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~♥♥Yaky Preetty!! ♥♥

#LaParaLaDamoNosotro Shares Mostly Rise While Dollar Gains on Euro, Yen: Stock markets mos... ( ( #Real_Linoe ) ♥

Vanessa Coria 13News

Sept shedding reputation as one of the worst stock market mos of the yr. Of the 20 worst mos since 1987, Sept makes the list 4x. #biznews

Josh Franklin

$AUDC(5.68) has traded up almost 6% on #TASE today - now up 3%. This #stock has $10-12 all over it in the next 4-6 mos. Voice is not dead!

Rachel Henderson

Just one of many benefits of being a Bath and Body works employee is the MOS (marked out of stock)… (