Airline considers in-flight adult movies

Ryanair's CEO says that planes could offer the same kind of pay-per-view setup that hotels have.

By Kim Peterson Nov 21, 2011 3:41PM
Image: Passengers on an airplane (© Image Source/Getty Images)One airline may venture into please-don't-go-there territory and introduce in-flight adult movies.

That's the latest idea proposed by European discount carrier Ryanair, according to news reports. But Ryanair's CEO is known for crazy ideas that don't actually pan out, so no one's sure where he's going with this one.

British tabloid The Sun quoted Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary as saying he wants to launch an in-flight service that mimics the pay-per-view setup offered by hotels. Passengers could gamble, play video games and watch movies -- even adult movies.

But thankfully, those movies wouldn't be displayed from an in-seat screen. Viewers would use a Ryanair app to watch movies on iPads and smartphones, the Sun reports.

"I'm not talking about having it on screens on the back of seats for everyone to see," O'Leary reportedly told the Sun. "It would be on handheld devices." He added that such a plan would be at least a year away because it would require a powerful and expensive broadband connection for the planes.

Ryanair has grown significantly in the last couple of years as the economy faltered, with passengers searching for cheaper flights. Analysts expect the airline to transport 75 million passengers in fiscal 2012 and 79 million the next year.

O'Leary has plans to make Ryanair even bigger -- and throw some unusual money-making ideas in to boot. The airline appears to be moving ahead with one O'Leary plan to install pay toilets on planes.

The airline is also looking into planes with standing-only areas. The idea is to cram more passengers on to a plane with "vertical seats" that allow people to be strapped in while standing up, The Telegraph reports.

So consider in-flight adult movies just another one of O'Leary's musings for now.

Nov 22, 2011 11:27AM
Wow! This gives a whole new meaning to the term skyjacking.
Nov 22, 2011 10:57AM
"It would be on handheld devices."

They may want to rethink that, since I think the hands will be a little busy....
Nov 21, 2011 7:32PM
Nov 22, 2011 12:34PM
And you thought the seats were sticky from the woman with the kid on her lap on the flight before yours!
Nov 22, 2011 9:24AM
I just flew in from Paris - Boy are my arms tired...
Nov 22, 2011 3:59PM

How much extra would it be to get a handjob from a Flight Attendant ?  I hope it will be reasonable .

Nov 21, 2011 8:21PM
I hope you all do realize that all of the "statements" by O'leary are simply a form of free advertising on his part.  He says something outrageous...such as, paying for the bathroom, standing seats, or adult videos, and then most major media outlets are more than eager to have a little write up about it.  It costs him NOTHING to get thousand if not millions of people to hear the Ryanair name.  In fact, its actually really quite genius on his part when you think about it.  I mean, c'mon, we all know none of these "ideas" are actually going to happen.  I think he even suggested taking away the co-pilot at some point. 

But now comes the shocking part. Ryanair is one of the best airlines to fly in Europe....IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING.  Listen, while Ryanair may sound to most people as shocking, not safe, and the like, it is actually the safest airline in europe.  Never having had a fatal accident. And you can find extremely good unheard of here in the United States.  For example....I once flew Ryanair round trip from Madrid to London for only 40 euros.  That was a roughly 2 hour flight for only approx $30 each way! imagine flying nyc to florida for only $30.....would NEVER HAPPEN! I even had roommates in Spain who found flights to Rome for 0.01 euro cent! seriously, ONE CENT! The trick is that Ryanair charges you a ridiculous amount for everything other than your ticket.  If you don't check in online....extra charge, (upwards of 40 euros) if you don't print your own ticket....extra charge, want to board first....extra charge, carry on (which is actually free believe it or not) doesnt fit into a small box at the gate? looks like you'll have to check it.....HUGE extra charge (like 60 euros or something if I remember).  You just have to know how to work the system and you can get amazing deals on a very safe airline.

Only other negative is that ryanair flies to airports outside of the major cities normally, maybe like an hour or so by public transport.  but well worth the trip by the savings you'll get on the airline.  Cities like madrid and rome actually have ryanair fly directly to airports in the city tho (barajas and ciampino)

overall - know what you are getting yourself into and you'll love ryanair! And stop getting upset at O'leary's gimmicks, like I said...its free publicity for him 
Nov 22, 2011 11:01AM

stand up for a flight?  pay toilets?

this airline needs to go broke.

stupid is as stupid does, Forrest.

Nov 22, 2011 1:06AM
Where the hell does it end!!!!!!! Why is everything based on sex anymore? Adult movies should be watched in the privacy of ones home. ADULT MOVIES ARE NOT NEEDED ON AIRPLANES. If someone needs porn to watch on the plane that bad, they have a problem.
Nov 21, 2011 7:19PM

Another reason to take the train or drive! Flying has gone completely nuts.

Nov 22, 2011 10:48AM

SAVE IT FOR YOUR HOTEL ROOM.  what's the point in getting all worked up oon a plane if i cant release in public...i'm just sayin'


I don't need nor watch pron or adult movies but if I did I don't want to be on an airplane with a bunch of strangers...

Nov 21, 2011 5:42PM
Yikes!  If you thought the wait to use the restrooms was long before....
Nov 21, 2011 8:45PM
Nov 21, 2011 8:43PM
Don't know who is worse? The air line, or msn for putting this in print?? This crap  should have never got any print or press!!
Nov 21, 2011 6:16PM

Hhhmmmmm...since it would probably be mostly men using this option, and not any i guy i know watches porn without "self stimulation" and usually a "release", i think you will quickly find numerous situations where they think "no one will notice" me under this blanket or like others said, a quick "trip to the bathroom"

Also, how can you watch porn without others being able to see and/or hear it?

If you can't wait til you are home, in your hotel room or at your local adult book store video booth, you have a serious mental health problem

Nov 21, 2011 6:34PM
Does anyone actually think this is a good idea?  With how close you have to sit  next to a person, its impossibly not to see what they are seeing.  I personally wouldnt want to see that.  I have flown severla times with my kids and I certainly wouldnt want them to be exposed to that.  How twisted do you have to be that you cant wait to see porn (not adult movies), but porn till you get to the confines of your home.  What a sick generation this has to be to have this in a common public view just to make some money.
Nov 22, 2011 2:44PM

How are you supposed to beat-off on an airplane?  Adult movies are only good for 5 - 10 minutes at a time.  Then you clean up and turn it off.

Nov 21, 2011 5:49PM
Sorry, but in-flight adult movies is going too far. Why would they offer that?  I would think it would encourage other activities which don't require mentioning and besides, there are underage passengers who could potentially get an eyefull of what's happening on another passenger's video device.  I'm open minded about a lot of things, but this is rediculous!  I smell a lawsuit a brewing if this becomes reality.
Nov 22, 2011 10:42AM

LOL  I bet


"The Mile High Club" would be a very popular movie


Or Samuel Bell Jackson's "My Snake's on the Plane" 


Followed by the ever popular Ice Tee's "Pole Plane"  and the throw back remake of the 1976 Classic  "Airplane  1976 - Hard Rear Landing" 


OK if those are actual movies I am sorry, but if they are not I herby copyright their titles.  Honestly, so your little girl or little boy looks over to his neighbors seat they will be able to see that kind of crap?  Or do they plan on having a "porn section" like the old smoking sections. Stupid stupid stupid.





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