Best cities for launching a startup in 2014

These locations stand out among the country's 50 biggest burgs, offering the most fruitful conditions for small-business success.

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Apr 2, 2014 8:54PM
You probably noticed most of these cities are over run with illegals and dope, both hard and soft...not a great place to raise your kids.
Apr 3, 2014 2:15AM
Surprised Miami wasn't on this list as it is over run like a hoard of locusts by Illegal Immigrants but Miami is most likely just a brief stop over until they can get to a better welfare state with all kinds of goodies at the taxpayers' expense. DC has become over run by Illegal Immigrants too. It appears that Illegal Immigrants are feeling safe to come out of their holes now that Obama is in charge. Hopefully the next President will cancel all of those Illegal Executive Orders that Obama impulsively jammed up the US Populations backside against our will.
Apr 3, 2014 12:11PM
This article could not have picked any higher living cost US cities.  I question whether a startup business could withstand those high costs before going bankrupt in 1-2 years.   
Apr 20, 2014 9:13AM

Let me guess, Lil' mayonnaise hair herself, Debbie Wasserman and the DNC paid for this article to be written. Hell they probably wrote it and simply called in a favor to get it published for free. With few exceptions, mostly Liberal hellholes only nice enough to visit, but never to live.  Good luck with those start ups in Frisco, Seattle and other liberal cities to come trying to survive having to pay  $15 an hour to T-shirt shop employees and Burger flippers.


 "But these people need a Living Wage"  blah blah blah........ it's nothing more than liberal capitulation without taking the blame for their crappy leftist schools, Mafioso Unions and their "end justifies the means" morals.

Apr 2, 2014 9:28PM
Apr 23, 2014 12:10PM
Wow!  I am political but never realized an article like this would be polarizing. I guess I never imagined that a recommendation would start a political debate. If I had to move from the Midwest my favorite picks of all these cities that I have visited would be Austin and San Diego. Still, the start up costs in a major city are crushing in a down economy even though we are constantly told by the lame stream media that we are in a recovery. Go figure.
Apr 23, 2014 10:10AM
Miami came out in an article last year as the top entrepreneur city because of the vitality of the small business environment, and individuals creating small businesses due to lack of major manufacturing industry. Innovation and resources available with economic development such as the Economic Development Council of South Miami-Dade and the Beacon council, plus the high concentration of business associations.
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