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Driving goofs we hide from spouses

When it comes to highway antics, we're not being entirely truthful with our partners. One gender fibs considerably more often.

By Donna_Freedman May 29, 2013 10:26AM
Logo: Car Accident (Stockdisc/Corbis)That new dent in the passenger-side door? Hit-and-run in the mall parking lot.

Ticket? What ticket?

Of course I paid the car insurance!

According to a new survey from, we're serving up some real whoppers to our partners -- and men seem to fib more often than women.

For example, 42% of husbands have lied about damaging their own vehicles, and an additional 34% have concealed the traffic tickets they rack up.

By comparison, only 27% of married women say they've lied about car damage and 16% have kept quiet about tickets.

Ideally spouses would be honest with each other. But given how much our wheels cost us, it's understandable (though still not kosher) that people fib about their foibles.

Be honest: Would you rather say "Some bozo tore off part of the rear bumper and didn't leave a note" or "I hit a retaining wall while backing out because I wasn't paying attention"?

"Who wants to come home and say they dinged the car? It's so easy to say that you came back and someone else had dinged it," says Amy Danise of

More men than women lie about their road antics in other survey categories, too:
  • Secret car accidents: men, 31%; women, 17%.
  • Forgetting to pay the car insurance bill: men, 23%; women, 15%.
  • Knowingly driving without auto insurance: men, 21%; women, 9%. 
Protesting overmuch?
Since men seem to hide the truth in higher numbers, it's ironic that so many think their wives might be lying to them. Thirty-eight percent believe "it's possible" or say they actually know their wives concealed a car accident -- but only 17% of wives surveyed say they’d actually done this.

"It was interesting the way it was so inversely proportional," says Danise, who wonders if husbands are "projecting their own propensity for lying onto their wives."
No matter who's hiding the truth, such falsehoods can seriously harm trust in a marriage. If you're willing to lie about crunching the car, what else might you hold back?

Besides, you might be found out anyway when the hidden ticket falls out of the glove compartment. Or suppose the other party in your "secret" car accident contacts you a week later to claim a whiplash injury?
Those clandestine moving violations can really get an insurance agent's attention, too. According to this MSN Money article, a speeding ticket that qualifies as reckless driving in the state where you get it means an average 22% increase in your insurance premium. Explain that to your spouse.

Then again, maybe you're the person who pays the insurance bill -- or doesn't pay it.

Have you ever concealed a traffic ticket or some other vehicle-related goof?

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May 30, 2013 8:28AM
It's not gender based.  People who lie almost always project their guilt on another.  Swap the genders of who lies more/less and you'll end up with the same results when it comes to projection.
May 30, 2013 11:04AM

What percentage of women lie about the answers they gove on surveys about how much they lie? 


May 30, 2013 12:29PM

I think this is shameful and illustrates a fundamental problem with our society as a whole.  The article reads, "Be honest: Would you rather say "Some bozo tore off part of the rear bumper and didn't leave a note" or "I hit a retaining wall while backing out because I wasn't paying attention"?"  How about actually being honest?  How about owning up to your mistakes and actually taking resposibility?  This is part of what is wrong with our country, so many people are unwilling to take responsibility for their own actions.  So you made a mistake!  Big deal! We're all human. 


Also, the part about men thinking their wives/girlfriends were lying about something?  That's because most men lie.  I'm sure they think that because they're lying, their wives/girlfriends must be too.  My husband tries to lie about little things, but he's a horrible liar and gets caught every time.  He has some very obvious "tells"


Here's the thing... you make a mistake, own up to it.  So you have a little egg on your face.  Taking responsibility gives you a hell of a lot more credibility in life than pawning the blame off on someone else.

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