Last-minute tax tips for investors

It's not too late to make money-saving moves that can keep a little more cash in your pocket and your portfolio this April.

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Mar 15, 2014 5:44PM
I wish the writers of articles such as this would get it right just once!

You don't get a "refund" (in the literal sense of the word) when you file your tax return, assuming you get any money back . . . what you get is a return of the loan you made to the IRS because you overpaid your taxes during the year.

Even worse, your loan to the IRS earns 0.00% interest.
Mar 15, 2014 1:55PM

Hmm?  After WWI, then LIKE NOW, the U.S., the world was burned out on war and had a hunger for "normalcy".  And what happened?  We turned inward, believed in disarmament, and an increase push to gain "international law" (you know get with the 21st century, war was so passé).  Much of the western world was consumed with guilt over past deeds. 


So what happened? Rogue regimes figured out pretty quickly that liberal democracies weren't interested in policing the world.  In 1931 Japan invades and brutalizes Manchuria, Japan thumbs its nose at the League of Nations.  Italy invades Ethiopia, why not there is no one too object or push back.  And then we have Chamberlain.


So, Obama starts out of the shoot in 2009, "negotiating" with Russia, gives up hundreds of American nukes for NOTHING in return from Russia. He pushes the "Reset" button.  Russia objects to more former Soviet states being added to NATO, Obama backs down.  Russia objects to staging missile defense assets in Poland, Obama backs down.  Obama PROMISES to support Ukraine. Hmm?  He does nothing about Iran's nuclear program.  Then he draws a red line.  It is crossed, so he draws it again.  It is crossed and then he says "it is not if but when we attack Syria".  Then he hees and haws and then says..... “Ah  ... well .... Ah.... maybe we should ask congress about this".   So Hitler invades Poland.... a ... I mean Putin invades the Crimea.


If you do not know your history, you are doomed to repeat it.  You have to be a moron, and we have one in the White House and an Administration full, to not understand way Putin laughs as he invades the Crimea.  And, I know your heads will explode, and I am not a fan of Palin, but even Palin said years ago (YEARS AGO) Putin will invade the Ukraine and the Crimea is the Ukraine.


So what does Obama do?  Well, he insults Putin saying "he is living in the 19th century".  Well, take that Putin!  He told you!  WOW!!


WE will not go to war with Putin, but we should be putting missile defense assets in Poland tomorrow.  We need to be careful, but we should be talking about adding members to NATO.  Which by the way, ask yourself; why did Putin object to adding Ukraine to NATO years ago?  Gee ... ah ... would Putin have invaded a NATO country?  AH, I don't think so.  So what is your first move if you are Putin with eyes to reconstitute the Soviet nations?  Well duh, don't allow any to join NATO.  We should make this action very very painful to Putin and none of this nonsense of UN this and UN that.


This is so obvious and yes REPUBLICANS saw this five years ago.  I did. 


Ok, so who else will now go rogue seeing Obama is a weak moron?  Watch and learn.  Of course if you are a Democrat you will not, your head will be in the sand as long as YOUR GUY is in charge and naturally can do no wrong, is perfect in every way. 

Mar 18, 2014 1:58PM
Just once I'd like to see something of value written about -- usual crap
Mar 14, 2014 9:44PM
 Tax? You mean welfare collector and government worker don't you? Come on msn stop pandering to the republicans.
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