Positive signs appearing all around

As the market shows resilience, researchers are seeing upside and spreading the word.

By Jim Cramer Nov 21, 2012 10:06AM

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Photographers Choice RF SuperStockWhat a terrific test of the bulls. They survived a French downgrade. They survived a hideous loss and scandal at Hewlett-Packard (HPQ). They triumphed over an amazingly weak quarter at Best Buy (BBBY). And best of all, they beat back a huge, futures-led decline after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said the obvious, that he couldn't revive an economy that drives over a fiscal cliff.


How were we able to rally so effectively? Simple: First, the potential cease-fire in the Middle East removed an oil overhang that can always kill any rally in its tracks. Second, we are now getting a picture of a U.S. economy that's stronger -- not weaker -- than expected, largely because of the resurgent housing market.


Further, we are actually getting a very interesting research moment. Every morning, I put together the relevant stories I want to cover. That includes a roundup of the important research notes.

Ever since this decline accelerated last week, the bulk of the analyst commentary has become positive, not negative. It is almost as if there is a pact among the analysts to stop bashing stocks and start looking at them through a more positive prism. It's a brand-new phenomenon, and I think it is really helping the market.


That, plus the recognition of China as a positive force of good, not a negative force of bad, something that Doug Kass believes in too.


When the bulls in research come out en masse, they can stem declines on their own. My question is, what happens if we get some genuinely good news about the cliff, or Europe or earnings, unmitigated terrific news? I think we'd go much higher.


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Jim Cramer is a co-founder of TheStreet and contributes daily market commentary to the financial news network's sites. Follow his trades for Action Alerts PLUS, which Cramer co-manages as a charitable trust has no positions in the stocks mentioned.



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Nov 21, 2012 1:36PM
A couple of you are aware, that the Eurozone slipped back into a "double dip R.", Right....?
Nov 21, 2012 1:34PM

Since he sold out to MSNBC and NBC his opinion means about as much as the rating this companies get on thier shows.


He can not say anything bad and keep his job.


Just another talking head sell out

Nov 21, 2012 1:21PM

BLONDIE......You have entered the BEARISH BLOG ZONE...

It's been around here for quite some time..

Much has Political undertones, "but gotten better"...Who would have ever thunk it ???

Nov 21, 2012 1:21PM

Natural Blonde:  You're reasonably new here.  Most of the posters come here to whine because their personal situations aren't what they feel they should be.  Perhaps because they're busy posting...


Any positive information is interpretted as "Obama controlling the media" or "cooking the books" even when it's private entities doing the reporting or the same methodology by the same people that have been releaseing numbers for years.

Nov 21, 2012 1:16PM

Yes in times of impending doom or disaster; Deadlines are probably more important, for without a doubt, a mitigation of results.

I was in the business of Y2K mitigation...It seemed like a cruel joke..Much of it WAS.

And I will still fall back to:

"the Best laid Plans of Mice and Men....."

Nov 21, 2012 1:11PM
Floating:  Don't neglect that they still haven't recovered to where they were before the recession started.  We passed that point a ways back.
Nov 21, 2012 1:10PM

Why are these posts so bearish?Yesterday we found how much the housing market

has tiurned, corporate profits are up 78% in 46 months, job growth is up for 32

straight months and companies are sitting on a record amount of cash.Don`t be

surprised if the market doesn`t rally big time when the fiscal cliff is fixed.Enjoy the


Nov 21, 2012 1:06PM

Okay DLH, I finally figure out who BoBo was... I need a game card..


Tumbles/Ceo, you're right about the addiction to the Doom&Gloom; Some will never come out and walk in the Sunshine....They prefer rain, even when it's not needed.......So they can whine and eat cheese.

That's why Americans are Obese.


Volcker...The smarter "deadline setters", have a 10% plus or minus window.... 

Pretty much why DLs don't mean shidt or are meant to be broken..Wife used them all the time with employees....The Earth never imploded did it....Well not yet anyway ??

Nov 21, 2012 12:49PM
Cramer, I wonder how many more years you will remain a parrot for the liberal fantasy land.
Nov 21, 2012 12:39PM
MG - haven't you learned anything from Europe?
Austerity without the proper stimulus injections does NOT foster growth or recovery.

They continue to have high unemployment - and the riots continue.

Nov 21, 2012 12:34PM

 If Goldman Sachs hasn't figured out how to turn a potential European contagion loss into a profit with 3 years advance warning, it's their own damned fault
Nov 21, 2012 12:31PM
I'm glad Meg Whitman isn't running California.

Nov 21, 2012 12:24PM

 Small time defense contractors are betting we will indeed go over the fiscal cliff. One laid off my neighbor weeks ago when they could not get firm contracts from the Govt. for January
Nov 21, 2012 12:22PM

 Both sides get exactly what they wanted when we go over the fiscal cliff. Spending cuts and revenue enhancement to help balance the budget

 IF you go back on what you compromised on your credibility is permanently shot, since it can be quickly undone. Why even bother to pass ANY legislation at all today, when it will be rescinded tomorrow. Go over the cliff and then write new tax cut bills specifically for the Middle Class. If the GOP gridlocks it because the Upper Class is not included, let them be accountable in 2014
Nov 21, 2012 12:14PM

Tumbles:  The debt ceiling deadline wasn't a complete disaster because we raised it.  All we got from it was a downgrade as a "timeout" for congress pushing everything to the brink before coming to resolution.


Y2K did cause some issues, just the doomday scenario people who didn't understand computersna machines thought it would cause.  In no small part this is because there was a lot of preparation.


So yes.. if we prepare for and minimize the impact of an impending event as a deadline, or meet the obligations required by the deadline there isn't a disaster.


The Supreme court ruling on Obamacare wasn't really a deadline, there was nothing really time-sensitive about it.  It was an event, one that basically killed the potential opposition.  It left the only way to undo as congressional action which would require passing over a veto.

Nov 21, 2012 12:12PM

 I remember rush rush rush to meet arbitrary deadlines in the Naval shipyard where I worked in order to get a ship out on time. They forced everybody to work overtime, and when the deadline wasn't met anyway they merely changed it --- and there were no dire consequences whatsoever as a result . I learned and never got in a hurry again while working there to meet some deadline. If they forced me to work overtime, I just became passive aggressive                           
Nov 21, 2012 12:05PM
It's a great thing that consumer sentiment has no impact on your little Wednesday rally BoBo..... where did I put my rose colored glasses....... woops I mean my "positive prism"..... LOL
Nov 21, 2012 12:03PM
 Deadlines come and go without disaster Y2K, the debt ceilling, Supreme Court ruilng on Obama care the election,  Dec 21. Greek past due date, fiscal cliff, Israel's line in the sand with Iran, cease fires, etc etc ad nauseum and we always seem to manage to press on once those deadlines  pass instead of going extinct
 its just that the media makes more money when you are worried because you pay more attention and that equates to being able to charge higher prices per ad that you see. Nothing more to it at all. They want and have you addicted to gloom and doom
Nov 21, 2012 11:56AM
Unless there is a line of traders and Wall Street financiers holding pens and checkbooks, ready to bail every single American they screwed... then all is FALSE. We are ONE MONTH shy of 12/21/12. Isn't it clear yet WHAT that day means? 100 Million families do.

Where do you go once you've screwed the whole world? Instead of a rally on Wall Street, how about tanks and armed forces.

Nov 21, 2012 11:53AM

BoBo........ I don't see raising taxes either by going over the cliff or by making a compromise for not going over the cliff as being "unmitigated terrific news" in any circle with a lot of money to drop on stocks........... Who are you cheerleading for??


Let's see ........ I'm going to be run over by an 18 Wheeler instead of a train....... WOW....

"unmitigated terrific news"

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