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Want to bite back at the IRS?

IRS Doghouse website lets you rate employees and vent about experiences with the agency, good and bad.

By Kay Bell Dec 20, 2010 2:49PM

Whatever you think of the just enacted tax bill, we at least finally have some resolution to the 2010 and 2011 tax laws. Now comes the fun part: Complying with them.

I suspect the IRS will have its hands quite full in the coming months as taxpayers and tax professionals alike sort through all the retroactive and prospective law changes.


And you know what that means: Confrontations, I mean, interactions with IRS employees.


OK. I do mean confrontations. Even in the best of times, taxpayer experiences with the IRS often don't end well.


Now, however, taxpayers can do more than fume. We have an online outlet through which we can vent.


You can tell the world all about your tax tribulations and how IRS employees helped, or didn't help, you deal with them at IRS Doghouse.


The website bills itself as "the world's first and only database of anonymously publicly generated reviews of IRS personnel."


Taxpayers' experiences ultimately will produce one (poor) to five (great) bone ratings.


Reward or bite back


While most visitors to the site probably come to log complaints about federal tax agency staff, IRS Doghouse welcomes positive as well as negative reviews.


You can reward an IRS employee for, among other things, being helpful, fair, knowledgeable, using common sense and giving the taxpayer or tax pro the benefit of the doubt.


If you want to bite back, IRS Doghouse lets you cite employees for such actions as being antagonistic, arrogant, belligerent, appearing to delight in the taxpayer's misery and falling into a "just following orders" mentality.


In addition to the checkbox choices, you have the option to include "remarkable details of case and/or dealings" with the IRS employee.


What IRS Doghouse doesn't welcome is extreme profanity, hateful comments and threats. Such postings, notes the site, will be removed.


Info you'll need


You don't have to leave your name or e-mail to comment. The site asks you to create a nickname to post an IRS employee rating.


It does, however, want to know whether you're a tax professional or just plain old Jane or Jack Taxpayer.


To report on your experience with an IRS staffer, you'll need the employee's first and last names as well as his or her position within the agency.


Here's hoping that IRS Doghouse gets more five-bone reports than bad ones this coming tax season. But whatever your experience with an IRS employee, at least you can now share.


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Mar 24, 2011 7:47AM
Several years back when you had to deal with an IRS employee that person could make decisions to help you get back on track, educate you on how to dig yourself out of the hole you were in. Make it possible for you to continue your business & become compliant. Then IRS hired all these Analyst who were generally bad first line managers promoted to get them out of where they were. They began to make all these recommendations for "improvements" so they could justify their existence. Total decision making was ripped from the people taxpayers deal with who know the situation intimately & put into management hands. If taxpayers owed $500. then revenue officers were mandated to file liens even though this prevented taxpayers from being able to borrow to pay the debt. Many small business were & are being closed because procedures are more important than doing a good job. When PROCEDURES become more important than actual work everything fails.
Dec 21, 2010 5:08PM
Why not vote for a President that wants to abolish the IRS,no-brainer ya think.Instead we end up with Obama lol.
Dec 21, 2010 3:44PM

There is a site that not only shows a google map location of every IRS Office but allows people to grade and comment on that specific location. There are many more comments and ratings then on IRS Doghouse.


Dec 21, 2010 12:33PM
Note:  This is NOT an IRS website.  It is a non-government site.  Because the posters use nicknames, there is no real way to check how "real" their stories are.  The lack of any oversight or control (you could use five different names and post five reviews of the same employee) means that this is NOT an effective way to determine if employees are doing a good job or a bad one.
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