Sears lists the stores it will close

Here are the 79 locations the company plans to shutter, with more likely to be announced.

By Kim Peterson Dec 30, 2011 12:23AM
Sears Holdings (SHLD) has released a list of 79 Sears and Kmart stores it plans to close, and it looks like both chains will be hit hard.

This is only a partial list. The company said it will shutter as many as 120 stores, and it presumably will announce more locations in the next year.

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The list comes as credit ratings agencies turn their spotlights on Sears and its dismal financial conditions. Fitch downgraded Sears to "CCC" from "B," and said the company's liquidity will likely be "inadequate" next year, with a heightened risk of restructuring. Standard & Poor's is reviewing Sears for a possible downgrade.

Will the store closures be enough to help Sears avoid downgrade?

Here's the list of the closures announced so far, grouped by state. The company did not say when the stores would close or how many employees will lose their jobs.

Three stores to close: Sears in Mobile; Kmarts in Auburn and Gadsden.

Three stores to close: Sears in El Monte and two in San Diego.

Three stores to close: Sears in Longmont; Kmart in Broomfield and Glenwood Springs.

11 stores to close: Sears in Crystal River, Deland, Port St. Lucie, Stuart, West Palm Beach; Kmart in Callaway, Fernandina Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Orange City, Pompano Beach and St. Augustine.

Six stores to close: Sears in Macon; Kmart in Atlanta, Buford, Columbus, Douglasville and Jonesboro.

One store to close: Sears in Lewiston.

Three stores to close: Sears in Anderson; Kmart in Indianapolis and St. John.

Two stores to close: Kmart in Cedar Rapids and Davenport.

One store to close: Sears in Lawrence.

Three stores to close: Sears in Middleboro; Kmart in Hazard and Winchester.

One store to close: Sears in Ellicott City.

Six stores to close: Sears in Adrian, Brighton, Chesterfield Township, Harper Woods, Monroe and Washington Township.

Four stores to close: Kmart in Duluth, New Hope, White Bear Lake and Willmar.

Three stores to close: Sears in Columbus, Jackson and McComb.

Two stores to close: Sears in Lee’s Summit and St. Louis.

New Hampshire
Two stores to close: Sears in Keene and Nashua.

North Carolina
Four stores to close: Sears in High Point, Morehead City, Rocky Mount and Statesville.

Six stores to close: Kmart in Chagrin Falls, Columbus, Medina, Springfield and two in Toledo.

One store to close: Sears in Roseburg.

Two stores to close: Sears in Pottstown and Upper Darby.

South Carolina
One store to close: Sears in Sumter.

Four stores to close: Sears in Antioch, Cleveland, Oak Ridge; Kmart in Hendersonville.

Three stores to close: Sears in Norfolk; Kmart in Midlothian and Richmond.

Two stores to close: Sears in Walla Walla; Kmart in Lacey.

Two stores to close: Sears in West Baraboo; Kmart in Rice Lake.

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Dec 30, 2011 11:34AM

K-Mart just needs to do some updating of their stores like Target has or Walmart. That's is part of the problem why they are falling behind I think. I also see they could drop their prices on a few of their items like my contact lens solution is cheaper at Walmart and Target compareably. Sears is still a great store for TV's, household appliances, automotive tools, and other utility tools in general.

I like that they still have layaway programs available. To me that would be a big draw for their store.

They are an AMERICAN trademark that has been around for years.

Dec 31, 2011 1:23AM

My one and only blackmark on my credit report (which has since "died of old age" came from Sears when I was deployed to Saudi for Desert Shield.  It took a full month for my mail to catch up with me, and by the time it (almost) did, I was pulled out of there and came back stateside.  It took another month for the rest of my mail to catch up with me.  I asked Sears (politely) to remove the derogatory comments on my report due to those circumstances.  They responded by saying since I came back to the states the Soldiers & Sailors Civil Relief Act didn't apply to me, and they weren't going to remove the negative comment.  I responded and told them that I was sending a check to pay off my account, and I would NEVER set foot inside a Sears store. 


I have outlived that black-mark, and Sears has since filed for bankruptcy, been bought and sold, and is dying the slow painful agonizing death of a company who forgot that the customers are the ones who keep them in business.  Piss enough of us off, and you will go the way of the dinosaur.  WINNING!!!

Dec 30, 2011 11:31AM
You the consumer are getting exactly what you are asking for...the cheapest price and the no qualified help you demand.  Do you really think a person can live on minimum wage?  As retail consolidates into only "mega-marts" it will only become more fustrating to shop.
Dec 31, 2011 4:39PM
What a shame.  What Americans need to do is stop buying the name brand items that have Made in China on the package. Bring back the American made products.   What do we have here anymore? 
Jan 1, 2012 3:29AM
Most of You Just don't get it , Sears is all about Quality Merchandise MADE IN THE USA , You want Cheap Stuff that won't last or break , made in china , korea oh Yes vietnam , I couldn't believe that when I saw it , I was in NAM  , I can't believe this NEW GENERATION of shoppers , DON'T YOU EVEN HAVE RESPECT FOR OUR COUNTRY ?  Go to Wal-Mart who's goal is to put everyone else out of  business , and when they have succeeded , maybe in TEN YEARS or so , YOU'LL PAY , THEY'LL have gotten rid of the Quality Competition , American Factories along with thousands of AMERICAN  JOBS , YOU'LL SEE ,  then , they will make you PAY big bucks for that FOREIGN JUNK !   
Dec 31, 2011 2:38PM
When all the jobs are shipped overseas, that leaves the American consumer with no spending power, that in turn leaves businesses with no consumer to buy their products and services.  What do businesses expect?  Of course you are going to go out of business!  You've put the people who are your lifeline out of work!!
Dec 30, 2011 4:12PM

After nearly 19 years working at Walmart and watching all the evolving, those looking for the cheapest price have  helped  to create the Walmart monopoly. Walmart is now more than ever bare bones with the hourly associates that have made them who they are. Respect for the INDIVIDUAL?? What a laugh. Hard working dedicated associates are no more than a disposable body. Respect for anyone or anything? non-existent. Walmart's formula is to consume and to control. Consume our choices  of mom and pop's as well as any retailer appearing to be a competitor. Once dominating  the prices go up and up. Walmart "sales" do not exist. It is everyday low prices. If you really want to save money utilize sale prices at a competitor off setting the higher regular shelf prices. Shopping around lessens Walmarts monopoly. A great deal of our financial instability Walmart had a hand in. From Squeezing suppliers down to the last dime, forcing them to move manufacturing over seas to make a profit. To contracting with  over seas sweat shop products providing 40%-70% markup. Walmart  heirs???? All in the top ten Billionaires in the country. I bet not one of them unloaded a semi truck or couldn't buy groceries when  they were sent home  during their scheduled shift because hours were being cut. Low and middle class who can afford the least pay the most. More than 70% of my  former co-workers receive some type of government assistance because you must have open availability( available anytime) but you will only get 20 hours of work. Before you spend your hard earned money, who do you want to benefit from it? China? Walton heirs? Who do you want to hurt from it? Mom and pop's. Genuine retailers trying to sell at a fair price? Our neighborhoods and communities with more lost jobs? Is it really worth the FEW cents you save?

Dec 30, 2011 10:10AM
I ordered most of my Christmas gifts online through K-Mart.  They arrived quickly and I got just what I ordered.  I was really happy with the service and the results.  Sad to hear they're having trouble.
Dec 30, 2011 11:08PM
Honestly, how can Sears/Craftsman compete with stores like Harbor Freight undercutting them with cheap Chinese knock-offs in every tool category?? Harbor freight stores are always mobbed, even on weekdays...Sears had no choice but to outsource some of the Craftsman line to China to remain competitive.  

China will overtake this country without a shot fired because of people's never-ending love- affair with stores like Walmart and Harbor Freight ...stores that have made the exploitation of cheap Chinese labor their #1 priority. 


That is a terrible thing along with many more unemployment with rise again but  i do have an idea ?????

Lets take some of these buildings they shut down and make manufacturing buildings and lets start to make our products here in the USA instead of foreign country's like China it will make more jobs and start a whole trend to these buildings instead of making condos make factories even if they are government operated i would not mind if they but their noses in this ...

Lets build in USA again ...

Example: Wal-Mart can sell a pillow for 15.99 we can make the same product here for like 2-4 bucks there is plenty of gross margin i've looked at thousand of products like this one and the way they make them over seas there like disposable products can someone hear me ...

Make USA products... 

Dec 30, 2011 11:36AM
You people need to stop  cutting k mart down! The more of the other stores that go down then walmart will be the only store  we have have to shop at. then they can charge hat ever they want!!!!!!!
Dec 30, 2011 1:53PM
Every one is missing the point!  ALL places of business have WE, the American people, in their grasp.  It all started with, MULTI-TASKING!  Remember when companies decided to downsize, that 1 person could now do the job of 5 with little or no training.  They decided to pay part-time employees more than their full time employees.  This way they did not have to pay for health insurance or offer benefits, moved the working day from 8 hours to 12 hours.  Shifted in house people to cover more jobs.  This is why, when you enter a place of business, not just Sears-K-mart but hospitals, , all places of business, you will notice no sales clerks, or persons meeting you to greet you or offer their assistance.  You step into a store or onto a floor and look around, wow!  Where is everyone?  Then--came the world of computers.  No need to send mail by the old way, when you can tap a few keys and presto, mail is gone or presto, your order is placed.  Sadly it all boils down to WE HAVE HELPED CREATE THIS MESS!  Ah- you say,  we might be onto something here.  Think-- how many bosses do you see taking a pay cut, or stepping down from their jobs?  No my friends, they give themselves a bonus, blame their employees for not being able to do 5 jobs at a time or keep 12 people and their families happy.  They will pick up their bags, wash their hands of the affair and leave.  This has become the American way.
Dec 30, 2011 1:29PM
It's all the Kardashian's fault! If they hadn't brought in their skanky clothes to Sears everything would be ok. ;)
Dec 31, 2011 11:32PM
Some of the anti Kmart comments really blow me away. Especially about layaway for $15.00 or more items..You need a receipt to exchange something. Sounds like a great store policy to me. So you need layaway for a pack of gum? Layaway was meant to purchase high priced items when you can't pay it off at once. Kmart also had to redo its exchange  and return policy. A receipt meant you purchased the item at Kmart. Not at Walmart or Sak's. So this meant Kmart was not being ripped off when you returned that pair of jeans you bought in 1986. Keep shopping at Walmart .But while you shop please take a moment to pray for the employess of these closings. Especially while you wait in line at Walmarts layaway counter to buy that pack of Wrigley's..
Dec 30, 2011 2:56PM

Their biggest mistake was closing their Catalog division just as the Internet was coming into existance.


They had all that mail-order experiance and facilities, and threw it away just as brick and mortar started to decline, and the Amazon was a river in South America.

Dec 30, 2011 11:29AM
They ought to start selling guns and meaningful outdoor recreation stuff again like they used to.. They're totally missing alot  of markets like these. And you can't beat their tools and warranty on them. What sucks is that one of the stores they're closing is my local store. Now I'll have an hour round trip to get that one tool I need for a repair job...Damn!
Dec 30, 2011 11:52AM

If you have ever worked for Sears, I think you'll understand where I am coming from. Sears is not the same company as it was roughly 10 years ago. Cut back after cut back have been made since the merger. I really do not understand the business ethics. I mean, why bring the Kardashian Collection in at rediculously high prices when the private labels are not selling at sale prices. Many labels only leave the doors either at or below cost. That should be a red flag to them to get in there and find out what the buyers are doing and research the vendor.

They can not keep quality people working for them when they insist on only paying them the bare minimum. Poor pay=poor quality employees=poor customer service. The human in the store behind the counter is the one that customer sees and their actions leave a lasting impression. So, pay these people what they worth so they will enjoy coming to work and enjoy seeing and helping the customer. Put quality managment in the stores and service departments and hold them accountable for their actions instead of just giving them a slap on the wrist. If they can't do the job to keep the customer satified and the people happy all while making money, put someone in there that will.

Jan 1, 2012 1:05PM
OK first of all Kmart is not the store with all the rules on layaway. that would be Wal-Mart that had the $15 min on an item, and there layaway dept is only open for the Christmas season. unlike kmart and sears that are open year round. Kmart does do returns without a receipt all the time. 90% of shoppers pay on credit these days and or use there rewards card, in which any transaction can be looked up within 90 days. they will also take returns without any of the mentioned above. so get your facts right before giving your uneducated opinion. and i do know this info to be true, because i work at a Kmart. all you people out there that are just saying to close the stores will be the first to complain when unemployment is higher. so please make up your minds on what you want, stores that maybe you don't like or higher unemployment, and if you don't like a store don't go there no one is making you. While you are figuring out whats really important here, help all the parents that work at Sears or Kmart tell there spouses and kids they will no longer have a job.
Dec 30, 2011 12:36PM

BUY AMERICAN will fix are economy,,,its so simple,we are in decline because outsourcing. The same people who sold us out are now crying about lost sales. We the people have no jobs so we cant buy the junk made in China .We need to put the USA first and stop the RED CHINESE ripping us of f.We are already in a trade war with China and China is winning because we refuse to fight back. TARIFF RED CHINA and BUY AMERICAN>

Dec 30, 2011 12:58PM

This christmas I was forced to shop at Wal-Mart for a gift for my wife. I did however in my defense look at the other stores as well as some extremely high priced jewelry stores. Do you all remember when Wal-Mart was all about Made In America? Sam Walton was an awesome person, his daughter messed up the whole persona they had.


For those of us that want to shop the little guy have been forced to shop the box. When I go to do any home improvements to my home, I always try to go to the little guys like Ace before I go to any others. People don't seem to care about customer service any longer. Customer service alone will make me shop a higher priced store any day.


It saddens me to see boarded up store fronts of places I have shopped for 30+ years. There are a couple of sears in my area that fortunately have dodged the axe. Sears has always been a place for quality items. Kmart has always been a place to by your clothes at a decent price.


We are putting ourselves in this situation as American consumers. Do you remember the movie "Demolition Man" where all stores where called "Taco Bell"? We are well on our way to "Wal-Mart" being the only name out there. I HATE WAL-MART.


To the dumb??? that made the comment about them closing only southern stores and it being because of all the "honkees", Try again dumb??? Epic Fail on your part, take your delusional ideas of anything and keep them to yourself.

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