Get ready for more Facebook changes

The site plans new features that encourage users to share, share, share -- and get some advertising in return.

By Kim Peterson Sep 23, 2011 2:43PM
Facebook's recent changes are driving some users crazy. They hate the new look, and they're letting Facebook know about it.

"This new Facebook is so freakin' aggravating!!!!!!!" complained one user. Another chimed in with this: "What a screw-up! It was working fine before the Facebook folks 'improved it.' I will no doubt use it LESS."

Get ready, folks. More changes are coming.

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At its developers conference this week, Facebook rolled out a number of changes -- and yet another new look. Probably its most significant change is called Timeline, a service that lets you share the music you're listening to, the things you're buying, the movies you're watching and the photos you're viewing just by hovering your cursor over them.

In the past, you had to actively decide what to share with users. It sounds like the new Facebook will be much more automatic, though users can still control their privacy settings.

"If Facebook's CEO has his way, everything you do online will be shared by default," writes Farhad Manjoo on Slate. "You read, you watch, you listen, you buy -- and everyone you know will hear all about it on Facebook."

Manjoo calls it a "terrible plan," for the main reason that maybe we don't want everyone to share everything all the time. Do we really need to see every photo our friends see, every article they find interesting?

Others say the flow of information is just becoming too much to bear. "I have never felt less interested in visiting the site," writes ZDNet's Andrew Nusca. "What was once a lovely way to spend a mindless few minutes is now about as relaxing as a Bloomberg terminal."

That perhaps gets to the heart of the conflict between Facebook and its users. People love a site where they can quickly check in, see if their friends are saying anything interesting, play a few games and check out.

But Facebook wants so much more. It wants to chronicle your story, your interests, your vacations and your favorite songs. It wants to know it all -- and then tell it all back to the world. Facebook wants to walk hand-in-hand with your life.

Do I want Facebook as a life partner? And do I really want to read the digital diaries of my friends and acquaintances?

I'm assuming that Facebook will let me customize the news flow, both in and out, so that I can keep it to a low-level roar. But each change makes Facebook a little more complex, a little harder to handle.

And don't forget about advertising. Facebook's primary business model will always be advertising, one exec tells Wired. "Our platform makes Facebook more interesting so people spend more time on it, because I’m learning about my friends and I’m sharing things about myself and I’m discovering new things," he added. "And it also makes it possible for us to put an ad in front of you that’s likely to be interesting to you.”
Sep 23, 2011 4:19PM
Somebody needs to create a social website that rivals Farcebook that has a finger on the pulse of its subscribers.
Sep 23, 2011 7:02PM

best comment I've read so far......"the more facebook changes,the less I want to use it."

  If it aint broke,don't fix it.   We don't want a whole ton of "nifty,new improvements"...just a website that's easy to navigate,no advertising, no brain-drain,and a simple way to make sure our friends aren't dead or dying.In other words....the old facebook. I'm guessing that all the changes to fb will only drive users away. Whoever at fb is responsible for these useless changes outta be fired....enough said.If I find a better site,something that doesn't have all the crap that fb presently subjects us to (whether we like it or not)....I'll be jumping ship. I DO NOT want to know what my friends are doing 24/7...that WAS the joy in using the old fb...something interesting at every turn. Now?....nothing more than a pileload of craptracular advertisements.

Sep 23, 2011 8:09PM
Well looks like I'll be leaving FB just like I did MySpace.Why the heck the changes now....when it was enjoyable to go to FB to catch up with your friends and families.Most of my family lives far away from me so I could go to FB to check in on them to see how everything was going for them.Please whoever is in charge of FB don't do these changes...put FB back the way it was.
Sep 23, 2011 8:04PM
This to me is nothing more than an invasion of privacy.Setting users up..Feeding on the young, inexperienced, elderly..Spying spying and ease dropping...selling info to corps so they can target those who they feel are easy prey...Not to mention setting up a reality ring of real criminal activity...Stalking, thieves, Con artist and scammers, pedophiles, and a whole lot more..Maybe you should ask your users first.. Or have you turned to the dark side ... Mr Zuckerberg needs to get out of the business of selling  users personal business. Already users are getting ready to leave. They are furious at the invasion of privacy.People don't want yous nosing into their business, more or less their lives..Bad move Zuckerberg..Your greed is over taken you..not Technology ...The use of technology in the wrong hands and in the wrong way can literally be deadly....Not only for a person but for your Facebook as well..Don't think for a moment you  couldn't end up the least used site on the internet ..Without your users you are nothing...
Sep 23, 2011 7:32PM

I am ready to drop Facebook with all the changes.


Sep 23, 2011 7:00PM
I was a new FB user.  Since yesterday, I'm a non-user.  How's that working for ya?
Sep 23, 2011 9:40PM
well... like so many I'm done with FB also.  It's a shame it's turned into a big brother atmosphere.   If I want to share my life,family,interests etc. with the world I'd start a news paper.. front page... Like so many things in life it was fun while it lasted.
Sep 23, 2011 11:47PM
You have it ALL wrong, buddy!!  All you are doing is really ticking EVERYBODY off!!!  People like me, for example, are SO ticked off that WE HAVE DELETED YOU!!!!!!  You are NOT listening to your customers!!  Apparently,  the only way you will listen and understand is if you are hit in the pocketbook!!
Sep 23, 2011 6:54PM
like the "old saying" don't f**k-up somethings that works, apparently "FACEBOOK" didn't get that "MEMO".... well here it is again,don't f**k-up somethings that works... hello, anybody home ??????? "Guess Not".......................
Sep 26, 2011 7:57AM
One more thing, I keep hearing people make the statement that we shouldn't complain about a free service.  My question to you people is this:  Is it really free?  Think it through.  We are bombarded with advertisements, and  have our information used by people and entities it was never meant for.  In addition, Facebook works for the users; without them, Facebook goes broke. Therefore, FB should show a little more respect to its bread and butter.  Zuckerberg has become way too cocky for his own good, and the stance that "it's a free service, so you have no right to complain" is one big reason why.  
Sep 26, 2011 6:22AM
if it ain't broke don't fix it !  why mess with a good thing. not everyone is a computer wiz.
Sep 23, 2011 8:35PM
It's getting too complicated. Why not leave it alone.? Its not broken so why fix it? DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 23, 2011 9:26PM
I wished they would leave it alone.I liked it the way it was, I guess i will be finding so where else to go now.Please bring it back the way it was.
Sep 26, 2011 7:50AM
Enough is enough.  This is our personal information that Zuckerberg is manipulating for his advertisers' and his own gain.  I for one am not playing this game with him anymore.  He thinks he has all of us so hooked that we will tolerate whatever he dishes out at this point, and for the majority of users that's unfortunately true.  But I have moved to Google+ and deleted my Facebook account.  Am I going through withdrawals?  Yes.  Do I miss my friends?  Yes.  But I let them know where they could find me before I left.  If I constantly complain about the service of FB (which I did), then it makes no sense for me to continue to use it.  This is my one-person revolt.  Some of my friends have already followed my lead.  In my mind, to stay at FB is to surrender my entire life to public view.  No thanks.
Sep 24, 2011 12:34AM
stop the Facebook change madness !!!! -____-
Sep 23, 2011 9:02PM
I'm pretty weary of all the changes fb continually makes.  I don't want to spend my time trying to figure out how to keep my account secure; make sure my posts, photos, etc. aren't annoying those I don't choose to share them with and figure out how to keep notifications to a bare minimum!  There are so many options it is completely ridiculous!  People have other things to do besides be on fb.  I want to check out important things going on in my friends' lives and make a few comments myself.  I do utilize fb for creating events for our community theatre and that is one of the great things about fb.  But quit already with all the layering of the way fb works!  I'm afraid that a good thing is turning into an activity that is going to be dropped by many who just don't have the time to deal with constant change!!  
Sep 23, 2011 8:28PM
Goodbye facebook, wasn't that thrilled with you to begin with--new changes = account deleted for me.
Sep 23, 2011 4:58PM
Its very troublesome for younger people on Facebook. I do not think its a good ideal because many times these Facebook pages are not monitored well enough by parents. Leaving kids to shre personal information that might be a security issues. Facebook obviously is getting pressure from advertisers to provide more access. Its really too bad but eventually Facebook will be so disliked it will go away.
Sep 23, 2011 6:35PM
beware of face book it's gets weirder and weirder everyday It. I am sure it has made millions of our kids stupider than they already were. read a book something that was written over fifty years ago. anything newer is probably not true.
Sep 24, 2011 2:59AM
I cannot get used to all the changes I ended facebook account BUT what bother's me most is the deactivate ..says you can always use old password to go back. I want all deleted .I got tired of constantly setting privacy and account info  and every time I went back it was all there again IE posts friend of day or stories I deleted  Very Frustrating  BYE BYE FACEBOOK 
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