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Do you deserve a good driver discount?

No tickets or claims? See if that's enough to get you a car insurance break.

By QuinStreet Feb 11, 2014 5:34PM
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Want a really good discount on your car insurance?  Be a safe driver. on MSN Money

Yes, it really can be as simple as that.

Driving home © gehringj, Vetta, Getty ImagesYour car insurance company rates you on many personal risk factors -- your age, gender, marital status, ZIP code, years of driving experience – but none is so as important as your driving record.

Statistics may tell an insurer if people in your age group or that live your area are likely to make claims, but your driving record gives them actual proof of your driving behavior. If your record shows you to pose less of a risk, you should get a reduction in rates.

In general, most car insurance companies will offer a good driver discount -- sometimes called a safe driver discount -- to drivers who meet certain standards of safe driving.  This criteria varies from one insurance company to the next and can even be dictated by the state.

Basics of a good driver discount
What will make you eligible for a good driver discount varies, but typically an insurer will require you have a clean driving record three years (36 months) or five years (60 months).  During this  "look-back" period your record should show:
  •     No moving violation convictions (some insurers say no violations at all, some insurance companies say no major violations)
  •     No DUI/DWI convictions
  •     No at-fault accidents
Depending upon the insurer, other eligibility rules may apply, such as you having:
  •     A certain number of years of driving experience under your belt.  Some car insurance companies may require just one year, others require three to five years to match the look-back period.
  •     Continuous car insurance coverage
  •     Successful completion of a defensive driving course
  •     A record that is not only accident-free but also claims-free for the look-back period
While many insurance companies tout a full good driver discount, some split the discount into two separate discounts of:
  •     Accident-free discount
  •     Claims-free discount

There will still be a look-back period of either three or five years (dependent upon the insurer’s eligibility rules) and the discount for each can vary. Accident-free discounts tend to range from 5 percent to 25 percent and claims-free from 10 to 20 percent.

Your state may require a good driver discount
Some states require car insurance companies give a specific discount if a driver meets certain criteria. For example:

California: The state defines a good driver as a person who has been licensed for at least three consecutive years and has no more than one point on his or her driving record.  The Golden State’s laws require that a good driver’s insurance rates must be at least 20 percent lower than what a non-good driver's rates would be at the same insurance company.

Georgia: State laws require a 10 percent discount to drivers age 25 or older who have a clean motor vehicle record for three years prior and no at-fault accidents. The driver must also complete an approved defensive driver course.  Drivers under 25 can get 10 percent discount for three years if they complete classroom and practical training.

To see if your state has rules regarding good driver discounts contact your state’s insurance regulator.

How much is the discount?
How much the discount will be varies again by insurance company, unless your state dictates a certain amount.  In general, the discount is between 10 to 25 percent, but it can be higher. Allstate touts that its safe driver discount can save drivers up to 45 percent on car insurance.

Car insurance companies can also differ on what portions of a car insurance policy is discounted by a good driver discount.  However, in general, it will apply to the following coverage premiums:
  •     Bodily injury liability
  •     Property damage liability
  •     Comprehensive
  •     Collision
  •     Personal injury protection (known as PIP)
  •     Medical payments (known as MedPay)
What is nice about a good driver discount is that it’s continuous, as long as you meet the qualifications.

How the discount is given can also vary.  Common ways of dishing out the discount include:
  •     Flat discount.  The set discount reduces your premium on the coverages the discount applies to. 
  •     Tiered discount.  The longer you are free of violations and accidents, the greater your good driver discounts.  With these insurers, a driver with three years of safe driving gets one discount (such as 20 percent), and a driver whose record is clean for five years gets a higher discount (such as 35 percent).
  •     Graduated discount. For each year of accident-free driving or safe driving a discount is given.  For instance, the insurer gives a two percent discount for two years of safe driving and the discount goes up gradually until after ten years of keeping a clean record the driver gets 20 percent off.
It could all go away
Being in an accident or receiving a ticket can make your sweet good driver discount disappear at your next renewal.  Even if your car insurance company’s surcharge schedule ignores a minor ticket, most auto insurers will take away your good driver discount once your record is no longer clean.

That may be a factor in deciding to challenge a ticket in court you might otherwise pay.

But remember that almost all drivers are only a look-back period away from a good driver discount. Time and safe driving over the next few years can allow their violation, or accident, and surcharge to drop off and make them eligible for a good driver discount.

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Yes, I am very good when I drive 70-80. After all people are still passing me going 90.
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