Will the new iPad be a bust?

After months of feverish speculation, Apple is expected to unveil its latest gadget Wednesday, and critics worry it won't live up to the hype.

By TheWeek.com Mar 6, 2012 6:30PM
Apple (AAPL) wants to blow us all away with the next version of the iPad, says Roger Cheng at CNET. "But it probably won't." Whether it's called the iPad 3 or the iPad HD, most of the details surrounding the new tablet's best features will have leaked before the curtains are at last raised for an unveiling in San Francisco on Wednesday.

Apple hasn't specified what it will announce, but the new iPad is widely expected to be the focus of the day.

Yes, the tablet will probably boast the high-definition "retina" display Apple has long been promising. Yes, it's likely to have an improved camera and a souped-up processor. But with affordable Android-based tablets flying off the shelves, and promising Windows 8 gadgets coming soon, Apple's new iPad might actually be met with disappointment from the techies constantly clamoring for something newer, better, and shinier.

Will the iPad 3 underwhelm?

Don't expect to be wowed: A better screen and a few other improvements might be "enough to draw the Apple faithful and sell a ton of iPads," says Roger Cheng at CNET. But the much-hyped gadget could still "fall short versus some of the other devices in the market." Consider the $200 Kindle Fire and its impressive Silk browser, or the super-fast Asus (AKCPF) Transformer Prime and its quad-core processor. The "gap between Apple and its rivals isn't as wide as most people think," and the relatively ho-hum iPad 3 isn't likely to turn that gap into a chasm.

Plus, Microsoft is catching up: "There's a convergence afoot between the mobile and desktop worlds," says Devindra Hardawar at VentureBeat. "Thanks to the rise of smartphones and tablets, we want to touch and swipe all the screens we come across." Microsoft's (MSFT) Windows 8 is "ready for a world where laptops and desktops sport touchscreen displays," and where tablets "can do everything a Windows desktop can." Apple's products aren't nearly as seamless, and adding a "nicer screen" to the new iPad does nothing to address this fundamental problem. (Microsoft owns and publishes Top Stocks, an MSN Money site.)

Huh? Apple will still trounce its competitors: "Who wants an iPad 3?" says Connie Guglielmo at Forbes. "A lot of people, it seems." A recent survey indicated that 42% of iPad users want to upgrade to the new model. And Apple has sold more than 55 million iPads since the device was introduced in 2010. Some analysts predict the company could sell that many tablets this year alone. Do the math -- Apple will be just fine.

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Mar 7, 2012 12:08PM

new features or less than the best features, someone will still buy the iPad3. Just like when the hype wasn't high for the upgraded iPhone4s, people still bought it and it sold like gold water. Truth is, people like technology and will buy the latest gadget. You may not buy it but the person beside you will. Love apple, hate apple...people still buy the products.


I don't have an iPad, will i get an iPad3? Maybe not. I do have the 1st generation iPhone and iPhone 4 and a few older iPods. But I decided to be satisfied with what lasts till it dies. I didn't jump on the next iPhone and waited from original iPhone to the 4. So till i NEED one, i wont buy it.


BUT i was SMART enough to figure how people in society loves technology that it helped me make $$. Bought Apple shares during the original iPhone days (under $100.00/share) and now AAPL has jumped to well over $500.00. Note to the tech geeks, invest your APPLE PRODUCT FUNDS into APPLE shares rather than buying all the iPhones, iPads, and gadets. Sit back and let the average Joe make your money grow when they camp out or wait patiently for their new iPad 3 or iPhone5! trust me...it's WORTH IT! I secretly laugh inside when John Doe brags his whole line of Apple products and how awesome he is. I want to tell him he is awesome because he's supported AAPL and made each shareholder richer each day. LOL!!

Mar 7, 2012 11:35AM

Not for nothing but the guy who wrote the article is NOT bashing Apple or the iPad3.  What did he say?  All he said is that it may not wow, and he's right after the rumor mill has been churning over this thing for God knows how long, when it does come out I mean it's going to be anti-climatic.  How could it not be? Use your common sense, it's been talked about, speculated on, the rumor mill has been in high gear for quite sometime, when the damn thing does arrive it's going to be like a bag popping, it'll make a large sound but then when a bag pops the air goes out of it and it deflates.


This article makes sense in the regards that after all this time what do you feasibly expect the iPad3 to be/do?  We all know about the so called rumored quad processors, then they said, no it won't be quad it will just be dual.  We know about the improved so called "HD" screen, we know about the 4G (supposedly) & YES possibly Siri, so what else is there to suprise or wow you?  Everything has already been pretty much covered, what is going to jump out of you when this thing is unveiled today, what DON'T you know about already even before this thing is announced?


THAT'S what this article is most about, the author is not bashing anybody, he's just stating a simple common sense attitude about the whole thing and like I said knowing what you know now I'm standing by my statement that the unmasking of the iPad 3 is going to be anti climatic to most of you.  Sorry.

Mar 7, 2012 10:22AM

Once again, the only people defending Apple products are those who own them. I have either taken back or switched my Apple products to Android or Windows. Reason-Apple is too proprietary, and I really dislike being told what I can do with my electronics.


Originally, Apple was a good idea-out of the mainstream and ready to take on the conglomerates. Now, Apple IS the conglomerate, telling the world how they should adapt to the Apple brand, no longer offering real innovation, and refusing to offer what is wanted by purchasers.


Apple will survive, but the product share will take a serious hit over the next few years.


And before all of you Apple defenders start about the iPad having a larger market share, consider that all the sold Android tablets combined exceeds the sales of iPads. There is only one Apple, but numerous Android manufacturers, and they are exceeding expectations.

Mar 6, 2012 8:19PM
omg this article is horrible.  I rarely comment on articles, but seriously how can you write this article where your only motivation is to bash apple.  Is your motivation for investors, competitors?  

1.  It is widely accepted that the ipad 3 / hd will offer 4G connectivity, which will be a huge upgrade to the ipad2.  Was this mentioned?  No.

2.  You mention the processing power of a competitor, yet you do not highlight the expectations that there will be an improvement from Ipad2 to Ipad 3 with at least a dual-core processor, but possibly the new quad 4 processor.  Was this mentioned?  No.

3.  It was widely agreed that with the improved resolution, a new version of the apple tv (box) will be offered that will allow AirPlay HD streaming to the iPad 3.  Was this mentioned?  No.

4.  Improved Camera - Was this mentioned?   No. 

5.  Siri voice Integration - was this mentioned?  No.

6.  Price - No increase - was this mentioned?  No.

Seems like reason enough for me that people with iPad 2 would want iPad 3.  Seems like reason enough to me that people who don't have a tablet yet, would consider buying an iPad 3, even if it is their first apple product.  Probably all of this explains why 42% of ipad users will want to upgrade to a new model.  

Move your last paragraph to your first paragraph and change your title to "Will the iPad 3 overwhelm?
Mar 7, 2012 4:35PM
Yea, it will definitely be underwhelming. The iPad3 has 3 new features and they aren't that important. First the most important (I think) is 4G ... But gee whiz Apple, welcome to club. It only took you several years. Way to stay on that ball. 

The second most (or arguably first) important feature is the higher resolution display. I'm not gonna say "ret--" because I think that's a retarded snooty way to call it what it is. A screen with higher resolution...So guess what? Other devices ALSO have higher resolution! Doh! Again, way to stay on the ball Apple. 

The last feature is the quad core processor and this is something that many other tablets don't have. Some do, but very few. ASUS (and other vendors) has tablets that just destroy any of Apple's offerings. They threw in a lot of really good components and if you're looking for a tablet to perform for 3D graphics and gaming, etc. then you really want one with the nVidia Tegra anyway. We know this. We know that there's a lot faster and better processors and tablets with dedicated graphics out there.

This leaves me to the point. The value? Well, the processor isn't going to give you anything extra. The iPad 2 is already very speedy. My wife's works great and for the apps that most people use, I can't really see any difference. Actually, people won't notice a speed difference at all. The quad core is in anticipation of more demanding apps like 3D games. Period. E-mail, web browsing, Angry Birds, and everything else will feel the same.

The display? Sure, that'll be pretty...But again, I see the iPad 2 as a great display already. Additionally, it's not THAT much better. It's not worth (at least in my mind) $100 more nor is it worth buying an iPad 3 if you already have an iPad 2. I mean, how long has it been? How much usage did you get out of your old device?!

The 4G... This is probably the only acceptable reason I can see for someone wanting to upgrade. However, that's going to depend on what they are doing. If it's just web browsing and e-mail...Then there's no point. Don't forget 4G drains battery faster. If you use WiFi mostly and aren't on the road a lot...Again, no point. Also, if you aren't in a 4G area that often... No point.

So there really is literally no point to upgrade. YES get it if you don't own an iPad yet, by all means...But why upgrade?

Also, if you aren't tied to Apple ("fanboy") then why even get the iPad 3 at all? Go get a faster and more capable tablet from another vendor. It'll likely run Android. OR wait out for the Windows 8 tablets. Like everything else, it may take a generation or two of Windows 8 tablets to get real good...But I think Microsoft has the right idea and approach with Windows 8. There's some bugs to be worked out, but not many and the web integration and same OS cross-device approach is KILLER. It's basically what Apple was TRYING to do but never really did. Underneath it all, iOS is similar to OS X in many ways...but it's not the same. Of course, it couldn't be because the devices don't have the hardware. Well.....Now they kinda do....Unfortunately Apple is stuck with iOS. Microsoft waited (probably not by choice or strategy, but just by dumb luck) all this out and can now actually put the same OS on multiple devices. WOW! What a leg up.

Thanks for playing Apple, but you kinda lost again. But as a consolation prize, you have many fans who will blindly buy your devices...So you're gonna be just fine.

One more thing for the Apple fanboys out there...I can install apps from my desktop computer to ANY of my Android devices without even touching the devices and when I turn them on..Voila, it's there! Boom! It's 2012 baby, get used to living in the past if you're using Apple products.
Mar 8, 2012 12:22AM

LOL! I I've seen stupid things before but this but this takes the cake.  So, your so called "assistant" that you hyped up beyond words on the iPhone 4S and you DON'T include it on your just as hyped up new iPad?  . The thing is I might have been interested in this ever so slightly if it did come with Siri just to see what the fuss was all about.  Since I wasn't interested in springing for basically the same iPhone I already had (4) to jump to the (4S) because it had what? a better camera and Siri? 


The reason that the iPhone 5 will delayed is that moron iPhone 4 owners went ahead and bought the iPhone 4S in droves. Why should they hurry up and release the iPhone 5 when fools such as these will buy an incremental upgrade and still are doing so?


But on to my point, like I said I had no interest in the 4S just for Siri or because it was a tad bit more powerful or the better camera but had this new iPad come with it, I might have debated whether or not this was a thing worth my time but the kicker is Apple left it out entirely which makes me laugh my you know what off.  Typcial Apple crap, They ALWAYS will take something that you're expecting to have and leave it out, this way they can add it to next years product and you'll be ready and willing to splurge on that too.


Not adding Siri to the new iPad with all the nonsense you spent spouting about it in addition to those dumb commercials which annoy me no end is the height of sheer hypocrisy! it really is.  Apple just called you all b!tch'es to YOUR FACE! That's what this amounts to basically. They punked you all BIG TIME by releasing a shiny new toy but it doesn't have their "revolutionary" new feature that they spend gobs of money adverstising in Siri which is the same as them shooting themselves in the foot. Man have they punked you all big time.  iPad 3 hot? iPad 3 NOT!

Mar 7, 2012 12:02PM

@Someone (sheluvme)


Your questions 2 & 4 were actually addressed in the article, although not in detail, just in general, since how can he get into detail when all there are  are rumors?  As for your "it is widely agreed/accepted" comments, isn't that just another way to say the majority of rumors that you hear say that...?  I don't have a tablet of any sort, my question is, if you have bought a bunch of apps for your iPad2 can you move them to your iPad3 or do you have to buy them again?  If you have to buy them again, people upgrading from an iPad2 to an iPad3 that have a lot of apps on their iPad2 either have money burning a hole in their pockets, or they have to have the latest toy to show other people just how important they are...

Mar 7, 2012 4:26PM

Yawn, it just did! How do we know if it really has 3 million pixels or only 2.98 million?


Mar 7, 2012 11:54AM
Just another Media Apple Hater.
All of us who have made the switch to Apple in the past 5 years know the truth.
Sure you have a few who did not like it, but you have Millions upon millions who do And they are upgrading their PCs to Mac now too.

I wish, but do not expect, that Ipad3 will have more storage, but I think the idea is to use the 'cloud'...Still I would love an internal increase or at least an accessory that I can store more media in

I bought AAPL before I bought the hardware (Except early IPods)   After using the iPod I felt they had something, and that it would introduce people to Apple Products which would expand.

I was more right than my wildest imagination could be.  Bought 1000 at 42, bought 1000 more at 85.  Dumbest more?  Not buying more
Mar 7, 2012 1:23PM

What a waste of money. Old technology revamped and resold. Another technological gimmick headed for the trash heap. My teenagers desk, looks like a "farm in the fall" , nothing but old apples laying around. They need to market Apple products to the right group, and the distribution is easy, The HappyMeal.

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