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7 best stocks for the rest of 2014

These big-name shares still have big-time potential to outpace the market through the end of the year.

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Sep 4, 2014 1:34AM
Oh VL, (Veteran Lunatic) we should really just take some pity on you.  Your daily calls for market Armageddon and system wide economic crashes sound too much like chicken little on a broken record.  Your abundance of free time for posting doom and gloom reek of a plethora of poor personal decisions that have already proven you to be wrong time and time again on these message boards.  It’s also reflective of you being a rather failed and chronically unsuccessful investor yourself.  I'm willing to bet that you've lost more money throughout all these years fearing a market crash than you've ever lost in an actual crash. Too bad you've never learned to profit from the very predictable and cyclical greed of others.  Patient long-term investors are not the ones who get burned, it's the short-term gamblers that do. The thing that doesn't seem to function anymore is YOU as a productive member of society...that's why you've got endless free time to post responses to every MSN article I've stumbled across over the years. It seems that you don't understand the definition of the repetitive terms that you continuously toss around.  Making over 13.7k posts and repeating the terms “fiat”, "fake money", “kool aid” and “game tokens” endlessly doesn't reflect any significant insight, but it does paint a sad picture of you having no life whatsoever outside of these message boards.  Even a broken clock is right 2x per day V_L, when are you ever going to be?
Sep 4, 2014 7:35AM
NOT reading 9 pages when the list could be on one. Doubt I'm missing much.
Thu 6:36 AM
Best stock to buy is the one I'm selling.
Sep 4, 2014 10:04AM
News flash!!    

"Stocks climb for no apparent reason whatsoever based on even the remotest connection to actual data, or economic reality.”

Thu 1:46 PM
Why do they even publish these articles? What kind of idiot would pick a stock based on a MSN recommendation?
Thu 10:23 AM
Now you understand why it's best to handle your own money.
Sep 4, 2014 2:34PM

Doko ka Nihon no mura de, Akimoto meimei baka ga ketsuraku shite imasu.

Sorry, forgot the translation:

Somewhere in a village in Japan, an idiot named Akimoto is missing.

Thu 9:28 AM
Did you see 60 Minutes this past March, about the BAT system in New Jersey controlling trades in Nano Seconds from Wall Street ?  This Eposide changed my mind about online trading. I also notice different amounts from one section of my online account, to the other.  I called the Brokerage and discuss the problems and I was told that the delay was caused by the BAT System.
So many of these stocks are very close to their all time high.  Why would I buy a stock that is already trending so high?  I say do your own research for companies that you trust and industries that you use.  If you can't do that, then you shouldn't be trading on your own. 
Thu 1:46 PM
This is a nice dumping scheme to steal our money.
Thu 10:57 AM
The Market is the court of last resort.  Nothing else will add much dividend to your income.  The U.S. is he court of last resort for investing in general.  One can put a bit into the international market and some gold as a hedge to inflation.  Diversify and invest for the long term.  I can't think of any genius economist who can tell you much else.  But sociologists can tell us that the Market is emotion sensitive to what occurs around it...ignore it.
Thu 10:19 AM

My first pass at any stock is):

1)  Does it have an inelastic demand?; 

Secondly, I move to:

2)  Do I use the product?  If it's inelastic, I either use it or it's competitor.

Finally I move on to look at the internals [P/E ratios, etc.]

Few of these 'stock du jour' articles meet my criteria.

Thu 2:58 PM
McMexican is not on the list. GOOD
Sep 4, 2014 4:17PM
Just call it as we see it folks...Since a bit after 1415 hrs we knew we would end the day in the red, the question was how bad...Now we know, could have been worse of course but, after been up over 80 in the Dow and cruising, it hurts....Remember, these manipulating scumbags don't care, that's how they make their money, by cheating and stealing and they did it once again today; having very low volume made it easier for these dirt bags....Now, tomorrow we believe that weather we have a real jobs report or a bogus one like most times, these pieces of dirt will use it as another manipulation opportunity...We will find out soon enough.
Sep 4, 2014 1:25PM
All we can do now is try to hang on these last 2 and a half hours, easier said than done....Manipulators pretty much in charge and as you may see we keep dropping slowly but surely...That's how these dirt bags make their money, by cheating and robbing from the average American....Oh well, nothing new...More after the close.
Sep 4, 2014 2:31PM
Well folks, at 1420 hrs they called to accelerate; apparently these scumbags are taking no chances today so the S&P may be in the red momentarily, too many of these manipulators and very little we can do...We would be lucky to keep things in the green today after been up over 80 in the Dow early...Cheaters will always be cheaters folks.
Thu 9:19 AM
Take your money to Edward Jones, yes a Live Broker ! Stop online trading with your money !
Sep 4, 2014 11:49AM
Well folks, at 1125 hrs scumbags called to accelerate so sell orders coming quick and we keep dropping...We call it as we see it and as its happening...Like we said earlier, manipulators started taking over slowly but surely at about 1034 hrs and they are still at it...Hopefully this afternoon we can hang in there...More a bit later.
Sep 4, 2014 10:44AM
As usual, beware folks...We started nicely but manipulators starting to take over slowly but surely....Up over 80 points in the Dow until about 1034 hrs that these scumbags started to do their thing and we have dropped about 30 points and counting....Nothing shocking, still early and anything could happen...Just remain cautious...More later.
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