7 unusual places to retire

Artists, RV owners and immigrants can find like-minded people to grow old with at these retirement spots.

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Jul 24, 2013 10:38AM
I bet I would have no trouble starting up a retirement community for english speaking caucasians.

Jul 24, 2013 10:46AM
Loud pipes, do indeed, save lives !!!  More bikes are out during the warmer months and biker's can hear a whole hell of a lot better for horns, emergency vehicles and whatnot than the jerks in the cars with radio's blasting, windows rolled up, talking or texting when they're supposed to be driving. I drive a car, I drive a truck, I ride a bike and I'm a former cop. Investigated more accidents than most people have ever seen. A biker is probably the most careful driver on the road, because they have to be. They have to watch out for all the stupid drivers around them that are totally oblivious to what's next to or behind or half the time, in front of them. People in cars are the dangerous and nuisance drivers. They have too much opportunity to become distracted. Ever see a biker riding down the street with a cocktail in his hand while texting or talking on the phone with the A/C on high and all the windows rolled up with the radio blaring while eating a burger and fries he just got from some fast food joint??? I've seen people in cars doing this while driving more than 15 miles over the speed limit because they were too pre-occupied with everything else to pay any attention to how they were driving.

RE: Building a community for English speaking Americans.


In a few years, you may be able to get federal dollars for such as community that caters to minorities :)


Yea my neighbors have to listen to me start my loud bike and ride away.

I have to listen to there dogs and kids constantly.

People suck.

Jul 23, 2013 10:48PM
most stupid article I have ever wasted 1 minute on
Jul 23, 2013 11:05PM
People put load exhaust pipes on the motorcycles because to many stupid people can not hear or see anything when driving there cars with phones and radios in the stupid hands. put that in your pipe and smoke it.
Jul 27, 2013 5:45PM
Used to be Mexico was the best place to go. But the cartels put the Keebosh on that good deal
Jul 27, 2013 5:04PM
So I wonder where people go that make less than $17,000 per year ? Any suggestions.
Jul 24, 2013 3:18PM
I like the idea of the RV retirement park but no way am I moving to Texas
I'm not even old enough to retire yet... and they didn't have back packs when I went to school. I'm sure a teeny-bopper who doesn't know about 'retirement' wrote this article.
Jul 27, 2013 4:36PM

So in 25 years these will be the new ghettoes!!  Like Harlem in NY was, or South L.A., or any other place people went because they were poor and had no choice.

So, I suppose they're no different than an all white gated community intended to keep "others" out.  Just proves that people do want to be with others that they consider to be like them.

Jul 27, 2013 7:50PM
Enjoy riding your bike in FL...lived there for 10 years; BORING. Want to ride good roads...the southwest.
Jul 27, 2013 9:46PM
I dream of getting a one ton doolie, with a 5th wheel pull behind and spending my retirement years on the road! No home maintenance, no yard work and if you don't like your neighbors you just hook up the camper, unhook the water and electric and drive away. Ahhhhhhhhh!
Jul 27, 2013 4:55PM
I will say that the idea of an assisted senior living RV park has merit if the costs can be kept down.   If any older Americans want to try to go back to college Denver's Metro State University will accept most credit hours as old as 35 years that I know of too.   

Here in my own northwest Denver suburb we have an extensive senior meals on wheels program run by the City and County of Broomfield that will deliver hot meals to resident's homes for a minimal charge of under $5, and they also serve a full lunch everyday at the County senior living center too, in order that local seniors can get a decent meal inexpensively and socialize too.  We also have a number of senior recreational and travel programs run by County government and two major recreation indoor centers plus a County-run water park too, and we also offer a Dial-a-Ride program to local residents too.  
Jul 27, 2013 6:48PM
"it's a gated condo community for Indian-Americans"
---so is it OK to have a whites only gated community?
Jul 24, 2013 8:44PM

Feng shui?  I've found a much more economical way to achieve balance, harmony and 'center'...method is called Lake trout. Feng shui ... you have got to be kidding me.

...and what happened to the basic blue 'gummy bear' avatars?  These gray and white ones are not as attractive.

Jul 27, 2013 9:02PM
I think I'll be retiring in Detroit. The price is definitely doable. 
Jul 27, 2013 9:38PM

SOUNDS nice if you are very rich and have money to burn !  but what about us working class

who will have almost nothing at retirment ?   I guess a park bench and a tent will be our retirement home !   gyy

Jul 27, 2013 7:56PM
Visited Lake Weir Living in January the place has very few residents spread out over a fairly large area perhaps one house for every 25 lots, and the streets in the subdivision are in rough shape. There is no HOA, so no rules to worry about. On the face that sounds good but that means no community services. From the perspective of a retiree who has and uses both an RV and motorcycle. This place leaves allot to be desired. I would say there are a number of other locations in Florida that are better suited to retiree's with toys (Mt Olive Shores North in Polk City or the Great Outdoors in Titusville are both more viable alternatives along with the Gardens in Crossville Tenn.)
Jul 24, 2013 2:29PM
Oh Boy!!! Live with pole smokers and ****s!
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