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Sex, drugs and real estate?

Redfin real-estate agents share their funny, lurid and embarrassing home-tour stories via social media.

By Giselle Smith Feb 2, 2012 6:18PM

Homeowners may wonder what they'd learn "if these walls could talk," but real-estate agents have some amazing stories of their own. Just ask the Redfin agents who say they've encountered "gangsters," naked homeowners and even a couple "basking in post-coital euphoria." All true stories, according to Redfin.


Bringing some levity to the otherwise somber real-estate business these days, the Seattle-based online real-estate service recently launched a Twitter account for its agents to share stories of their experiences touring houses for sale. The tales posted under the handle REConfidential range from amusing to amazing to absurd.


Twitter's microblogging format challenges users to tell stories in 140 characters or less, which is apparently the right length for a to-the-point real-estate agent.


REConfidential's profile states: "What happens on a home tour does not always stay on a home tour . . . Every story shared here is true and straight from the source, our very own Redfin agents." Redfin operates in 17 U.S. markets.


Among the agents' stories:

  • "Pretty sure there was a drug deal going on in the backyard while we were inside touring the home."
  • "Entered a vacant house, followed a trail of shoes & clothes up the stairs to find 2 realtors 'discussing a deal' -- just without clothes on!"
  • "Client picked up a bat (the animal kind) thinking it was a leaf."
  • "Unlocked the door to a 'vacant' house to have someone run down the stairs and out the door past my client and me."
  • "Porn playing in the bedroom with the TV on mute."
  • "Took my clients up to the attic & found a weed growing operation. Apparently it comes with the property because the seller already moved out."
  • "Seller took some time to introduce us to the friendly 'house ghost.' Then started convo with ghost."

In addition to a number of stories about walking in on people in the bathroom, the agents have reported finding some interesting collections in homes, including a purple room filled with Prince memorabilia (including a velvet painting of the singer), a David Hasselhoff shrine (with "toys, paintings, autographs & lifeguard floating devices") and a half-empty bottle of whiskey hidden next to the water heater in an otherwise vacant home. Post continues below.

Although its reach is relatively small, with just 567 followers so far, REConfidential has a Klout score of 46 (out of 100), and is influential about guns, moms and video.  ("Something we never even dreamed of," Redfin tweeted in response.)


Klout "measures people's influence on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and finds the most influential people on particular topics … how often they post messages, how often the messages are reposted or retweeted, and how much impact they have online," Forbes says. Scores range from 1 to 100, with the average falling at about 20 -- so REConfidential's is well above average.


The posts follow the company's philosophy that there is "no such thing as too much information," Seattle Weekly reported.


More on MSN Money:

Feb 2, 2012 11:12PM
How about the houses where the owners had numerous animals indoors 24/7/365 and never cleaned up after them?
Nothing there that a match wouldn't fix.

Or the house with the dead body of the elderly owner in the bedroom,  3 days after death,  and discovered by the agents on tour?

Or the time a realtor associate tried to show a house  in the dark of evening after having a few drinks with dinner,  hit the carport post,  causing the carport to fall over into the patio roof and taking  whole mess down.  In fairness,  it was a junk house and looked better to me after that was cleared away.
Or the female agent who loaned her husband her official lockbox key to have a quick look at the 'vacant'  house down the street,  which wasn't  so vacant,  and he was treated as an intruder,  held at gunpoint by the owners,  and arrested by a throng of police with handcuffs,  tear gas,  and weapons drawn.

Feb 3, 2012 3:22PM
I have a few stories of my own.  It took me two years to sell my Florida home, so there were a lot of lookers coming in and out.  My house was very up-to-date and stylish and completely spotless.  A friend of mine was staying over and told me about a realtor who came in with a couple with two kids while I was at work.  My friend said the realtor hung out in the backyard by  the pool while the couple was in my bedroom alone for at least an hour and the kids were running back and forth all over my huge screened porch.  It makes me sick to think about what some strange couple was doing  alone in my bedroom suite for such a long time with no one watching them.  I can tell you this, it amazed me how many of my things went missing because the realtors just let them wander around alone.  CDs disappeared, jewelry, household items and power tools!  It was disgusting to me and very difficult because there basically was no real estate market at that time, just a lot of lookers.  I complained about the lookers being left alone and things disappearing, but to no avail.
Feb 3, 2012 1:23PM
Feb 3, 2012 6:03PM
Showed an house last weekend while the listing agent was conducting an open house. There were dozens of guns and ammunition laying all over the house. Some of them were loaded. They probably had 20 different people in there at one time. I don't know what people are thinking sometimes.
Feb 3, 2012 4:19PM

My wife and I were looking at this home ,and I noticed some sort of shrine at the end of the hall complete with a church type of kneeler. I was informed by the owner that her husband's ashes were on top of the shrine! I said "hello "when I walked by the ashes!

We decided not to purchase the home!

Feb 3, 2012 9:47PM

I've read in these post where" someone' says that real estate agents are responsible for the housing mess we are currently expriencing. Why do people comment about things they have no clue about? Home prices are set by the what a buyer is willing to pay. Realtor's are in the business to bring a willing buyer to a willing seller. Why overprice a home only to have it sit on the market? Truth be told it's the sellers that most times insist on the sky high listing price... sellers are greedy and buyers want the bargin of a lifetime.  So who"s right?

This mess we are in is because of the lending practices of the mid 2000s the cheap money offered to people that had no business buying a home. Prices reflect supply and demand. Period. When, like now, there is a gult of homes on the market and no lenders willing to lend...the prices go down. In 05 when homes would sale literally overnight...again demand out  stripped  the supply so the prices go up. It's not rocket science. To blame a realtor of price gouging is ignorant.

Like in all profession we have the good and bad. Ethics can't be taught, we either have ethics or we don't. An agent may get 6% but this 6% gets split in half with the buyer's agent and split again with their broker. Realtors have expenses.. there is E&O insurance, Realtor fees , MLS fees, Web site, Lock boxes and electronic keys, advertizing, etc. it all adds up..

Selling and buying can be tricky and emotional. A realtor insulates the two parties. If you as a homeowner have the negotiating and legal skills. and the time to close a deal, then more power to you. It's not as easy as a hand shake and an exchange of funds. Disclose the wrong square footage or fail to tell the truth about that leak hidden in the walls you'll find yourself in court. Are you willing to deal with potential buyers that feel free to call out every flaw in your well loved home and cut your financial  throat.....and break you heart and ruin your plans when they can't qualify for a loan.  

Shame on the agent that doesn't supervise their clients while showing a home. Sellers please, if you know there will be strangers in your home...don't leave your valuable out in plain sight. Pack up and store the things you don't want stolen or exposed. Like your guns or your porn. Common sense. Realtors are not responsible for another's dishonestly. Let's be fair, you don't work for free do you?

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