50 stocks to buy in March

StockScouter, MSN Money's stock-picking tool, can help investors find companies capable of outperforming the broader market in the weeks ahead.

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Mar 6, 2013 7:47AM

Hurry and buy these stocks,  If the MSN EXPERTS recommend then to the public at large,  then MSN must WARRANTY their advice.   I assume that would mean if you buythese stocks and loose, MSN will repay your losses.


What we need in this country is more so called experts informing the general pucblic on line what to buy, what to eat, what to wear, where to go on vacations, how to raise their kids, how often to take a shower, what is wrong with their marriage, what wifes perfer, what husbands prefer, and a thousand other things.


I just don't see how some of us morans can make it through the dy without their advice.

Mar 6, 2013 11:16AM
All I want is a simple life. Be able to take my kids to school and pick them up. Be there to help them with there homework help my wife with dinner. Enjoy family time in the evenings, but in reality that would take alot of money to have that kind of time. How do we get out of this robotic life of work, work, work, pay bills, pay health insurance which is as much as my mortgage. America what have you done to the average person? This is not freedom!!! 
Mar 6, 2013 8:47AM
Not sure what to do financially, but then it depends on how much money a person wants when they retire. How much is enough? One such billionaire said, "Just a little more." One thing I know for  sure, and some people think I'm crazy, or a radical, is this God tells us he'll take care of his people, meaning Christians, and God doesn't lie, and His power is not limited to what's going on down here, or who's in the White House. So, I guess I'll put my stock in his investments and not the worlds.
Mar 6, 2013 10:52AM
it's a false market.the fed is pumping in money
Mar 2, 2013 4:24AM
Once again I fail to understand why this list differs from the daily 10 StockScouter. Any clue? Thanks
Mar 6, 2013 8:28AM
Mar 6, 2013 10:01AM
I really trust msnbc. they  by admission have doctored news footage to integrate  a progressive  agenda at least three times in the past 7 weeks
Mar 2, 2013 10:18PM
Obama says teh sequester is not the end of the world just dumb.  I wish someone would ask Obama why is he then insisting on being dumb himself and insisting on making dumb cuts.  Republicans  offered him the ability to allocate teh cuts.  He said NO.  As this piece of work why he will not propose "smart cuts" instead.  HE OWNS THIS "DUMB" Move!  REpu would have taken smart cuts over across teh board cuts.
Mar 2, 2013 1:40PM
Why is it when you go to MSN home page and type in POM for the first stock, it says the stock scouter rating is a 5 and analysts say hold?
Mar 6, 2013 11:51AM

TRANSLATION: "The bubble is always the biggest before it bursts!"

Mar 6, 2013 10:46AM
Thank you MSN! Now I know what 50 stocks to short in March.
Mar 2, 2013 11:30AM
Mar 6, 2013 11:37AM
Really, Let's see the stocks that have risen between 30-60% then put them on MSN.  Thanks for the for early insight to these stocks.  I will throw darts and get a better return.
Mar 6, 2013 11:02AM
I do better picking companies I like.  I took advice from Money Magazine, and I am still underwater with those "tips."
Mar 4, 2013 11:59AM
Loaded up with Energy & Utilities. Expecting some economic growth this year?

Gridlock in Washington and yet capitalism and free enterprise seem to find a way to move forward.
Mar 6, 2013 10:07AM
So the utilities all the public has to purchase with always increasing prices are the only stocks on the first 11 pages? Who would of thunk it? Get them off the market so our prices aren't going up yearly! Stock holder always want the stock to go up, well too bad invest in something that doesn't effect the pocket book of all citizens. Just one of my utilities went up 30% in on year just for people who sit on their butts doing nothing to make money? Get them off the market so our prices aren't going up yearly!
Mar 6, 2013 10:14AM
Hey, Leroy76, MSN wasn't talking to us average folks. Playing the short term market isn't a pastime. Only people with a high risk tolerance (short term losses won't really hurt them) can play that game. MAN knows that. They're just playing the media game. Realistically, not too many people go to MSN for investment advice (or so one would hope). LOL!
Mar 2, 2013 4:09PM
I would guess POM got downgraded after the article was written. Suggest just crossing it off the list.
Mar 6, 2013 9:28AM
I agree  here utilities are usually good for the long haul...
Mar 6, 2013 12:33PM
Remember the golden rule folks... love thy neighbor MSN and NBC Money, and do the opposite.  You will reap tons that way.  The fix is in.
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