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KFC's breadless chicken sandwich debuts: Reviewers are underwhelmed but the paper sleeve it comes in gets a rave review.

By Karen Datko Apr 12, 2010 5:06PM

The Double Down -- KFC’s version of “think outside the bun” -- made its nationwide debut today with much fanfare and uproar -- so much sodium and fat!


So, how did it go?

You’ve heard the buzz: For $4.99 or thereabouts, depending on where you live, the Double Down is two fried chicken fillets with two bacon slices, two slices of cheese and a mayonnaisey Colonel’s Sauce in between. No bread.


Craigslist, thrift shops and yard sales can yield some great bargains, if you know what to look for.

By Teresa Mears Apr 12, 2010 3:57PM

The first piece of furniture I ever bought was used: a nightstand for 75 cents at a church yard sale. It was a good purchase. I’m still using it, 42 years later.


Throughout my life, I have bought most of my furniture, especially wood furniture, used. Not only is it much cheaper than new furniture, it is often of better quality than what you find in many furniture stores.


Craigslist, the online classified service, has really improved the used furniture shopping experience, with the ability to see dozens or hundreds of pieces of all styles from home.


That’s not the only place to find used furniture bargains, of course. Thrift shops, yard sales and newspaper classifieds also yield deals.


But you need to be a careful shopper.


Is the parent or the driver responsible when the child in the car pool doesn't buckle up?

By Karen Datko Apr 12, 2010 12:40PM

This guest post comes from J. Money at Budgets are Sexy.


I’ve been listening to a lot of talk radio in the mornings lately, and the other day a strange financial situation came up. I thought it would be cool to see how you all interpret it.


The callers to the show seemed to be pretty 50/50, but to me there was really just one clear side (you’ll see what that is in a bit). But, as many of you know, I can get persuaded pretty easily when I’m outside my level of expertise. So check it out and then let me know what you think about it.


The 'situation' (GTL, baby!)

The situation is pretty common, I think.


A bogus $1,000 Ikea gift card offer drew more than 70,000 users to a scam page.

By Karen Datko Apr 12, 2010 11:57AM

This post comes from partner site


Facebook has begun warning users to avoid bogus links to free gift card offers because they are scams aimed at stealing user identities.


Facebook Security says it tries to remove the links and pages as quickly as it can find them.


"Watch out for suspicious offers for free gift cards," the Web site warns. "We've been removing groups and pages that promise free gift cards, but instead trick people into entering information or spamming their friends. If you come across one, report it to us immediately."


The schemes usually work this way:


The financial troubles of Greece and other European countries could make them bargain vacation destinations.

By Karen Datko Apr 12, 2010 9:56AM

This Deal of the Day comes from Joan R. Magee at partner site SmartMoney.


Investors are on edge about Greece's ability to finance itself. Spain, Italy and Ireland are mired in debt woes, too. Could it be a good time to book a trip to Europe?


Not only is the dollar up about 7% against the euro since the beginning of the year -- making everything from baklava to Irish stout cheaper for American travelers -- flights and hotels to some of Europe’s weaker economies are looking like bargains.


Spend based on who you are, not who you want to be. Stuff you buy won't transform your life.

By Karen Datko Apr 12, 2010 9:02AM

This post comes from J.D. Roth at partner blog Get Rich Slowly.


Recently, I wrote about my obsession with gadgets and how much that has cost me over the years. As always, your comments and stories were more entertaining (and instructive) than the post itself. In fact, a comment from "chacha1" gave me a flash of insight. She wrote:

The thing that’s a *headdesk* for me is the digital piano in my dining room. It’s an excellent instrument, but at the time I bought it I hadn’t played regularly for over 10 years. And I’ve had it over six years and have barely played it.

Oh my word. I’ve done this sort of thing so many times in the past, and I continue to make this mistake even today. But it wasn’t until reading this comment that I realized what exactly I was doing wrong.


A number of wealthy Americans have banded together to insist that their tax rates go up.

By Karen Datko Apr 9, 2010 6:20PM

Happy Tax Freedom Day to a group of folks I consider real patriots -- millionaires who want to pay higher taxes.


They’re the antithesis of the people (generally not economists) who complain that taxes are way too high but add, “Don’t touch my (Social Security, Medicare, farm subsidies, or whatever their favorite government program is)."


And these noble rich folks are getting their message out there.


Why do some people who have tons of money pursue extreme frugality?

By Karen Datko Apr 9, 2010 2:09PM

Everyone loves the “lived like a pauper but secretly a millionaire” stories. We wonder: What would possess people who have lots of money to live like that?


The latest story comes out of Skelleftea, Sweden, where Curt Degerman died in his sleep of a heart attack and left $1.4 million to a cousin. Degerman was a raggedy-looking guy who was a local fixture for decades, picking up bottles and cans and turning them in for cash. It turns out he was partial to mutual funds, Robert Frank said at The Wall Street Journal’s Wealth Report.



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