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At Toys R Us, it's Black Thursday Night

The retailer is luring shoppers out at 10 p.m. Thanksgiving with some hot deals.

By Money Staff Nov 11, 2010 4:38PM

This post comes from Melinda Fulmer of MSN Money.


Toys R Us wants to be parents’ first shopping stop after turkey dinner. The toy retailer’s leaked ad promises lots of hot deals starting Thanksgiving night.

The toy retailer appears poised to take on rival discounters Target and Wal-Mart with some rich doorbuster prices between 10 p.m. Thursday and 1 p.m. Friday, as well as some nice bonuses, like a free box of 64-count Crayola crayons and coloring book with any purchase.


For example, while Target is offering an 8GB iPod Touch for $225 with $30 Target gift card, Toys R Us is offering the same product for $229 with a $50 gift card. For some parents that might be a Black Friday game-changer.


Some other outstanding electronics deals include:

And much of its toy selection was half off, with a few items even more deeply discounted:

For older kids, there’s 40% off video game controllers and Buy One, Get One for $5 deals on game titles such as Fable 3, Sims 3, Madden 11, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit.


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Nov 11, 2010 7:07PM
Why is it that America can't honor its own holidays?  It is just plain and simple greed.  Stores will do the same amount of business without the sale scams.  If the price is so good it would be equally as good the following day.  Opening stores in the middle of the night, being open on holidays is all BS.  The same deal could be made during normal business hours if the greedy would let it happen.
Nov 11, 2010 9:46PM
Shame on those of you who feel the need to go shopping on a holiday!  What about the poor employee who wants one day off to spend Thanksgiving with their family?!  I understand that some people MUST work holidays, like doctors, nurses, and those serving in the military, but do we really need to force some minimum wage single mother to go work at Walmart because some people cannot spend one day without shopping?   
Nov 12, 2010 9:51AM

OMG . . . get a grip on reality.

  1. If you don't like the music, change the station.  If you think stores should not be open at midnight or holidays, don't shop there during those time or ever.
  2. If you work retail, guess what . . . . working when others are off is the name of the game . . goes with the territory.  Hey . . maybe these stores should never be open on weekends and holidays when everyone is ready to shop, then those retail jobs would disappear.
  3. My favorite . . . they open on holiday's and have specials because of "greed".  Probably more like survival . . be a brick and mortar company competing with the "always open" internet.  Let's just all shop via the internet and let those 10's of thousands of people working holidays in retail find some other work when these companies close.

Wake up America . . . time to buck up against the challenges and keep moving forward.  Quit complaining and join the effort to keep people employed with even the slightest hope of "the American dream"

Nov 11, 2010 9:21PM
I worked for Toys R Us for about 7 years, 3 years as a manager.  Worst company to work for.  During the holiday season I had to work 6 days a week, 12 hours a day.  They maybe all about making children happy, but not the children of their employees.  I have not set foot in one of their stores for over 7 years now,  Not missing a thing. 
Nov 11, 2010 10:14PM
I'm surprised Christmas hasn't been renamed "Gimme More Stuff Day."
Nov 11, 2010 8:23PM

Ha ha ha, leaking ads? Yet another scam. target did the same thing and its nothing more than a sales ploy to fool the unwitting!

 Wont be getting my money cause I have none to spend. Our gifts this year are the fact that we still  have a roof over our heads. Not sure about next year though. We may be thankful for the cardboard box we found to sleep in!

Nov 11, 2010 11:36PM

Ha Ha most of my shopping is already done. Toys r us and Target and Walmart wont be getting my money on Black Friday. Not like ive ever gone to a Black Friday sale anyways.

Nov 11, 2010 9:03PM
Well I say we cancel all holidays and everyone has to go to work!! Then there will be no shoppers for them to open up to, and the people who don't have jobs to go to really don't have extra money for shopping. :(  (thanks to the politicians) I would rather make sure my kids have a roof over their head than a forgettable present under the tree. Holidays are supposed to be about family.
Nov 12, 2010 11:56AM
Didn't realize we had so many French people living in this country! lol
Nov 12, 2010 11:28AM
so why is it that these stores can reduce their prices so much for the holidays. but not for the remainder of the year. by doing so it is easily seen that the mark up for products are far greater then necessary. this may be why China is killing american consumerism with their cheap exports. besides the fact that most of the toys are made in China. 
Nov 12, 2010 11:19AM
Wow!  You guys are nothing but a bunch of complainers!  Maybe you forgot this is a free country.  Everyone is hurting for money and I guess I'm the only grateful one here that can say I'm glad I have a job whether I have to work on a holiday or not.   How many times are you cooking Thanksgiving dinner and tell the hubby you forgot to buy something and send him to the corner store to pick it up? huh?  Or Christmas morning when your 3 year old wants to play with his new toy and you forgot the thankful you are then when a store is open on a holiday!  Get a grip people.... this is 2010.   Not Ozzie and Harriet living anymore!
Nov 11, 2010 8:34PM

its called marketing for crying out loud...

get some cheese!!   whiners


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