Will the sell-off continue?

A raft of poor economic data and technical breakdowns suggest more stock market downside.

By Anthony Mirhaydari Feb 21, 2013 5:06PM

My patience and skepticism during the recent market melt-up is being rewarded on Thursday as stocks, particularly cyclical, economically-sensitive issues, are pummeled for the second consecutive day. Everywhere I look, what were perfect 45-degree up-trends are being broken in dramatic fashion.


Financial and semiconductor stocks are suffering their first bout of significant selling pressure in months; joining with the material and energy names that have already weakened.


The question is: Will the selling continue? And if so, for how long?


The first consideration is that investors are finally awakening to the deteriorating economic fundamentals I've been writing about for weeks. That's because of the belief among the optimists, that cheap money from the Federal Reserve and other global central banks would paper over all problems. That illusion is being shattered in two places, allowing panic to creep in.


For one, the Fed's recent meeting minutes revealed that the inflation "hawks" on the Fed's policy-making committee -- those increasingly worried about the $85 billion-a-month money pump associated with QE3 and QE4 -- are growing in strength and aggressiveness. Fed chairman Ben Bernanke and vice-chair Janet Yellen are both "doves," in that they believe more should be done to bolster the economy, including boosting the stock market, despite downside risks including possible asset bubbles and higher gas prices.


So the fact that the hawks are willing to take on the top two members of the Fed shows resolve. And indeed on Thursday the hawks continued to press -- with Dallas Fed president Richard Fisher expressing his concern that markets may be hooked on quantitative easing, that he doesn't see a need for any more money pumping, and that he isn't alone anymore at the Fed in questioning the efficacy of QE actions.


He added there are signs the housing market is becoming speculative again. And in an affirmation of the point I made in my column this week, he said the wealth effect of the Fed's action on stock prices has resulted in less job gains than one would expect.


The second point, shattering the illusion that cheap money solves all, was a heavy dose of disappointing economic data Thursday morning. Europe's recession is deepening again, with the Composite Eurozone flash PMI reporting coming in below expectations at 47.3 vs. 48.2 last month. Any reading under 50 indicates a month-over-month decline in manufacturing and services activity.


The French economy in particular is under pressure, as German-pushed austerity measures out of Paris result in higher taxes and less confidence.



Here at home, activity also slowed as core inflation rose -- the exact opposite of what the Fed wants to see. The Philadelphia Fed Business Outlook Survey for February was particularly disappointing, falling well below expectations.


Given the historic level of investment confidence and bullish positioning heading into this pullback, the sell-off should have legs as the global economy stumbles into a new recession.


After focusing on shorts against basic materials and energy stocks in my Edge Letter Sample Portfolio, including a 25.3% gain in Cliff's Natural Resources (CLF) and a 13.1% gain in AKSteel (AKS), I've shifted my focus to new areas -- including capitalizing on the dollar's new-found strength against the euro via the ProShares UltraShort Euro (EUO). I'm adding leveraged inverse ETF exposure to semiconductors, the latest cyclical group to succumb to weakness, via the ProShares UltraShort Semiconductors (SSG).


Disclosure: Anthony has recommended CLF short, AKS short, EUO long, and SSG long to his clients.


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Feb 21, 2013 8:30PM
Anthony sure likes those charts. The Fed hawks will quit down and Ben will continue his $85B money pump and the current flux in the market will continue as a possible correction of perhaps 3-5%. Next up.....we need the folks in DC to come up with their own correction to our country's dismal financial condition. Can they do it'? Sorry to say, I don't think so. Perhaps another "kick the can down the road".  


I think I read somewhere that inflation is what drives an ecomony. When there is no inflation, there is no incentive to get more efficient at what you are doing whether it is at work or with your personal finances.  I think we see this today.




The Fox News Money show has daily information on what corporations have money sitting on the sidelines waiting to see where the country is headed. The CONSERVATIVE Kudlow Report on LIBERAL CNBC does the same.  That is one of the indicators that an investor looks for when they are buying stocks. NVDA is one with a good deal of capital, AAPL is another examples of having billions on the books, (mostly overseas as they don't want to lose them to this Administration).  Both have recently introduced Dividends at about 2.5%


President Obama's favorite is GE run by the Past Jobs Czar Jeff Imelt. Sorry, no jobs created and GE is moving their headquarters out of the USA after not paying any taxes for years.


Look at another favorite of President Obama, FaceBook. They made billions and didn't have to pay any taxes.  Mr. Zuckerburg and President Obama just sat down together for a meeting of minds.   


Look at BRK.A and BRK.B. They buy companies that are loaded with income. Warren knows how to make money.  The Buffet rule is pushed on the folks, while Warren owes millions in back taxes and is fighting the Gov't to keep them.


Nothing makes a Corporation tighter than a popcorn fart than a Liberal wanting to tax them out of business.    The ACA is holding everyone hostage and those controlling the money in these companies do not like it.  


Some advice that you can take with a grain of salt.


Buy Stocks

>with increasing income and increases in dividend payout.   MCD is one example.

>Buy MLPs with high yield dividends like KMP, WES PBA. 

>Buy BDCs with HIGHER dividends like BKCC, ARCC, PSEC.

>Buy Real Estate Development companies like O and IRET. 


Enjoy the Dividends even when the stock prices deflate.  When you have more money, buy more shares at the reduced price because they will come back.


Good luck to you.

Feb 21, 2013 7:30PM
One thing every invester has to remember is that the market is manipulated and that when it is going down like it has the last few days there is no good news or bad news they just want it to end up down. Plain and simple It has a;ways been this way. Over the long run it will beat a CD but not by much!!
Feb 21, 2013 7:21PM
I love how the economists are constantly analyzing every little movement in the market trying to predict what will come next, when they were totally blind to the GIANT CRASH in 2008. Good job, guys. Why should we listen to anything you people say? You couldn't see the canyon we fell into when we were right in front of it!

It is logical to see the push for gun control when the economy gets bad versus the retirement of the "Assault Weapons Ban" when the economy was looking better. 


Now at the same time the Department of Homeland Security is ordering 7,000 full auto M16s called "Personal Defense Firearms" in 2013, the Gov't is calling on the restriction of Semi-auto "Assault Weapons" favored by the general public. 


i think the Democrats are looking over their shoulders.

Feb 21, 2013 7:10PM
From Bernanke's standpoint, this has become a logistical nightmare.  We're on our 4th round of QE and to stop now would be akin to admitting complete and utter failure.  In addition, Bernanke has told us a thousand times that QE is absolutely necessary as long as the UE rate remains above 6.5%.  If he stops the QE before the UE rate reaches that point, it's the same as admitting failure.  He also doesn't have the option of backing off his current $85 billion/month because anything less would send stocks plummeting.  On the other hand, he would probably face a mutiny if he tried to increase the current round of QE to $100 billion/month or more.

Bernanke is running out of time.  Even if the UE rate drop a tenth of a point every month, we're still looking at more than a year before we hit the 6.5% target.  At this rate, he'll have pumped another trillion bucks into the economy on the current QE trajectory.   Even if he fudges this and uses some bogus "momentum" argument to end QE early, we're still 10-12 months and close to a trillion dollars down the road (or up the river, depending on how you look at it).  On the other hand, inflation is rearing its ugly head in just about every way imaginable, except in those areas measured by official CPI.

The interesting part is that is appears more and more that QE isn't having any net positive effects except on Wall Street, and even that is temporary.  It certainly isn't improving the UE rate, which is its stated purpose.  And if you dig into the numbers, the UE rate hasn't been falling because of job creation, it's been falling because people are dropping out of the workforce and retiring early, getting on disability, just living with less, etc...  It's looking more and more that the UE rate would probably be the same with or without QE.

Feb 21, 2013 6:44PM

On a per capita income basis 59% goes to taxes (local, state, federal, all budgets balanced) 30% to payoff debt ( consumer and business), 11 to 12% in real inflation not government BS inflation. We have no money for economic growth. Until we put buying power back in the consumers pocket our economy is going nowhere.

The fed needs to keep real inflation between a deflationary 1/2% and 0% inflation. No more inflation forever. That will put spendable income in the consumers pocket. Congress needs to cut all welfare from business ( energy, finance, communications. agriculture, etc., etc..), put American business on the free market. If they can't make in the free market we don't need them. We need an improved standard of living in America, not government programs to subsidize the rich.

Feb 21, 2013 6:37PM

I follow AM pretty close over the last 1.5 yrs.  Read a lot of haters during that time.  I have done well by his words.  But, Tony this is not the time to do the thumb-your-nose at the haters...please tell me it is a mis-speak when you say you are being "REWARDED"---there is a lot of misery out here, all the optimists must be TAKERS---I do taxes for H&R---the TAKERS come out in droves for their FREE Income Tax Return!!!

Yes, like it or not, we (AMERICA) have to many takers, to many hand outs.  Now I am gonna piss some folk off---I work 32 yrs DOD---starved in the beginning while many enjoyed the Hi-Life in the 80s-90s; I spent $15K on education---did 26 yrs with Military Reserve simultaneously---work some hard long damn hours---now I make a buck---and WE fed workers are attacked, sequestor will cut us 20% for the rest of the year---fine!  Then next year to balance the budget let it be "NFL<NBA<NHL etc" then the next "Plumbers, then Lawyers---How about the FAT CAT CEO who take government taxes to balance their books, after they siphen off a big FAT Bonus!!!

Everyone take a turn giving up their hard EARNED payroll---

Feb 21, 2013 6:31PM
Do not get fooled because the Dow was down only 47...We got creamed once again by these manipulators....Look at the S&P, another awful day and these crooks will try to continue their thing tomorrow....Oh well, we will see what happens in the morning...Sad.
Feb 21, 2013 6:18PM

 I agree with this article and Anthony's analysis IF a transaction tax is put on stocks to stop HFT programs and Fed funny money to the big bank broker dealers. Until then, the Dow, at least, will be artificially kept up with ZIRP. It is harder to do with the S&P 500 but manipulating the futures premarket can fake it up for some time.


Of course we have been in a depression since 2008 and inflation has been running much higher than the CPI phony baloney figures but NOW even the rigged low numbers can't be faked so Bernanke will go down in flames printing all the way in Zimbabwe fashion. So our stock markets will become the laughing stock of the world even as our debased currency begins to eliminate our trade deficit.


Until we get an economy based on renewable energy which provides hundreds of thousands of jobs and companion infrastructure spending, things will only deteriorate further for main street. It's not that EVERYTHING from gold to silver to gasoline is going UP; it's that the dollar is going to go DOWN!

Feb 21, 2013 6:17PM
Ho-Hum. Back up next week. Like always. I'll be sure to come back here, Anthony, and thank you and all the tabaggers, conspiracy nuts and gold crazy mattress hoarders that follow you for handing over your money like jailhouse punks.
Feb 21, 2013 6:16PM

I read that the casinos of Las Vegas won $10 billion from gamblers in 2012. The extravagant Vegas city skyline is a reminder that the house has stacked the deck to always win big, year after year; I’m sure the casino-banks of wall street “won” many times $10 billion last year, although from unsuspecting citizens and not gamblers. As expected their city skyline is even bigger, and it’s obvious to all that this house too has stacked the deck to always win big, year after year.

Feb 21, 2013 6:09PM
We are in soooo much trouble.  I just have to say that my grandchild will have things very tough in twenty years.
Feb 21, 2013 6:09PM

Most people don`t realize the time to buy stocks is when the market is down.Tony can

come up with charts to make points are day long.Charts are good at predicting the

past.Profits are good, companies are sitting on trillions of cash.Our right wing media

wouldn`t tell you that.They would love to get a right wing Madison avenue guy in the

WH for tax breaks for the rich.Thumbs up for corporate welfare !

Feb 21, 2013 6:09PM

Anthony has been bearish on the markets since at least Jan 1, when the S&P was around 1450, so we need at least another 3-4% drop in the markets before I can move him out of the "this guy gets it wrong" category and into the "just some guy with an opinion" category. If the markets go down another 10-15%, Anthony would get elevated to the coveted "this guy knows what he's talking about" category.  :}


Feb 21, 2013 6:09PM

Just foolowing this....what you have. red has little clue and it is obvious he does not.  He is a "plant" and so that is about it with him.  Am guessing about 35 to 40 and hoping things change.  They will not and "plants' continue to grow.  Just too damn many "weeds" in markets and government to change it.


O'Bama .... who cares, really. He is just a "plant", now.  He was a "plant" before as some organizer

in Chicago and again... we should not care.  He will be gone soon enough... just hope it is not sooner, finish your term of disgrace.  All this will come out. 

Feb 21, 2013 6:05PM
Of course it will. We never had an economy after April, 2001. The Ivy League society and wanna-be minions made this whole thing up and the bill is due. It's going to fun watching people without ethics character and a socio-psychopathic disorder beg for mercy. Expect none and you won't be shocked. People died while these people destroyed us. Dow... 5,000 according to Bill Gross. ZERO if you ask me... what's tangible that stops the drop at 5,000?

When will people understand the basic structure of the US economy is flawed.


Look you have half the people making less than $16,000 a year and most of the others less than $90,000 a year.


Yet you have gas, food, housing, cars and everything else priced for someone making $125,000 a year.


Hmmm how long can this embalance in the economy continue???


One of two things or both have to happen either average wages need to climb to $125,000 a year or prices of gas,food, houses and cars have to decrease to levels where most people can afford them.


This is simple basic econ 101 and everyone seems to have forgotten it.


All the MBA's that have graduated have done is make things worse and worse. They say let's cut out safety belts in cars to save $100 per car and my bosses will give me a $2 per car sold at the end of the year. Also we are selling cars to the top 4 percent of wage earners anyway so let's bump up the price of a car by 5 percent and we will only lose 0.01 percent of our customers and make almost 5 percent more for cars.


Forget the fact that used cars are being priced out of the range on the poor to buy and that most cities have no mass transit as GM and Ford make sure in the 1950's to destroy the trolly systems in place in most towns and get city designers to build suburbs where the nearest grocery store is 3 miles away and most people have to drive their cars to one huge store (read super Walmart) that hires minimum wage workers at 100 per store yet 100 small stores closed because of Walmart who use to hire 10 workers per store and pay them twice minimum wage to keep them.


So we are stuck with economic leaders who are slowly destroying our economy by moving jobs overseas and a government that is burdened with trying to keep the poor alive. Would not do to see hundreds of thosands of poor Americans dying each day on the nightly news.


Pretty much we are doomed as everyone in a position of power has forgotten how to run an economy.



Feb 21, 2013 5:50PM
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