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10 ideas for making money

Some of these you've heard before, and some you haven't. The last one is our favorite.

By MSN Money Partner Jul 14, 2011 9:09AM

This guest post comes from Lindy at Minting Nickels.


I've shared with you some of my favorite posts about ways to make more money. Now I'm going to divulge some of the ideas we've been kicking around.


In no particular order:


Wedding invitation addressing. Back in the day when the pen was more popular than the computer keyboard, a few people told me I should cash in on my penmanship skills by professionally addressing wedding invitations. I have no idea if people even pay for this sort of thing now that the computer has shown its dominance over the human hand, but hey, it's a thought.


Make T-shirts. We could come up with a few T-shirt designs that would appeal to some sector of the population and sell them on Zazzle or somewhere similar.


Sell photographs. I have some photographs I took many moons ago that I could try to sell via Etsy or DeviantART. This would involve converting 35mm to digital, but I bet the Internet can instruct me on that.


Monetize our websites. Yes, websites, plural. Sneaky sneaky we are. You thought it was just this blog that we run, but actually A-Rob has a little secret site of his own. It's his professional musician website, but recently he's converted it to a blog and has been posting music-related stuff to it.


Since he's been operating under the same domain name for eight years, his SEO (search engine optimization) is pretty snazzy. We could look into one of the many options for advertising, or implement an Amazon affiliate program, or both. A-Rob also has some ideas for digital products he could sell through his site, similar to an e-book. Post continues after video.

Start another website. There's a lot of buzz in the blog world about starting niche websites. This is a pretty complete article on the subject. I hear the key is having killer SEO so that people searching for information in your niche will find your site and then click on your ads. SEO is my arch-nemesis. I have neither the patience nor attention span to learn it. But maybe with a few cups of coffee I can get it figured out some day.


Invent a case that holds the iPad AND the Mac keyboard. I've searched high and low for one of these, and the four in existence are all stinky. I'm thinking of making a prototype and going on "Shark Tank" with it. Or maybe just selling them on Etsy. Did I mention I don't own a sewing machine? This one might be a stretch.


Make something else. And also sell it on Etsy. Preferably something that doesn't require sewing, perhaps?


Surveys! I have to admit that doing surveys for money sounds like no fun at all. But I feel like I owe it to the blog to dedicate a month of my time to hard-core survey filling-out, just to see how much I can make.


Design house calls. I could offer my services on Craigslist to help people pick out paint colors or finishes for their homes. However, my memories of "The Silence of the Lambs" may compel me to hire a bodyguard in the event of a Buffalo Bill situation. That may eat into my earnings a bit.


Chair sprucer-upper. I have this idea for a business where I would pick up old chairs and tables at yard sales for dirt cheap, then tighten their loose joints, sand them down, and throw a coat of primer on them. Then people can come buy a chair and paint it whatever color they want, or pay us to paint it for them.


Ideally this business would operate out of a storefront in the artsy part of downtown and would have a gourmet coffee shop attached. I'd call it "Bones." But since I won't be opening up a shop anytime soon, I could sell the rehabbed chairs on Craigslist, or maybe look into a crafters' co-op.


I could probably go on if I stretched my brain a little more, but 10 ideas seems like a nice round number, don't you think? We've pretty much settled on three of these ideas. We'll be putting them into action this month, when the selling of the stuff is complete. Which reminds me, I have a pile of CDs I need to tend to, so I better scoot.


Have you tried any of these methods for making money? Do you have any of your own? Do share!


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