Hypocrisy in Congress is outrageous, infuriating

Trying to get a straight answer out of Republicans and Democrats is impossible these days.

By Jim Cramer Dec 12, 2012 10:09AM

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CorbisThe lack of sincerity in Washington, D.C., was palpable Tuesday. Over and over, I could not get a single elected official I spoke with, neither Republican nor Democrat, to give me even one idea for cutting spending right now. Not one.


I made tons of suggestions that could be implemented Wednesday.


Why do we have huge military bases in Japan and Europe? These are just leftovers from another era. There are whole defense projects that not even the Defense Department wants.


How about farm subsidies? Ethanol subsidies? Nope.


How about Medicare negotiating with drug companies? Nope. I heard from one poll that the drug companies might move elsewhere. Where? We are the only country that lets them gouge us. I heard that the drug companies wouldn't feel compelled to spend money to develop new drugs. I wanted to scream: Did you ever hear about patent cliffs?




The Republicans were absolutely no better than the Democrats. In fact, they were worse. When I stipulated that I am not interested in talking about raising revenues because they say over and over that the issue is spending, they still talked about raising revenues. When I insisted that they talk about what they say they insisted on talking about, they wouldn't. They simply wouldn't.


I could never get away with that level of hypocrisy.





I came away thinking that there is nothing the Republicans won't do to be sure that the 2% don't pay more, including throw people out of work and make everyone else pay, which is what's going to happen if they don't compromise.


And the president? He has no serious plan to cut spending either -- but at least he is willing to give something that helps balance the budget (read on TheStreet).


I am going to repeat this so it is really clear: NO Republican offered me anything to cut spending in the near-term. Not one.


If you are serious about spending cuts, you have to be able to offer one.


My conclusion: Republicans aren't any more serious than Democrats are, but at least the Democrats are asking someone to help solve the deficit, the cohort that got the big break on taxes when things weren't so hot.


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Dec 13, 2012 8:05AM
Mr. Cramer - our representatives are not doing their job if they negotiate with you instead of with their counterparts. You may think that the media is in charge, that everyone has to tell reporters everything, but it ain't necessarily so. You may have more weight talking with your own state representatives, because they answer to you - but there are 500+ Representatives and 98 Senators who answer to non-NYC Metro voters. 

Not a few probably regard you as irrelevant to their representation, considering you rude and just another fast-talking guy on the make from an outlet that only a small minority of their constituents watch during the day, even fewer at night.
Dec 13, 2012 7:45AM
His comments offered  no help,just to agrivate,he just like to hear himself speak or read his words in print,no better than the politicians in D.C.We need to stop spending stop giving money away.Obama thinks he has a no limit dcredit card and you gave it to him,twice.
Dec 13, 2012 12:30AM
IDK.....Yup, the enemy from within;  Us, the Americans that keep electing or re-electing them.
Dec 13, 2012 12:26AM

Even tho the 12/12/12....It was a pretty good day in the Markets today...


Well I'm sure it was for some...?

Dec 12, 2012 11:25PM
I just thought of something, where did these creatons get their education,school of morons or university of chaos, they got a PHD in BS. What a country, pay people for being stupid!
Dec 12, 2012 11:20PM
Just like a bunch of political hacks,do nothing and then expect to be re-elected for more of the same. These people have no clue as to what they are supposed to be doing or how to do it, none of them seem to know what it means to stand up on your own two feet and have a voice with something worth saying. None have a spine or the will to do anything without checking with their cohort in this criminal activity, they call a job. Well here's a thought, give these morons a new job, one that has a predefined schedule and oversight, oversight from the guards at a maximum security prison,say,Levenworth,Colorado,how-about GITMO, sounds like a good place for those who abdicated their sworn responsibility to some schmuck billionaire or to their respective party sponsors! What a waste of taxpayor dollars and all of this public frustration over something that every family has to do every day of their lives. Too bad these dummies can't or won't do what we have to do everyday, so let's FIRE all of them and start over, could not be any worse than what we have now, a bunch of do-nothing pieces of something I am not allowed to say here!
Dec 12, 2012 11:02PM

Is this true?

Apparently, when members of Congress signed the Norquist Pledge, it violated a major statute in the job or role of being an elected member of Congress. It exceeds the ability to honor and support the will of the people who elected them. In short- it negates the elected Official's ability to serve. Members of Congress who didn't sign the Pledge can force the signers into the hallway, conduct business and carry on without them. Further, registered voters in the states of the pledge signers can have them removed for the same dishonorable reason.

Is it true?

Dec 12, 2012 10:44PM
The greatest enemy of the American people today is congress.
Dec 12, 2012 10:41PM
Jim is on point but wait!! We can't cancel unwanted programs for the same of cutting spending, that makes too much scene. In stead, lets keep wasting money on unwanted programs unbeknown to  taxpayers, just for the sake or keeping political constituents employed within their respected states. Our elected officials hard at work at not reducing Government spending. But wait there's more! Isn't it funny every few years some Congressman or Senator would scream their not being paid enough for being in public service? Instead wine about having 4 or 5 kids at home and vote to award them selves pay raises at taxpayers expense. Their families are not taxpayers problems. Their salaries should be reduced if not capped and if they feel it's not enough, then there's always the public sector. Heck, they may even qualify for food stamps with that many mouths to feed. Naa! I say disband the Congress and but that monet to better use, like reducing the deficit.
Dec 12, 2012 10:26PM
Which Republicans Cramer???? So did you just decide do invent the imaginary evil Republican and make up crap that he or she must have said? I bet you and your liberal network can find more "RICH" evil people that threw hot water on babies next...
Dec 12, 2012 9:53PM
Cramer, Republicans have already offered cuts to Medicare and SS, just for starters.  They've been proposing it for 4 years.  They also proposed eliminating many corporate tax loopholes.  WTH are you talking about?
Dec 12, 2012 9:52PM
Democrats won't let drug companies be talked down from their gouging of consumers because Obama gave them a silver spoon in Obamacare so they wouldn't fight him on it.  Ditto for the insurance companies, they got bribed by Obama. 
Dec 12, 2012 9:35PM
Jim, the president isn't offering anything. Spending is set to increase more than the increased revenue. You can tax the top 2% all the way to 100% if you want and the deficit will still grow next year. That is not a serious proposal.

Now I find it amazing that not one Republican you talked to had a single idea. I would love you to name names. If they are my state, I would work to throw them out of Congress. There is so much waste in DC, it would be easy to name 100 things to cut although even most of those wouldn't solve the problem. You have to cut the big money hogs to make progress on our deficit and debt or else it is just a matter of time before we become Greece without the benefit of an EU to bail us out.

Eventually we have to get over this ego that we are the US and nothing bad will ever happen to us. Debt is debt whether you are a family, a 3rd world country, a member of the EU, or the USA.
Dec 12, 2012 7:57PM
In case anyone cares, the majority of people voted for the candidate that professed he would increase spending and raise taxes. That's what was voted in and now folks think this action is a bad idea. Who is more stupid, congress, the President or the idiots that voted for it all.
Dec 12, 2012 7:34PM
So we had a presidential candidate that wanted cuts, and another who did not even want to cut funding to Sesame Street.  As a Nation we voted for no cuts and increased spending.  Now we are upset that congress will not cut funding to programs we don't like... That would make the American People Hypocrites. 
I am sure our leaders are more secure in not cutting any funding to retain the status quo, than cutting funding on something that might upset a group of people who will vote them out.
Let's look at the big picture when we do our reporting next time...

Dec 12, 2012 7:06PM
Make them pay into the same social security and health care systems as everybody else-that would provide some incentive since helping out the American people obviously isn't one. 
Dec 12, 2012 5:46PM

F. A. Hayek explained that when a government with deliberative processes takes on the duty of providing for the needs of the people the process itself bogs down to the point that it becomes paralyzed. We are far down the road to serfdom. 

Dec 12, 2012 5:45PM
The GOP, of course, are the biggest hypocrites but as a life-long Democrat I must honestly say that the Dems really need to finally grow a pair!
Dec 12, 2012 5:34PM
I don't follow Jim Cramer on stock picking...mainly because I think he is on cable and cable is not worth the money in my opinion.  However, what he says politically makes a lot of sense.  Obviously he has pissed off a lot of the right wing hacks on this site but what he says is true. I still fault Obama partly but the GOP is a joke these days...Reagan would be a liberal by today's standards with how many times he raised taxes.  Why won't the GOP talk about military cuts?  Our military has to be larger than the next 17 nations combined?  And what about those farm and ethanol subsidies?  Why could neither Bush or Reagan submit a balanced budget?  Why did Cheyney say defecits don't matter?  Both parties are a joke and absolutely beholden to special interests.  I know most of these guys are wealthy already by let's start by taking away their damn rich pensions and healthcare.  It is disgusting how they are holding us hostage.
Dec 12, 2012 5:21PM
Buy on the rumor sell on the news.  Same story different day.  I think we just might lose traction from here for a bit.  Inflation to the left of me, big debts to the right, here we are stuck in a downtrend again.
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