Apple's plan to take down Samsung's Galaxy S4

The iPhone maker is developing a video camera that can not only compete with the Galaxy S4, but has Apple's expert advertising behind it.

By Benzinga Jul 10, 2013 5:52PM

Apple (AAPL) may have found its best marketing tool since Siri.

According to 9to5Mac, the company is developing a new camera (codenamed "mogul") that can record video at up to 120 frames-per-second (FPS).

At first glance, this may not sound like much more than a novelty that will only be utilized by amateur filmmakers. Samsung's (SSNLF) Galaxy S4 already contains a camera that is capable of filming at 120FPS, and it hasn't exactly changed the world.

Unlike Samsung, however, Apple is an expert at advertising. While the most memorable Samsung smartphone ads and the most memorable Windows 8 tablet ads have been used to cleverly mock Apple, the iPhone maker has repeatedly persuaded consumers to buy its products just by showing them what they can do.

This was especially true for the iPhone 4S, which brought Siri to the masses. Few consumers realized that the voice-recognition app -- known as an intelligent software assistant -- had been created long before Apple brought it to the iPhone 4S. In fact, up until Apple acquired Siri, Inc. in 2010, consumers could download Siri from the App Store and use it with older iPhone models. That functionality was eliminated after Apple purchased the app, but there have been some hackers who found a way to use it with the iPhone 4.

While Siri received mixed reviews from critics within the tech industry as well as the mainstream press, the TV ads continually bombarded consumers with an array of voice-activated promises. Apple even turned to actors Samuel L. Jackson and Zooey Deschanel to promote Siri, which likely helped the company sell additional units.

In April, AllThingsD's Peter Kafka proclaimed that Apple's "Photos Every Day" ad was a "wonderful piece of moviemaking."

After polling crowds at the Apple Store during the launch of both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, Benzinga learned the updated camera is one of the primary reasons why consumers choose to upgrade their iPhones.

If Apple can do the same for its 120FPS camera that it has for Siri and other key iPhone features, it could be just what the firm needs to sell the iPhone 5S.

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Jul 11, 2013 1:29AM
Apple's marketing machine died with their icon, Jobs.  It was once neck and neck with Google's stock price. It fell to half of Google's price in less than 6 months.  It's in a free fall.  Just like the PC wars, it has been replaced by a more reasonably priced competitor. One that offers more, for less. It's only the goofballs in media, who swing from Apple's nuts, who think it will ever bounce back. Investors have already put the notion to rest.  It's dead in the water without Steve.
Jul 10, 2013 11:54PM
Apple's a master at making a big something out of nothing and charging dumb consumers a lot for it. I don't think 120fps is going to be the next big thing but Nokia's Lumia 1020 PureZoom may open some eyes.
Jul 11, 2013 7:44AM
Apple's success has been due to its innovation, but its insistence on making consumers convert to an entire Apple households/businesses-computer, Ipod, Ipad, Iphones, Apple software, etc.- will be their downfall. The management's arrogance that other competitors would not also be innovative is what is making investors leery. They simply will not negotiate with others in the tech industry to forge alliances and develop products that are compatible with other systems.
Jul 11, 2013 8:30AM

Is it innovation to buy a voice recognition company and claim your feature is revolutionary (a feature that had existed on other devices for years)?  Is it innovation to hold your customers hostage with non-standard device ports (old and new) and charging (sic) double to boot?


There's a sucker born every minute...make it look pretty and no one questions what's under the covers...Oz the Great and Apple-ful.



Jul 11, 2013 1:06AM
I have owned 1 iPhone (4s) (4 months) nothing but junk, sold it online to some poor sucker. Never have owned an iPad or Mac and never will. What can you do on an iPad or Mac that I can't do on a PC? PLEASE don't tell me about the security, non-hackable, no virus features on those over priced gadgets. I have never had a virus, never been hacked and my security is top of the line. I'm very happy with my PC's and my Samsung Galaxy S3. So here is a special shout out to Apple--Shove all of your iWhatevers up your hind-quarters....PS you might what to think about selling out to the people that actually manufacture ALL of your stuff...
Jul 11, 2013 11:11AM

Apple takes sub par, overpriced electronics, puts them in a pretty case, makes its users feel elite and special, and then sells their products to their market like a cult.


All while closing the door to outside innovation by keeping the system closed.

Jul 11, 2013 9:34AM
The only reason I dont buy Apple is because they do not have the convenience as the Android tablets, like SD and USB slots.  Those 2 alone keep me from ever buying an Ipad, I dont care what it displays or features it has.  If Apple added those two items then I would consider buying one.
Jul 11, 2013 10:29AM
Wait, didn't apple mock nearly every competitor to gain market share with it's innovative products?  Now it plans to imitate it's competitors and then mock them back?  

Steve Jobs must be rolling in his grave.
Jul 10, 2013 6:28PM
Jul 11, 2013 12:15PM
Not sure why people that don't use apple products are constantly complaining about people that do. They do not force people to buy their products. Many Apple customers are very loyal because they do make good products. Every company out there buys another and markets it as their own, look at Google. If you don't want to use their products don't, but quite complaining about people that do. 
Jul 11, 2013 10:47AM
That's why I bought my GS4, for the camera. I think I used the camera on it like 5 times since I bought it in May.

This is what happens when great minds leave a company ( Steve ) you are left with idiots in charge. This is all over by the way. It's everywhere now because instead of promoting hard working and smart thinking people, they promote bros instead.
Jul 11, 2013 10:55AM
most consumers are truly ignorant,they let advertising educate them,they let consumer reports make their decisions for them............APPLE will run an AD taking and laying claim to something they did not create and or develop....but just tell you they have and the consumer will bite....some of these same consumers already have what apple will  claim they innovated,like panorama photos,wow 
Jul 11, 2013 1:26PM

Too late...We already see that Apple is just a Hipster-Gimmick company. Apple will spend billions to do this and Samsung will just drop one better again. The "Dream-Is-Over"...Jobs- the visionary might of Apple- is gone. Now, like Microsoft, you just play chase and fall further and further behind...One day..Samsung will eat itself too though...

Jul 11, 2013 10:59AM
windows phone sells as well in Russia .......why Telco in Russia will not play the game of subsidizing the iphone at their cost and not apples,until that changes apple will continue to slide world wide and the stock will suffer either way,why because gross margins will fall when apple absorbs the cost of subsidy
Jul 11, 2013 2:26PM
Apple makes nice looking products. Steve Jobs was a genius; however, everyone at Apple Company worked 100% of their time on Steve Jobs projects - At Microsoft, on the other hand, employees work on their own projects for the company. For Microsoft, since Bill Gates has retired, nothing changed, they keep on cranking out new stuff. Now, with Apple it is a different scenario all together, with Steve Jobs  no longer at the helm, it appears Apple is desperate to come up with new stuff, and where will the new inventions come from now that Jobs is gone? Well, apparently Apple is doing a reasonable job reinventing the same old think in a different size and colour, fools buy into it, but most people see the writing on the wall for Apple. The stock decline speaks for itself.
Jul 11, 2013 1:17PM
And that's how you go from being a leader to constantly playing the catch up game.  Let's not try to out-do someone, let's try to be as good and just put more marketing behind it.  Apple has been burned this way before.
Jul 11, 2013 1:43PM
Apple has some very innovative new products coming out very soon. This is all a big  game and my money is still on Apple.
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