SSI.

This is "No Country For Old Men".

Jul 1, 2013 10:29PM
Getting old can be depressing and debilitating if you haven't been able to save well in advance... Times are bad now not only for the older people but people of all ages.... Our politicians haven't done a good job in preparing our country either, sad group in power now.
Jul 2, 2013 9:42AM
All of those areas are well in good. What is out there for someone not in nursing; does not have a college degree; has years of working experience.  You have not addressed what I would call the lower middle class worker for after retirement jobs. We do not have a chance, expecially when people go on TV and say they work 3 jobs each and still can't make ends meet. The average person today, in the South, does not make the money to have  a decent retirement in the first place and then prices go up with no increase to help pay for it. Then you can't find a job to supplement this.  Sucks for Senior Citizens.
Jul 2, 2013 5:32PM
There is only going to be one job at Home Depot for every 1000 Baby Boomers who need one.  The guy who gets it is going to have a friendly face, a nice smile, know something about tools, and he's going to be able to stand all day long.  Unless that's you, you had better think of something else.  These articles act like the people who need jobs didn't save anything throughout their working life, but they don't say anything about the stock market in 2008 and 2009 making all their investments disappear, or the fact that medical expenses are eating away at everybody's savings.  Most of the people I know are paying out most of their Social Security to various insurance policies.  If you have Medicare, which is no longer free, a supplemental policy, which you can't live without, car isnruance, homw insurance, dental insurance, and long-term care insurance, then you are living off of what little investments you have left.  Investments don't recover if you draw money out when they are down.  Millions of people will be looking for work because they won't be able to eat and get their prescriptions if they don't.  The scary part is that these are people that did work hard all their lives and did save for retirement. 
Jul 7, 2013 6:43AM
Travel nurse - past retirement age? You must be kidding.  If you aren't already a nurse, why would you spend 2 to 4 years of time and money to become a nurse, how would you pay for your education, and how would you make money while going to school?  If you are already a nurse, then you wouldn't be changing careers.  Nursing is demanding physically, mentally and emotionally.  Add travel to that, spending time away from home living as a transient may work for the younger set but not necessarily for those who are post retirement age. Who writes this stuff?  
Jul 1, 2013 9:13PM
True, no one wants the older male. I do work for the $9.xx an hour at my local Walmart. I only work 3 days a week. That is enough to keep me out of trouble. It is impossible to get work in my trained skill. I really can't complain though. Make sure you plan your retirement with savings thru your working years. That will take the edge off of needing a job.
Jul 2, 2013 8:28AM

This article was worthless.  I you already have the degree you can always negotiate with your employer at the time of retirement to work part time in any of those careers. 

You are not giving us any more information than we already have, other than we should spend money and get a degree!


Jul 2, 2013 11:23AM
Jul 2, 2013 3:02PM

Just the fact that this article was written speaks to the open and blatant age discrimination which exists, ranking right up there with discrimination against white males. Both are encouraged and widely practiced by HR managers.

Jul 2, 2013 9:51AM
they actually list Santa Clause and Telemarketer????????
Jul 2, 2013 1:38PM
I am currently 62 and employed with a large manufacturing company. This company hired me back in order to regain product and process knowledge that had been lost through restructuring, layoffs, etc. The job is demanding and requires 10-12 hour days and I have not taken any of my 5 weeks of vacation a year since I joined the company two years ago. Along with managing the business I am tasked with mentoring and training the younger manager's to replace me when I leave. I am having a great time. Looking forward I will probably not fully retire and believe that I need to focus on how I can add value to a company that overcomes the perceived disadvantages of an older worker. Some thoughts: 1) Find work in an occupation that typically does not offer medical benefits. If you are 65 you are on medicare and don't need medical benefits or life insurance or.. you get it. Contract work like the tax job indicated above would fit that bill. 2) Find work that fits with you acquired skills and experience. Temp agencies may have work targeted at those skill sets such as accounting, engineering, human resources, .. etc. 3) Jobs that interact primarily with individuals in your same age bracket or older. For example selling medicare insurance plans, working in a retail store catering to older customers, or a doctors office with an older clientele. 4) Develop skills that your age bracket may lack for example new technology and become a resource to help service and sell to older customers. Just some thoughts I had for moving forward. Thought they might help others. 
Jul 7, 2013 4:52AM
It's a big generalization, but collectively we lived way beyond our means for the last 60 years.
It really got out of control after the late '70's.
Remember the "Lending Tree" Stanley Johnson ads of '05 (google it).
Now the boomers are collectively going to pay for those years of over reaching their means with significantly lowered standards of living.
They'll try to make the young save them, but it won't work.
The young have allowed their collective education level to fall from 1st on the planet in 1970 to 26th on the planet today.
They're screwed too, they just can't see it yet.
Wealth will be redistributed sufficiently to keep the very bottom from causing social unrest, but if that fails to work FEMA is ready.
Welcome to the decline of a nation.

Jul 3, 2013 3:10PM

Great article and good advice. However, one glaring omission; they left out "panhandler" in their list of jobs for seniors


Jul 2, 2013 7:09AM
For those of you willing to work, there is one great option: Whole Foods. I am 59, been there part-time for 3 years. It is a reliable source of income. These folks were the ONLY ones who were willing to interview and subsequently hire me. There is no doubt that finding employment in the mid -50s is tough! It is simple to apply online, but be persistent if you are not called. I suggest even visiting the store in person to introduce yourself (after your have applied online).
Jul 7, 2013 5:16AM
none of these are retirement jobs and all are white collar professional jobs where all the  retired ppl were white collar professionals, who if they  had or want those jobs never should have retired in 1st place,
Jul 2, 2013 1:10PM

My father retired from engineering at age 55. He moved to the country and to suppliment his income raised a huge garden and sold vegetables at the local farmers market.  My mother worked as a caregiver for a local elderly woman.  

My sister is retired  now and working part time doing computer support for local residence.

My brother works part time now and suppliments his income selling garden sculptures at local craft fairs.

You can make your opportunity if you think outside the box.

Jul 2, 2013 3:43PM
No offense, but today's seniors don't have the experience and skill set for a majority of these jobs. With the exception of the nurse or mediator, most of these are nothing more than a part-time version of what they used to do. Companies will hire temp or contract workers (they are even weeding out those in their 50's now) to save on health insurance and payroll costs.
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