10 worst states to retire in

Some places are clearly worse than others for retirement. These states are among the worst, as measured by crime, life expectancy and the number of retirees living in poverty.

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Sep 22, 2012 6:07PM
Yup. The south sucks...that's why people are leaving states like New York and New Jersey in droves. New York has lost 4 million people since 2000. I'll be leaving Connecticut for a more tax friendly state soon. The northeastern states are beautiful but we have serious spending problems.
Sep 22, 2012 5:04PM
Has anyone heard the phrase "retiring and moving North"?

Sep 22, 2012 12:15PM
I think that IL. is a good state to retrier in they seem to be very good to us here .With homestead allowances for senors ,meals on wheels and senior care .thats not half bad.  
Sep 22, 2012 7:17AM
If President Lincoln had allowed the "Confederacy" to leave the Union, we wouldn't be in this mess.  All the southern states could marvel in their delusions of: "who needs health-care when you have the MAGIC of Jesus" and "Lets go remove that country of is tyrant-ruler even though he has nothing to do with the September 11th attacks."  We'd call it "God-Land".  Then, the Northeastern states, California, Oregon, and Washington can become the United States of Canada and not have to drown in the swamp of stupidity that riddles the Republican base.
Sep 21, 2012 12:23PM
"I too was born in the south and have lived here all my life. Your assesment of Republicans is wrong demo bud , way wrong. Get your head out of your butt and go get your welfare checks and free cell phone .of course you'll vote to keep the gravy train in place."

Got news for you too, dear.  I have 2 Bachelor's degrees, one in Chemistry the other in Chemical Engineering.  I make way over $150,000 per year.  My cell phone is by no means free, I have no need at all for a welfare check, either.  What I also have is compassion for people who DO need help.  I also think that all of the residents of this country, including and ESPECIALLY Mitt Romney, should pay their FAIR SHARE of taxes for all of the government provided services that you all use.  Do you consider driving on a federal interstate highway taking a handout? If so, take a back dirt road somewhere.  How about going to a government subsidized hospital if you have no insurance for an emergency?  You think you could pay for that yourself?  And when you retire - do you plan to refuse to collect Social Security and use Medicare and/or Medicaid?  Hell no, unless you are one of those born with a silver spoon in your mouth, who is arrogant, ignorant and selfish and greedy.  Thank God, most people in this country are not in that category. No, you will be right in there with everyone else to get your portion of the "gravy".


  So before you go harping on people who are Democrats by assuming they are all on welfare and have free cell phones, better look in the mirror honey.

Sep 21, 2012 9:25AM
You are naive Jeremy, this country is falling apart day by day, and you can thank Obama and his flunkies for it. I believe this country is headed for civil war, and it is coming sooner than you think, but keep the rose colored glasses on and keep thinking your so called government leaders have your best interest in mind.
Sep 21, 2012 1:51AM
Wow! comments below apparently reflect of a pending civil war. Who would have guessed that united we stand and divided we fall?.. Oh yeah! those guys that wrote the constitution and other people over 200 years ago knew. I guess with cut backs in education we have forgotten our history and forgotten the importance of working together. Congress and politicians in general certainly have forgotten. Good Luck and God Bless America!

Also can we have fewer violent movies and fewer TV shows portraying one person against another. Maybe that venue of education has taken precedence over school.

Sep 20, 2012 8:11PM

I posted 4 hours ago and I’m posting again.    This MSN list shows mostly SOUTHERN states as the “worst places to retire”.  Here is another list from DAILYFINANCE.com, showing all NORTHERN states as the “worst places to retire” :    Link here : 


So silly …they used fully different metrics to measure Quality of Life.     Bad journalism  !  I think I’ll write my own list:    “Worst States to retire, based on the LOUSY JOURNALISTS that live there” 

Sep 20, 2012 7:24PM
This is the biggest bunch of crap I've read in all my retired life! Georgia?  My property taxes are so low I feel guilty paying them, the cost of car insurance is almost 40% less then South FL and 50% less then the North East. I can eat in any restaurant for about 20% less then the best 10 states to live in by MSN listed.  The people are great neighbors, they speak english as a rule and help each other when needed, so where these idiots say GA is one of the worst places to retire, they are on someones payroll.
Sep 20, 2012 7:14PM

Should you take this list seriously, I highly recommend living somewhere else. I live in New Mexico. I do not live in a highly populated part of the state. I can get to everything that I care to go to within thirty minutes even though they may be forty miles away. Try that out in the more densely populated states.

By all means live somewhere else. I'll continue to enjoy the wide open spaces. Thanks!!!!

Sep 20, 2012 6:41PM
All makes good sense to me..  Republicans rule - best states to live in.  Common sense, fair taxes and everyone has a desire to work for a living 
Sep 20, 2012 6:40PM
When I retire I'm moving to the N,W, Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The people and the county are the best.
Sep 20, 2012 6:35PM
I have not made my choice yet. Still have about 15 more years before I retire.   I currently reside in Georgia.  Noticed it was second too the top. I have lived all over the USA. For some reason I like the slower pace of the state of Georgia. It just feels like home hear. So far I have lived here almost the last twenty years of my life. Taxes are better then most states and there are four seasons. It's green and has great hunting. I really don't care what a person in a cubical thinks. Besides we have the Castle Law here and I am a firm 2nd amendment believer...
Sep 20, 2012 6:34PM
I can analyze every state in America and compile a list of negatives to scare people.  There is no utopia state to retire in.   You just have to come up with a happy medium between cost, benefit, and overall fit with your lifestyle.   
Sep 20, 2012 6:33PM
You left out that sh!t hole california.
Sep 20, 2012 6:29PM
u have got to kidding have lived in ca all my life its the worst place taxes on top of taxes, food cost up gas out of sight insurance out there somerware u just can't make ends meat unemployment out of sight  crime is way up even in the hifg country 9 GOTO PAY FOR THER DRUGS) HOME ENVASIONS UP BEATING UP THE ELDERY UP u don'e get that on there info mersals u think
Sep 20, 2012 6:28PM
All 10 states are all under Republican governors, which is not a big surprise. All but New Mexico is in the south. I have no plans whatsoever to ever live in any of these states ever again. I grew up in Texas and spent time in some of these southern states and thank god that I left this region. I am retired and I don't want to visit or travel through these backwoods states ever again. They are also some of the least healthy states as well.
Sep 20, 2012 6:27PM
Another 10 worst states list.......the same 10 states.......again
Sep 20, 2012 6:26PM
Surely they're just trying to generate comments. These states are actually the BEST places to retire. The cost of living is low - housing costs especially, including the tax rates. Household help and home nursing is often still available at prices you can afford, the climate is good and vacation spots nearby, and in spite of what they say, crime rates tend to be very low outside of certain areas. As you get older you won't be forced to drive in snow or be housebound, cultural activities such as symphony orchestras are in every little city, as are community theaters by the hundreds. And as many posters have pointed out, the people are friendly - everyone you pass in the grocery greets you, you'll be invited to join so many groups, chuches, and organizations that you'll wonder what these southerniers drink. The article is clearly not meant to be serious.
Sep 20, 2012 6:25PM
Wow!  Glad I live in the great red state of Arizona!  In two to three years will retire out of the country.  I'll give you a clue.  Falafel and tehina are like hotdogs and mustard here.  Go ahead, take a guess.  I have land there, will build a home.
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