10 best cellphones for radiation worriers

If you're worried that your cellphone may be zapping your brain, there are certainly ways to minimize your risk.

By MSN Money Partner Jun 2, 2011 2:15PM

This post comes from Matt Brownell at partner site MainStreet.


As MainStreet reported last year, questions surround the possible link between the radiation emitted by cellphones and an increased incidence of cancer. While research into the link is not conclusive, the mounting evidence was enough to convince the World Health Organization to declare that the electromagnetic fields emitted by cellphones are "possibly carcinogenic to humans," due to an increased risk of the brain cancer glioma.


The working group in charge of investigating the link found a 40% increased risk for glioma, the most common type of primary brain tumors, among heavy cellphone users -- a group defined as talking on a cellphone for 30 minutes a day for 10 years. Most Americans wouldn't be included in that group, according to the study, which identified this chatty group as only 10% of all users. Post continues after video.

Still, cancer is a scary topic for a lot of people and, as the researchers we spoke to last year pointed out, it's hard to judge the long-term health effects of a technology that has only been ubiquitous for about a decade.


"In the U.S., everyone really started to own cellphones around 2000, so if cancer is 20 or 30 years down the road, we're not even there yet," Sean Gray, a senior analyst at the nonprofit public health organization Environmental Working Group, told MainStreet last December.


If you're worried that your cellphone may be zapping your brain, there are certainly ways to minimize your risk, including using a headset and sending texts instead. You could also consider switching over to a less radioactive phone. Not all cellphones are created equal, and some emit much less radiation than others.


The EWG has ranked the best and worst phones based on specific absorption rate (SAR), which measures how much wattage of radiation is absorbed by a human body as a result of a phone signal. Here are the top 10, along with their network and specific absorption rate when held at the ear. For the worst phones, check out the EWG website Get a Safer Phone.

  1. LG Quantum smartphone (AT&T): 0.35 W/kg.
  2. Casio EXILIM (Verizon): 0.53 W/kg.
  3. Pantech Breeze P2000 (AT&T, AT&T GoPhone): 0.55 W/Kg.
  4. Sanyo Katana II (Kajeet): 0.55 W/KG.
  5. Samsung Fascinate smartphone (Verizon): 0.57 W/kg.
  6. Samsung Galaxy S smartphone (CellularONE, U.S. Celluar): 0.57 W/kg.
  7. Samsung SGH-a197 (AT&T GoPhone): 0.59 W/kg.
  8. Samsung Contour (MetroPCS): 0.60 W/kg.
  9. Samsung Gravity T smartphone (T-Mobile): 0.62 W/kg.
  10. Motorola i890 (Sprint): 0.63 W/kg.

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Jun 3, 2011 2:39AM
How about we just live without a cell phone glued to our heads? We've done it  for hundreds of years. I don't like the idea of always being available and the brain tumor risk isn't nice either.
Jun 2, 2011 9:28PM

WHO is well known for being over the top alarmist. This is just one more thing.

Jul 9, 2011 5:14PM

First of All!  Johnny Cochran had a lot of money annnnnnndddd I am sure an excellent health insurance policy!  And of course a well paid doctor.  Think about it!  Everyone (well almost everyone) believes what the doctor tells you right! Right!  Because the doctor knows more then you do right? So if a doctor tells you that you have cancer from using your cell phone, regardless of the fact you are a highly educated lawyer with a ton of money and great health insurance policy, there is no questioning what the doctor says, you take it as GOSPEL TRUTH! NO QUESTIONS ASKED!  And thus the panic begins!  Yes!  There are cancers out there, and more people are getting cancer, due to the stuff eaten (it's called food, but really it's just processed tasty stuff)pharmaceuticals that do more harm then their "intended" good and lifestyle and chemicals in the air, home cleaning products, lack of movement called exercise... and most cancer isssss preventable.  But unfortunately everyone is getting on the "cancer era bandwagon".  Alot of doctors are over diagnosing cancer ($$$$$$$$) funny it's alot celebrities and people with really good health insurance.  A lot of people are being misdiagnosed.


People!!! WAKE UP!!! You can allllll read!!!  Question what you see in the news, don't take it as fact.  QUESTION WHAT THE DOCTOR TELLS YOU!!!!! DO NOT ALWAYS TAKE IT AS FACT!!!!! Read! Research! Reflect!  This wonderful thing called the internet can actually educate you if you let it.  Cell phones causing cancer???? Research it!  I do believe in all things in moderation, including your cell phone.  A cell phone is good to have.  I am not going to stop using one.  I don't use it alot.  It is a purpose of communication and keeping in touch with friends, family, sharing pics....


Look at the whole picture.  Great!  You use less of your cell phone, due to the "latest media fear factor".  But what are you eating???  Are you getting some form of exercise.  What is your stress level?  What is your lifestyle?  If you are going to be concerned about cell phone use, be concerned about all aspects.


Just thought I would throw that one out there. Smile

Jun 3, 2011 8:47AM
Fact 1 - All known mechanisms of cancer involve breaking chemical bonds
Fact 2 - Cell phones generate only 1 millionth of the energy needed to break bonds - Einstein got the Nobel prize for figuring out the underlying science for this 100 years ago - it is called the photoelectric effect.

This is just a made up controversy defying basic laws of physics, akin to the proven fictitious power line - cancer controversy. 

Jun 3, 2011 7:04AM
Can the media just stop paying attention to the EWG. They are not a public health organization, they are fear mongers who use lies, distortions, and junk science to terrorize.

Secondly, the study didn't really find anything about a risk of cell phone use. Stop repeating that lie, it is inexcusable to spread fear. Their decision was solely political and had no basis in either science or reality. If you bothered doing any real work on this article beyond smoking crack and browsing conspiracy theory websites, you'd have noticed all of the other items just as dangerous as cell phones according to the WHO ranking. I'll give you a hint: It shows that any concern is born of crippling ignorance and stupidity. If people really are worried, report the truth that they are morons for listening to the WHO. Please stop reporting on anything relating to technology or science since no one there seems qualified to discuss either. The EWG? Why not just get the Center for Science in the Public Interest to show how committed you are to LYING?

This writer needs to be fired, out of a cannon, and into a brick wall.

Jun 3, 2011 9:20AM

As I'm reading about the increased risk of brain cancer from using my cell phone, I'm eating bacon and eggs and washing them down with strong black coffee.  Later, I'll be doing 65-70 mph in heavy traffic (not using my cell phone).  Then I'll probably have a couple of shots of single malt whisky after work.


Looking at the big picture, cell phone usage doesn't even crack the top 10 list of things to worry about.

Jun 3, 2011 7:44AM
I remember this debate existing since the creation and increased sales in cell phones some 20 years ago... will probably rage on for another 40 or more. 
Now IF it were true... I guess I have to wonder about those that spend every waking moment glued to the things.  If they lost their phones, they'd be utterly lost.

Jun 2, 2011 11:54PM
think ill just play it safe and stay indoors at a nuke plant with no phone.
Jun 2, 2011 9:34PM
Visible light from the sun has more energy than cellphone radio waves. And a greater intensity.
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