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7 hip brands that lean right

Consumers who love organic foods and lefty causes frequent stores like Whole Foods and Urban Outfitters. But when company politics don't match the products, cultures clash.

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Mar 5, 2013 11:50PM
Do you get paid for your ignorance?.- Last time I checked, it was not a crime to "lean to the right".  We don't support child labor.  It's not wrong to believe in the bible.  All people should be respected, including those who lean to the right.  We eat healthy food too. Obamacare is socialist, you just have not seen the whole picture yet.  You are too blinded by your desire to think that everything this democratic president does is right.  Our personal family insurance cost has increased by $1000 per month since Obamacare passed.  My doctors do not support it either. The unions are a heavy cost on society.  Some workers are required to be paid, even when there is no work for them to do.  Do you like the price of a car?  You are so misinformed, that I did not finished reading your crap.
Mar 6, 2013 7:14AM
Here's a thought, how about an article showing the companies that lean left, that way I'll know where NOT to shop. 
Mar 6, 2013 12:18AM

And just WHO wouldn't have guessed this came from MSNBC the biggest liberal rag around.


You guys are pitiful.


I figured you would have your head so far up BO backside that you would just replacate the sequester catastrophe.



Mar 20, 2013 3:52AM
This article couldn't be more biased liberal propaganda. I bet the author doesn't have any issue at all with CEO's or large businesses being involved in politics as long as they are progressive liberals.
Mar 20, 2013 4:01AM
This is such a stupid article.  So those people who lean right cant appreciate healthy or organic foods?  If you are anti-abortion, you shouldnt sell bohemian clothing?  What?  It seems like making ignorant, blind statements about right-wingers is perfectly acceptable.  Lets write an equally ignorant article indicating that if you lean left, you shouldnt run a company that sells bibles.  Or if you own a store that sells fire arms, you shouldnt indicate your liberalism.  Typical, ignorant democrats.
Mar 6, 2013 11:18AM
Hippies and liberals, will always be the first to cry boycott when a company does not cater to their twisted idea of fair.
Mar 20, 2013 4:43AM

The only purpose of this article by the far left-wing loon Michael Brush, is an attempt to discredit these companies because they are not far-left and they are opposed to the socialist Obama and his radical agenda, for very good reasons.

Mar 5, 2013 8:41PM
Mar 20, 2013 4:19AM
First of all I was union and it is a good thing most of the time but the union of those a Hostess workers screwed their people by telling them not to give in and now the company is out of business and they are out of a job.
Just because someone believes marriage should between a man and a woman doesn't make them a homophobe or that they hate gay people.   
Obamacare is an obamnation. It's ruining businesses and people's cost of living and the worst is yet to come next year. 
I find it ironic the progressive liberals are against the death penalty for convicted murderers,saving the whales,against animal cruelty but for the taking of innocent human life by way of abortion. The least of whom can defend themselves.
There is no proof that global warming is soley caused by pollution. Even scientist can't agree on that. 
If any company should apologize for making a political contribution to a political candidate it should be the ones who voted for Obamnation and 16.7 trillion dollars of debt and climbing. 
Mar 6, 2013 2:31PM

Of course, politics don't always hurt a company. Chick-fil-A became a right-wing icon last year after the left protested CEO Dan Cathy's views on gay rights.


This FREEDOM OF SPEECH !!!!!!!!!!!!!  And you should be ashamed of yourself for writing this.

Mar 6, 2013 2:41PM
How about everyone stop worrying about which political party a corporate leader votes for. I'm willing to bet that they couldn't care one bit less about your political views, or anything else about you. If they have some view that you absolutely can't stand, sure, stop paying them, if you simply want to stop buying their product because you are in the opposite party, that's pretty petty. Closely related to a kid refusing to interact with another because they have opposing team jerseys on. We as a nation are way too caught up in looking for things to be offended by that we are willing to miss out on the opportunities that could bring a moment of happiness to our lives.
Try smiling, see how it fits.

Mar 20, 2013 6:08AM
Wow, what a blatant attempt to coerce companies by with media bias.  Look look progressive people, these comepanies have Conservatives (said ina a hissing voice) at them.  Sssss.  Boooo.  Hissss.  Here's the thing MSN, we're not all black and white people, we're gray.  A lot of us hold some conservative ideals, and some liberal ones.  People lean right, and lean left.  That's why political candidates are so concerned about "moderates".  Because neither liberalism or conservatism is the majority.   This article really is disgusting, and you better be careful, you brought up Chick Fila in your article, how did that work out for you?  I seem to remember cars lined up around the block for days and restaurant that stays busy to this day.  My brother and I even posted pictures of us eating "hate chicken" because the whole thing was so absurd.   And I don't eat fast food!
Mar 20, 2013 7:19AM

Looks like I will be shopping more at whole foods.

Mar 20, 2013 6:47AM
Those same consertive companies give billions to help their communities and local charties, but because they are not voting liberal are lambasted for it.  This sounds more like a Michael Moore hit article.
Mar 6, 2013 5:55PM
The CEO of Whole Foods is a libertarian that cannot stand authoritarians.  He is not right.  Unionistas and Obamacare is socialist authoritarianism at its worse.  

We need more CEO's to speak out against anti business foolishness.  Regardless of Mackey's other politics that I may or may not agree with, he is a hero.
Mar 20, 2013 5:41AM

PC, Politically Correct, is a creature of the socialist liberals. Like the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics and the National SOCIALIST party (Nazi) they seek to supress free speech..
Over my dead body and those of millions of Americans will these arrogant control freaks weaken the one part of our constituion that makes us unique on the planet.

Shame on all of you who think you have the right to tell us what we should be thinking and saying.

Mar 20, 2013 4:54AM
I believe everyone has the right to believe in whatever the heck they please, without compromising their businesses. Some of us need better jobs than spying on personal issues and associating them with business practices. If you don't like their products, then don't shop there, but stop whining about it! How scandalous, seriously...
Mar 20, 2013 4:06AM

I think Republicans are missing the point.  They watch shows like Leno and Letterman who gave Obama a free ride to the Presidency.  Just by watching a seqment, their viewing habits are recorded which translates into bigger bucks from their advertising.   Republicans watch all these left leaning shows, thereby making the liberal writers wealthy.


Instead of being upset by this article showing who is conservative, Republicans should be rewarding the companies that are being shown.   Republicans need to learn how to VOTE with their viewing and buying habits, and when the money stops flowing to the liberal companies will have to shut up (at least until Obama bails them out with our money)


Until Republicans start to back up their frustrations with action, all you're doing is rewarding the liberals bad actions.


We need to ask ourselves where our money is going, at least the money we still have and control before Obama runs up another 10 trillion on the Chinese credit card with no limit. 

Mar 20, 2013 3:19AM

Prop 37 was a very very poorly written law.  It should have been opposed by anyone producing food products.  What a dumb article.


Mar 20, 2013 4:16AM

Regarding this article, all I can say is that everyone has a right to say what they want, freedom of speech right? I'm actually glad it came out. Anytime there is an article on food and whole foods, I'm all ears. My only concern is the GMO's and Chemicals. A company like Monsanto who spends millions to cover their crap pisses me off. I want the government to enforce them to label their crap. I should have the right not to eat it if I don't want it, and I don't. If their product is so great then why do they FEAR labeling the GMO’s? The EU and China and 59 other countries label it, so why not the USA.

Also, when their crap contaminates other farmer’s crops, they need to pay the damages. It's like BP in the Gulf....screwing up the planet and then paying for the cleanup. When their crops are cross pollinating with organic crops and contaminating those crops they need to pay.

By the way, the government should also look into Monsanto and the FDA. I hear their employees have switched back and forth between companies. The FDA is supposed to be watching out for the American people, and not be persuaded by bribes. If the FDA was doing their job, the women in America wouldn't be size 12' and 14's. I think they must have been in with the meat, dairy and poultry industry knowing full well that all this crap would kill and sicken Americans. I guess Monsanto needs to do something with all that corn they're producing. I guess they just figure they could feed it to the cows and chickens, no matter if it raises the omega 6 levels in the blood of humans. I’m sure the pharmaceutical companies are happy to unload all the pharmaceuticals they are producing to help all the sick and overweight Americans. Hmmm...Maybe it's a conspiracy to rid the world of the billions on it...just a thought.

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